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12-05-2008, 03:39 PM
So it seems there's a semi regular EDH game/group here in worcester, and i like the format's idea enough to try to make a deck for it.
First reaction is to make a sliver deck, but between one person localy already having a sliver EDH deck, and diving into a 5 color deck as my first highlander deck, i think i'll put that off to when i have more experience with the format.

For now, i looked at all legendary creatures, and since my gatherer settings sort by cost by default, i see that the only 3 1drop legendary creatures are Isamaru (probably too bland to be a good general), Norin the Wary (could be fun, but no thanks) and Rhys the Redeemed.

Rhys is in colors i like in general and has a couple cool abilities, but i think for now, i'd actualy prefer:

Kataki, War's Wage
1W Legendary creature Spirit
"All artifacts have "At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice this artifact unless you pay ."

The few games i've seen of EDH, and the rules in general tend to suggest quite a heavy reliance on artifact mana and mana fixers.
If i make a pure white (ie no artifacts, except maybe a lotus petal, cause i'd never have to pay an upkeep for it) deck that makes all that artifact mana the other decks run prety much nonproductive, i could have some fun with it.

Putting the word "search" into gatherer, and picking white, gives rebels. So i think that those are the way to go, rebels for creatures and i'm not realy sure what else... armagedon or something like that might be funny as hell with Kataki but i dont think there's enough armageddon clones in white to make that a strategy.

Any suggestions of white cards that are good in EDH in general and possibly with Kataki in particular would be much appreciated.

12-05-2008, 03:43 PM
As a casual format my first suggestion to you would be to pick an interesting and useful general; instead of a general who will nerf your cheap artifact mana and piss off your play group.

12-05-2008, 03:46 PM
I've been playing a sliver deck in Legacy for almost over two years, in part BECAUSE it pisses people off. So it was the pissing people off that appealed to me about Kataki, but i do see what you're saying. Maybe i'll take a look further down that list of legendary creatures.

12-08-2008, 09:54 AM
What's wrong with Rhys? You can do some pretty fun stuff with Rhys and Squirrel nest, Sprout Swarm, Mycologist, Elvish Farmer, Verdant Force, Mycoloth, Fecundity...

I'm currently using Rith, The Awakener as my general with some of those same options and I've often thought Rhys could be better, however, I don't want to give up Squee and Anger to go along with Survival, and Goblin Bombardment is fun too. I'd reccomend building around Rhys.

12-09-2008, 04:52 PM
spent a bit of time today, looking through gatherer for cards i'd like to play in a Rhys deck... was surprised at how many token making cards there are.

Rhys the Redeemed
Legendary Creature - Elf Warrior
2G/w,T: Put a 1/1 green and white Elf Warrior creature token into play.
4G/W,G/W,T: For each creature token you control, put a token into play that's a copy of that creature.

insanely fitting cards:
Llanowar Mentor = G creature 1/1 = G, discard = 1/1 llanowar elf token that makes mana
G Utopia Mycon. creature 0/2. saporling for 3 fungus counters, sac saporling for mana.
2G Inperious Perfect. Creature 2/2. other elfs get +1/+1. G,T: 1/1 elf warrior token.
2g Spawnwrithe. Creature 2/2. trample. when deals damage to player, put token copy into play.
4G Doubling Season. Ench= Double tokens and counters placed under your control.

