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08-26-2009, 05:11 AM
Friday evening:
I, Matt Strunin, pick up my buddy Michael and we hit FNM. We draft, and I get 4th. I score a promo foil Malfegor. Yeah. It's like that. That dude is huge.

The two of us join forces once again and we drive out to Frank & Son's Collectible Show out in City of Nothing-But-Industry and we drop mad kash in the most urban, street-wise way one might. After some hard bargaining and selling away most of my precious binder's precious few playables. Now it's back to the EDH drawing board for that. Anyway, we come away with everything that we need and start testing back in the Valley. Like, totally freak me out! Mike's Landstill build took 1 game one of 7. He was talked out being nervous thanks to a Magical intervention.

The big day. I drop some more dough on new KMC sleeves...wow. Sorry Ultra Pro, but KMC makes 'em like you used to. I find "scouting" to be a little sketchy and un-fun, so I refrain and resign myself to knowing only a few other decks in the room. While helping out a newer player with his deck and checking Mike's list like I'm Santa Claus, I finally decide on a sideboard, expecting some Dredge mirror and Zoo/Goyf Burn, with the tourney being pretty diverse. The top prize was (essentially) 4x Goyf, so a number of players were abuzz about them. I end up playing a slightly unconventional list for financial reasons (Lion's Eye-Diamond = $30) and pure preference:

4 City of Brass
4 Gemstone Mine
4 Cephalid Coliseum

4 Cabal Therapy
4 Dread Return
4 Breakthrough
3 Unmask

4 Bridge from Below

4 Putrid Imp
4 Narcomoeba
4 Ichorid
4 Golgari Grave-Troll
4 Stinkweed Imp
3 Golgari Thug
3 Cephalid Sage
2 Flame-Kin Zealot
1 Angel of Despair

1 Unmask
2 Chalice of the Void
4 Pithing Needle
1 Chain of Vapor
1 Darkblast
1 Empyrial Archangel
1 Mindslicer
1 Disrupt
1 Xantid Swarm
1 Ancestor's Chosen
1 Foil Promo Malfegor

I was convinced my numbers were sexier than Thirteen making out with Seven of Nine.

Of course, I didn't turn out to be entirely wrong. We had somewhere around 60% Force of Will decks.

4 Dread Returns - I like Dread Return. It wins games. Other folks insist on 3 as a maximum, but I have the luxury of 4 thanks to having six less cards (4x LED, 2x Deep Analysis). In match-ups where it is appropriate, I went down to 3 after boarding.
3 Cephalid Sages - As much as I like other cards, Sage really gets to me. I have never lost a game where I successfully used its ability. As such, I decided that I wanted 3, though that later proved to be a mistake. I would have preferred the Tarnished Citadel (financial), Tireless Tribe, or Mindslicer that I considered.
The Lands - I never hit the Putrid Imp/Cephalid Coliseum hand, but I see why many choose to use Lotus Petals for additional consistency. Having the Cephalid Coliseums allowed me to discard when all else was going terribly, like in my first match.
3 Unmask - Mike got me the full playset the day before when I was content to just run another land, the fourth Thug, and Mindslicer. Instead, I got to make a hugely disruptive first turn play against Belcher in my second match.

SB choices:
1 Malfegor - This was more of a gentleman's agreement card, but I decided that I needed another discard outlet against aggro. I never faced a straight-forward aggro deck (for more than a few minutes), so it never came in. It's probably awful, but I do enjoy it in theory. I had formerly run Curfew to deal with Progenitus, but that idea was supplanted when better choices came up. Like Malfegor. Yeah.
2 Chalice of the Void - Tormod's Crypt enables stealing of games, so I ran these lest I be on the play in game three (usually losing game 2 before discovering the specifics of my opponent's hate).
1 Darkblast - There were a few Survival and Rock decks, so I'm not entirely down on this choice. There was also an Staff of Domination Elf Combo deck around the low tables, so I'm not down on this choice, it just never came in except for the Dredge mirror.
1 Empyrial Archangel - I prefer this slightly to Platinum Angel, which can be burnt, Swords'd'd, or Exiled away. In addition, the three decks I knew were Zoo, Belcher, and Landstill, sooooo...
1 Mindslicer - I found my builds to not need Sadistic Hypnotist, so I cut him. And he was foil, so you know it was tough. I never Dread Returned the Mindslicer because removing it to Ichorid was just better at the time. As such, I wouldn't discredit him. His effect is incredibly powerful against a combo or control deck, especially if you can get it out then dead again in a single turn. In my Lackey testing, I did not lose a control match--even with Force of Will in my opponent's hand--when Mindslicer made it out.
1 Ancestor's Chosen - Like my gracious Dredge mirror opponent said, "That's a really good card here."
1 Chain of Vapor - I saw no Leylines, I heard no Leylines, and nobody bought Leylines when I was at the counter. I played only one Chain in case of, say, Platinum Angel and Ichorid. See match three.
1 Xantid Swarm - I felt like this was better than another Chain because I had the Force of Will fear. I only sided it in twice and saw it zeroce.
1 Disrupt - Dredge mirror is actually pretty good here, but mostly it's for the opponent who taps out, then plays a Force. It resolved twice against Mike and always dredged 6. That was pretty hot. Also, the flavor text is sweet on the Weatherlight version.

