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  1. Legacy Resources - Articles and Stuff
  2. The definition of "Combo" - Do Storm decks count?
  3. [Project] Rebuilding ATS - It needs to be done
  4. [Discussion] What Does Your Metagame Look Like?
  5. [Discussion] Bringing Out the Dead - Underplayed Cards
  6. [SCG Article] Playing Control or Combo in Legacy
  7. [Article] StarCityGames Duel for Duals 3 - Day Two and Beyond
  8. [Article] The Future of Legacy
  9. [Discussion] The Future of Survival
  10. [Discussion] Can Solidarity Beat Angel's Grace?
  11. [Deck] TES (The EPIC Storm)
  12. [Article]The Legacy Metagame, Part I: Format Overview and the "Big Three"
  13. [Discussion] Fast Combo - what is best?
  14. [Discussion] Best card against combo
  15. [Article] The Road To Columbus #1: The Goblins Versus Threshold Matchup
  16. [Metagame] San Diego
  17. [Article] What Next for Legacy? Cheating the Rules of Mana
  18. [Discussion] Best cards against goblins
  19. [Article] Legacy's Latest #4 - Five Simple Tips Towards Becoming a Better Player
  20. [Article] The Legacy Metagame Pt. One:Vial Goblins
  21. [Discussion] Stompy - What's the best build?
  22. [Essay] "Too Old for Magic" - An adult's rant.
  23. [Discussion] Deck Construction, Testing, & Balancing for Aggro, Control, & Combo.
  24. [Article] The Legacy Metagame, Part 2
  25. [Inevitable Flamefest] 61 Card Decks
  26. [Discussion] Legacy Power 9?
  27. [Article] Special Announcement and Unlocking Legacy #1
  28. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Testing the Pyroclasm Deck
  29. [Article] Continued Explorations of Tier 1.5
  30. [Article] Unlocking Legacy: Fit To Survive
  31. [Discussion] TES vs. IGGy Pop - Which deck is stronger?
  32. [Article] Unlocking Legacy — A Metagame Update
  33. [Article] Sucking At Legacy: Good Decks You Aren't Playing
  34. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Blue-Based Control: Don't
  35. [Discussion] Meddling Mage, what do you name?
  36. [Discussion] The State of Aggro in the Format
  37. [Interview] Jarno Porkka (Eldariel) - Creator of Faerie Stompy
  38. [Article] The Legacy Mail Bag
  39. [Article] See Jack Expound - Interview with IBA
  40. Unlocking Legacy - European Developments
  41. Lots of competitive sorta new decks
  42. [Discussion] Counters...and why they don't work well in legacy
  43. [Article] Unlocking Legacy: A Modern Goblins Primer, Part I
  44. [Article] Be Aggressive
  45. [Goldfish Genocide] Iggy, SI, TES, Belcher.
  46. [Article] Bardo's Legacy Deck Bazaar
  47. [Discussion] Metagame Breakdown for GP Columbus
  48. [Article] Budget Legacy - Chalice Affinity
  49. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Setting Our Sights on the Future
  50. [Article] What's Next for Legacy? Those Nasty Spikes (Interview with Bardo)
  51. [Article] Budget Legacy - Burning Wish Combo
  52. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - A Modern Goblins Primer, Part II
  53. [Discussion] Is Goblins being hated out?
  54. [Article] Budget Legacy - White Weenie
  55. [Premium Article] The Iggy Pop Primer
  56. [Article] Flash - by Anusien
  57. [Article] Seeing Legacy's Future (set review)
  58. [Article] Budget Legacy - Turbo Madness
  59. [Article] Menendian Flash
  60. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Columbus and the Format According to the “All Stars”
  61. [Discussion] So What about June 1, then?
  62. [Discussion] Straw poll for GP
  63. What Legacy free mana providers are in play?
  64. [Article] Flashy Finish
  65. [Discussion] The Most Important Decision
  66. [Discussion] Legacy: Red's Format?
  67. [Discussion] What's the fundamental turn in Legacy right now?
  68. [Discussion] Best permanents to change the fundamental turn?
  69. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - A History of the Flash Fiasco
  70. B/R update!
  71. [Discussion] Do Control decks REALLY suck in Legacy?
  72. [Article] Welcome Back, Legacy! The June 2007 B&R Changes
  73. [Discussion] The Purpose of Legacy
  74. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Looking with Fresh Eyes
  75. [Discussion] Defining deck-types.
  76. [Discussion] Combo Summer- Coming Soon?