Green token makers:
G Chatter of the Squirrell. Sorc = 1/1 Squirel token, flashback 1G
G Sprout. Inst = 1/1 Saporling token
G Vitality Charm. Inst = 1/1 Insect token (or trample or regen beast)
XG Wurmcalling. Sorc = x/x wurm token. buyback 2G
1G Broodhatch Nantuko. Creature 1/1. whenever dealt damage, put that many 1/1 insect tokens into play.
1G Fists of Ironwood. Aura = enchanted creature gets trample. CIP with 2 1/1 saporling tokens.
1G Sprout Swarm. Inst = 1/1 Saporling token. buyback 3, convoke.
1G Vitaspore Thallid. Creature 1/1. 3 Fungus counters= Saporling. sac saporling= target gets haste.
2G Call of the Herd. Sorc = 3/3 elephant token. flashback 3G
2G Caller of the Claw. Creature 2/2. Flash. CIP, put 2/2 bear for each nontoken creature you lost this turn.
2G flash Foliage. Inst = Saporling token blocking target attacker. Draw card.
2G Gilt-Leaf Ambush. Inst = 2 1/1 elf warrior tokens. clash for deathtouch.
2G Orochi Eggwatcher. creature 1/1. 2g,T: 1/1 snake token. if have 10 creatures, flip to make 3/3 with G, Sac creature: giant growth.
2g Presence of Gond. Aura = enchanted creature gets T: 1/1 elf warrior token.
1GG Squirrel Nest. Land Aura= enchanted land gets T: 1/1 squirell token.
3G Acorn Harvest. Sorc = two 1/1 squirrel tokens. flashback=1G, 3life.
3G Beacon of Creation. Sorc = 1/1 squirrel for each forest. shuffle into lib.
3G Elvish promenade. Sorc = 1/1 elf warrior for each elf.
3G Hunting Triad. Sorc = three 1/1 elf warriors. reinforce 3.
3G Mongrel Pack. Creature 4/1. If dies during combat, four 1/1 hound tokens
3G Saber Ants. Creature 2/3. if dealt damage, put that many 1/1 insect tokens.
3G saproling Symbiosis. Sorc= 1/1 saporling for each creature. Inst for 2 more mana.
3G Thelonite Hermit. Creature 1/1. Saprolings get +1/+1. morph 3GG- when morphed, put 4 saprolings into play
3G Wren's Run Pakcmaster. Creature 5/5. Champion an elf. 2G: 2/2 wolf token. Wolves have deathtouch.
2GG GArruk Wildspeaker. Planeswalker. +1 untap 2 lands. -2 3/3 Beast token. -4 overrun.
3GG Mycoloth. Creature 4/4. Devour 2 (CIP sac creatuers to put 2x +1/+1 counters). upkeep, get saporlings equal to +1/+1 counters.

White Token Makers:
W Spiritual Visit. Inst= 1/1 spirit token. Splice into Arcane W.
1W Errand of Duty. Inst= 1/1 Knight token with banding
1W Hoofprints of the Stag. Ench = counter for draw. 2W, remove 4 counters: 4/4 token with flying
1W Patrol Signaler. Creature 1/1. 1W, Q: 1/1 kithkin soldier token.
1W Raise the Alarm. Inst= two 1/1 soldier tokens
2W Icatian Crier. Creature 1/1. 1W, T, discard: two 1/1 citizen tokens.
2W Sacred Mesa. Ench = upkeep, sac a pegasus. 1W: 1/1 pegasus token with flying.
2W Twilight Drover. Creature 1/1. when a token leaves play, add +1/+1 counter. 2W, remove +1/+1 coutner, add two 1/1 spirit tokens.
3W Angelic Favor. Inst = alt cost of have plains and tap creature. 4/4 flying token - removed at eot.
3W Cenn's Enlistment. Sorc = two 1/1 Kithkin tokens. Retrace.
3W Goldmeadow Lookout. Creature 2/2. W, T, discard: 1/1 token with W,T: tap target creature.
3W Seed Spark. Inst= Destroy target artifact or ench. if G was spent, add two 1/1 saporlings.
2WW Ajani Goldmane. Planeswalker= +1: gain 2 life. -1: each creature gets +1/+1 counter and vigilance. -6: x/x token, where x = life total.
2WW Battle Screech. Sorc= 2 1/1 bird tokens. flashback-tap 3 white creatures.
2WW Elspeth, Knight-Errant. Planeswalker. +1: 1/1 soldier. +1: target creature +3/+3 and flying. -8: perms are indistructible till end of game.
2WW Leyline of the Meed. Ench = tokens get +1/+1. leyline effect.
XX2WW Decree of Justice. Sorc = X 4/4 flying tokens. cycle X2W - X 1/1 soldier tokens.
2/W2/W2/W Spectral Procession. Sorc = three 1/1 spirit tokens with flying.

land and search:
W Enlightened Tutor. Inst = search for ench or art, put on top of lib.
W Tithe. Inst = Search for plains into hand. if less land then an opponent, search for 2.
W Weathered Wayfarer. Creature 1/1. W, T: search for a land. put it in hand.
1W Gift of Estates. Sorc = if opponent has more lands, search for 3 plains. put in hand.