Match 1: UGr Canadian Threshold
Game one is quite silly. I mulligan, then pop out a Putrid Imp. There isn't any dredging going on. Turn after turn. After turn. Eventually, he hits threshold and his Nimble Mongooses are too much for my meager hard-cast Narcomoebas and I fold. The worst part is un-blanking Spell Snare!
Sideboarding includes bringing in Mindslicer, a few Needles and the two Chalices, Disrupt, Xantid, and Unmask, removing Thugs, two lands, Sage, and FKZ
Game two is essentially the same. I manage to dredge four off of a single Thug, then never dredge again. Tarmogoyf is a 5/6 machine and kills me with no fight. My opponent and I are impressed by my inability to dredge cards until it was far too late.
0-1 // 0-2

Match 2: Belcher
I win the die-roll. 1-0!
But seriously, it's basically impossible to lose game one with my start: Unmask taking ESG, Therapy taking 2 LED, then Imp-Troll next turn. I dredge up some aggro and resolve a Sage about 3 turns in. I make a bunch of Dave Kendall crab-horse-dragon zombie tokens (as a side note, WTH?) and FKZ lights their fire.
Game 2 is a longer affair. I start out poorly, taking two trips to Paris with still no land. I have nothing when I draw, which basically means I'm dead. Patrick, my opponent and gaming pal through Mike, makes a turn one Belcher and a turn two activation.
Game 3 is long and drawn-out...for two decks theoretically goldfishing against each other. Patrick has nothing for me, but I have the full complement of Chalice, Pithing Needle, Disrupt, Chain, Archangel, Unmask, and Mindslicer. 11 cards. How can I lose? I lay down turn 1 and 2 Needles on Belcher and a discard spell. Patrick smirks, which I take as a silent confirmation that he has Shattering Spree all set. Then I start dying. My dredges are something like, 10 lands, 3 Breakthroughs, and some irrelevant hate. Wowch. My stumbling allows him to build all but the necessary amount of red to Wish for Shattering Spree and kill both of my Needles. For three turns, all I had to do was draw a Pithing Needle or a land to play my Chalice on one. That would have required another red mana from Patrick, and thus buying me another few turns. Eventually, though, he drew it, Land Granted his Taiga and Bayou, and shot me in the face for a zillion. I flip the top card -- which is against my personal policy of not inviting anger toward myself -- and, as if a heavenly force was punishing me, I saw Pete Venters art.
0-2 // 1-4

Match 3: LEDredge
I win the die roll and elect to play first. I've heard that's good.
Game 1 I open with Unmask. My opponent coolly lays down his opening seven. I take a Dread Return and sigh. My opponent just draws and passes. Had I Unmasked myself, I could have discarded Troll and gone off faster. Someone had told me this fellow was playing Dredge, but I really didn't want that to affect my play because I'm not the type of person to accept a piece of info like that. Oh, well. My integrity (which some in the forums will regard as stupidity or some derivative thereof) made that poor play for me and I never recovered. He eventually was able to throw his hand down and flashback a Deep Analysis.
Game 2 was a terrible one. My dredges were somehow worse than in my first match. There were more of them to be sure, but it was awful watching my deck crap out on me. I was failing my twenty dollar entry fee. If only I had the cash to play a Force of Will deck. I snapped out of that line of thinking quickly and resumed laughing at myself. At this point, I was in full-on fun mode. We were both having a good time along with a spectator laughing at my awful dredges and hard-cast Narcomoebas. Sweet, flying Man-O'-War. By the time he recurred a bunch of Ickies and had a Platinum Angel, it was game over. I saw none of my DR targets and only drew Disrupt after he'd gotten to two lands. Strunin out!
0-3 // 1-6