  77. [Article] Legacy Threshold - Part VI
  78. [Discussion] What is the right number for Chalice of the Void? Two?
  79. [Hypothetical] Fixing Green
  80. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - UWB Fish vs. Belcher - Matchup Analysis
  81. [Discussion] Control`s win condition
  82. [Article] Innovator Aluren: Quite Possibly the Most Powerful Deck in Legacy
  83. [Brainstorming] Killing hordes of 1/1 goblins
  84. [Control Cards] Engineered Explosives And Spell Snare
  85. [Article] - A Format Shift
  86. [Article That Wasn't] Legacy - Our Format?
  87. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Where do we go from here?
  88. (Non-adepts) [Question 7] How to Strengthen the Weaker Colors?
  89. [Discussion] Legacy: Past, Present and Future.
  90. [Discussion] How much is the format driven by theory?
  91. [Unlocking Legacy] - Looking at Landstill
  92. [Spoiled] Lorwyn Cards
  93. [Article] The Inside Scoop: EPIC Ichorid
  94. [Article/Discussion] Analyzing Promotion: How to Get Ideas off the Ground
  95. [Discussion] Top 10 staples of Legacy at this time.
  96. [Article] Blue-Free Control in Legacy
  97. [Article]Unlocking Legacy: Plus Le Change...
  98. Banned List discussion - not 2 weeks before
  99. [Announcement] Legacy replaces Extended at Worlds!
  100. [Article] The Inside Scoop: Cephalid Breakfast
  101. Decks that Kill Fast in Legacy
  102. Unlocking Legacy - The Banned Facts
  103. [Brainstorming] Lists for Testing Land Tax
  104. [Article] - The Red Death Primer
  105. [Article] Unlocking Legacy: Scepter-Chant
  106. [Article] Paskins on Constructed
  107. [Article] The Inside Scoop: Tournament Report
  108. [Article] Yawgmoth's Whimsy - Welcome to Legacy
  109. [Unlocking Legacy] - Far Beyond Driven
  110. The Way of the Melee - Eternal Championships with 5 questions for Roland Chang
  111. Gagomy and the format.
  112. [Discussion] Why are R/U decks inherently weak against any meta?
  113. Would control be viable in legacy were it not for storm based combo?
  114. Thunder Bluff Returns?!?
  115. Not new to Magic, but new to Legacy
  116. [Brainstorming] Tarmogoyf.
  117. [Article] Unlocking Legacy: Yet Another Junk Deck
  118. [Article]What Next for Legacy?
  119. What are the staple cards of each color or archeatype.
  120. [Discussion] Right time to fire glass cannons?
  121. Where Have the Goblins Gone?
  122. [Brainstorming] Aether Vial
  123. [Single Card Discussion] Hidden Herd
  124. [Article] What Next For Legacy?: Combo Socks and Talking Elves.
  125. My First Legacy Deck
  126. [Card Discussion] The Bare Necessities
  127. [Discussion] Lorwyn
  128. [Discussion] The Legacy Food Chain
  129. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - A New Era
  130. [Card Discussion] - Ritual of the Machine
  131. [Single Card Discussion] Meekstone
  132. [Discussion] Masters Edition Update
  133. [Discussion] Storm-hate cards.
  134. [Card] Spiritmonger: Has his spirit finally died?
  135. DCI Bans Shahrazad in Eternal Magic
  136. [Article] Unlocking Legacy--Tarmogoyf Deckbuilding
  137. [Card] Wasteland
  138. [New Card] Ponder - A Cantrip Almost As Good As Brainstorm!
  139. UGR Thresh vs. UGW Thresh - Why did UGW fall off the map?
  140. [Discussion] Free mana.
  141. [Card] Extirpate
  142. [discussion] Wasteland
  143. [Serious Joke] Islands.
  144. Out of these 3 decks, what would you play?
  145. How do I beat Threshold?
  146. [Article] Calling All Dinosaurs
  147. [Card] Veteran Explorer
  148. Counterbalance?
  149. [Advice] Going in Blind
  150. [Thresh Mirror Matchs] Jotun Grunt.
  151. [Card] Wanderwine Prophets
  152. [Card] Vigor
  153. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Breakfast of Champions
  154. [Suggestion] Cheap Combo deck.
  155. [Discussion] Dreadnought
  156. [Card] Planar Void
  157. [Discussion] The Role of Theory in Legacy
  158. [Card Comparison] Masticore vs. Razormane Masticore?
  159. [card] Ophidian
  160. [Card Discussion] Lorwyn in Legacy
  161. [Card Brainstorming] Mass Removal.