G Crop Rotation. Inst = sac land, search for land, put into play.
G Sylvan Tutor. Sorc = Search for creature, put on top of lib.
G worldly tutor. Inst = Seach for creature, put on top of lib
1G Evolution Charm. Inst = Search for basic land into hand, or creature from yard to hand, or creature gains flying till EOT.
1G Nature's Lore. Sorc = Search for Forest, put into play tapped
1G Rampant Growth. Sorc = Search for basic land, put into play tapped
1G Cream of the Crop. Ench= whever a creature comes into play, look at its power top cards of lib, leave one on top, put rest on bottom.
2g Far Wanderings. Sorc = Search for a Basic land, put into play tapped. threshhold, do twice more.

G Birchlore Rangers. Creature 1/1. tap 2 elves: add one mana any color.
G Boreal Druid. Creature 1/1. T: add 1
G Fyndhorn Elves. Creature 1/1. T: add G
G Heritage Druid. Creature 1/1. tap 3 elves: add GGG
G Llanowar Elves. Creauter 1/1. T: add G
G Multani's Harmony. Aura = Enchanted Creature has T: add one of any color
G Utopia Sprawl. FOrest Aura= Choose color. when forest tapped, add one of chosen color.
G Wild Growth. Land Aura = when land tapped for mana, add G
1G Priest of Titania. Creature 1/1. T: add G for each elf
GG Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary. Creature 2/1. T: add G for each forest.
2G Elvish Guidance. Land Aura. When land is tapped ofr mana, add G for each elf.
2G Elvish Harbinger. Creature 1/2. CIP search for elf, put on top of lib. T: any color.
2G Elvish Spirit Guide. Creatuer 2/2. remove from hand: add G
3G Wirewood Channeler. Creature 2/2. T: Add X of any color, where X is num of Elves.

12-09-2008, 05:58 PM
If you are going to be running with Elves like you seem to be Lys Alana Huntmaster might be good.

12-09-2008, 07:22 PM
If you are going to be running with Elves like you seem to be Lys Alana Huntmaster might be good.

in looking through the gatherer i actualy skipped things that are good for "playing" lots of elves... even in the list i put up there's less then a dozen actual elf cards.
things that say "for each elf you control" or something are good, cause rhys makes a lot of elf tokens (hopefully).
but except for constantly playing and replaying the general cause she gets killed, there realy arent many elves to play. I was actualy surprised at how few real mana elves there are. Run out of them real quick when not using 4x of each.

The list i seem to be putting together at this point is insanely vulnerable to things like EE and deed and WoG, but that'll just have to be the way of it.
I'll probably have to make myself some sort of cheatsheet for keeping track of all the tokens this deck can make. lol.

The more i work on this thing, the more i'm liking the proces of building a deck that needs 100 different cards. normal decks only need like 10-15 different cards, and then you're into the deciding which ones are the worst. here, i suspect i'll have a problem actualy coming up with 100 cards that fit the general well.

12-10-2008, 08:25 AM
spent a bit of time today, looking through gatherer for cards i'd like to play in a Rhys deck... was surprised at how many token making cards there are.

4G Doubling Season. Ench= Double tokens and counters placed under your control.
Ohh, I forgot about that one...could be fun.

1GG Squirrel Nest. Land Aura= enchanted land gets T: 1/1 squirell token.

Needs more Earthcraft to go really nutty.

Don't go too one sided with the token making theme. You need bombs that keep you in the game in the face of deed and EE. Verdant Force happens to fit the bill on both ends by being a 7/7 and making saprolings. Adarkar Valkyrie, Akroma, and others are nice to have around too, and you can cheat them into play sometimes off a Defense of the Heart.