  162. [Article] Theory Games
  163. [Discussion] Mana Curve.
  164. [Card] Recurring Nightmare
  165. [Card] Gaddock Teeg
  166. [Article] Blue/Green Threshold versus Cephalid Breakfast: Matchup Analysis
  167. [Brainstorming] Survival Thresh.
  168. [Card] Root Maze
  169. [Card] Cabal Therapy
  170. [Article] Unlocking Legacy--Building A New Legacy
  171. [Discussion] Why is Portent all of a sudden better than Serum Visions
  172. [Card] Thoughtseize
  173. [Card] Thorn of Amethyst
  174. [Card] Boggart Harbinger
  175. [Card] Pestermite
  176. [Card] Eyes of the Wisent
  177. [Card] Vine Dryad
  178. [Card Discussion] Spell Snare, Daze, FoW, etc.
  179. [Brainstorming] Izzet Really?
  180. [Card Discussion] Predict Vs Mental Note.
  181. [Card Discussion] Crypt vs. Leyline in Nonblack
  182. [Discussion] The Grand Creature Type Update
  183. [TarmoTalk] Beating the dead horse...
  184. [Brainstorming] Hate Deck.
  185. [Card Discussion] Divert
  186. [Article] Unlocking Legacy--Theory & Practice
  187. [Discussion] Planeswalkers in Legacy
  188. [Discussion] New made for Old?
  189. [Article] - The Perils of Playing Control
  190. [WTF] Jotun Grunt?
  191. [Discussion] Paper Legacy vs Modo Classic
  192. Potential Legacy Design Technology Resource for Legacy
  193. [Questions] UGxx Thresh: Which is which?
  194. [Article] The Pet Deck
  195. [Discussion] Where's aggro?
  196. [Question] Combatting Graveyard Destruction (Tormod's Crypt/Morningtide)
  197. [Single-Card Strategies] Yixlid Jailer
  198. The Rebirth of TLE: The Legacy Index
  199. Brainstorm or Ponder?
  200. Is Ichorid warping Legacy?
  201. [Question] Mental Note
  202. The Best Deck in Legacy
  203. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Playing The Fool
  204. Unbanning of Dream Halls: Will it warp the format?
  205. [Discussion] Why isn't black a dominant color in Legacy?
  206. [Discussion] Extirpate - niche card?
  207. [Discussion] Where are they WotC?
  208. What is this?: Strange Goings-On in Legacy
  209. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Combo: The Missing Link
  210. Mana Acceleration
  211. Will They Ever Unban Bazaar of Baghdad?
  212. Last and Only Tarmogoyf Thread
  213. [Discussion] So who's your Number 1?
  214. [Card] Bind
  215. [Discussion] Goldfishing Control Decks
  216. [Single Card Discussion] Goblin Welder
  217. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Testing (and Hyping) Lorwyn
  218. [Discussion] Meta Game Call!
  219. The best deck philosophies
  220. [Article] Myth-busters
  221. [Single Card Discussion] Psychogenic Probe
  222. [Single Card Discussion] Bottled Cloister
  223. [Single Card Discussion] Boom//Bust
  224. [Discussion] What to SB against Control?
  225. [Single Card Discussion] Night soil
  226. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Built on Squares
  227. [Brainstorm] A Legacy Gauntlet
  228. [Article] Unlocking Legacy – Black Threshold, Part I
  229. [Discussion] Early, Mid or Late?
  230. [Single Card Discussion] Chains of Mephistopheles
  231. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - Lessons Learned
  232. [Single Card Discussion] Undead Gladiator
  233. A Question About Solitaire Enchantress: The RWG version
  234. December 2007 B&R Update
  235. [Article] Speed, Inevitability, and Futility
  236. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - The cruel Tutelage of Thich Nhat Hanh, Part 1
  237. [Single Card Discussion] Sylvan Safekeeper
  238. [New Set] Morning Tide
  239. Worlds Metagame Predictions
  240. [Article] Worlds: The Home Strech
  241. [Single card discussion] Echoing Truth
  242. [Single Card Discussion] Seedtime
  243. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - European Developments II
  244. [Card] Power Surge
  245. [The Magic Show] Legacy at Worlds
  246. [Reference] Worlds Legacy Decklists
  247. [Article] Unlocking Legacy - The $400 Solution Part IV: Angel Stax in the New Legacy
  248. [Article] Zvi writes about breaking Legacy
  249. Tiago Chan on Legacy...
  250. [Single Card Discussion] Null Profusion