Match 4: Teneb and Friends
I am playing against a young man with a casual, artifact creature-based five-color green deck. His win con was me having 5 copies of Bridge.
1-3 // 3-6

Match 5: Jack with Zoo
Jack is a KW regular piloting a Zoo build and expressed disappointment about having to play my deck. As he expected, I goldfished but for him Bolting a Kird Ape to nix a Bridge or two. Mid-way through my working out the math, he signed the slip. He responded in the negative when I inquired as to sideboard hate. My only aggro match for the day ended before my sideboard stuff could even come in.
2-3 // 5-6

Match 6: '97 Control
Shard Phoenix, Cunning Wish, Force, etc. My opponent was a mighty fine guy and a great sport, returning to the game with his UR control deck. He explained that it started in 1997 and grew from there. We traded a few references to cards of older eras in between me trying to be as clear as I could with my silly deck. He had a few counterspells and I pointed him toward the spells to counter. At one point in game two he needed a fifth land to cast Shard Phoenix and smack me around, but it didn't come and I won the following turn.
3-3 // 7-6

So, what have I learned?
*2 Sages. The third got sided out so often that it was like having a misregistered MTGO draft deck.
*3 Unmasks are excellent. Sometimes. Their use can be both extremely disruptive (taking Force), constructive (discarding your own guy), or just down right terrible (Dredge mirror). Overall, the fourth Unmask was amazing in the matchups where I needed it.
*I have learned how to use my discard spells more effectively. I used Cabal Therapy on my opponents naming Force way more than I should have. I discovered that not playing Force of Will myself led to fearing the Might of the Force. I only played against one Daze deck, yet I should have given those two spells equal weight in that matchup when Daze was likely the better candidate for Cabal Therapy. Just like Jon Finkel says you can't play Survival with proxies because you need the feel, you must be in the present, playing against a live opponent for Unmask and Therapy to be at maximum efficiency.
*Much in the same way that I had to learn when to bet and how much in poker and when to put another counter on Smokestack, I had to learn what to mulligan with this deck. I basically came up with the formula, "If you ask yourself how it's going to go, the answer is 'poorly'."

Moreover, the way the cookie crumbled turned out to result in bad dredge shenanigans and 50-50 matchups followed by three easy wins. Going through the motions with this deck is really unfun for folks at the lower tables, and I genuinely feel sorry about that. I didn't want to be at those tables playing against Scuttlemutt. What I've learned about dredge is that it isn't really the same deck without Bazaar. It isn't so much a combo deck but really a system deck, much like Eggs. But I'll leave that report for The Mana Drain.

Until next time, Spidey fans...

...And it's next time. After taking a few suggestions and testing further, I have realized that Tribe is crazy good. My new list reflects the change in consistency it creates. I'll list only the relevant (read: changed) numbers. I may also add the one Tarnished Citadel at some point, but I wouldn't dare cut the second Sage despite some recommendations.

3 Tireless Tribe
3 Dread Return (-1)
1 Flame-Kin Zealot (-1)
2 Cephalid Sage (+1)

This has made the deck incredibly consistent compared to my ex-version. I have reduced my mulligan rate from about once per match to once per two matches, which is saying a lot for such a jank-tastic deck like Legacy Icky.

My sideboard still isn't tuned, so feel free to throw things out. I've considered the following:
-Platinum Angel
- Keeping Mindslicer (more so than Hypnotist as he is sometimes just a Mind Rot. A terrible, terrible Mind Rot. And keep in mind, I have a shiny Hypnotist. A shiny one, and I still think Mindslicer is better.)
-Wispmare / Emerald Charm (if I think people are playing Leyline or Moat.)
-Chalice of the Void (Because Pithing Needle doesn't always get there by itself.)
-More Chain of Vapor (to build up tempo, as though such a concept exists for this deck.)
-Pact of Negation (Secret tech?! No. Merely a fleeting thought.)

I've learned quite a deal from my experiences at KnightWare's tourney. First, people really love play-sets of Tarmogoyf. Second, good hands with this deck don't necessarily yield good results due to the randomness of dredging. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to those of you wise enough to be reading this report and not writing it. I now comprehend that as much as you try to control the randomness (like you would with Cascade in standard) through deckbuilding, Ichorid cannot be entirely consistent without the additional tool of Bazaar. Instead, this is a deck that you cannot play as reservedly as I would normally play. In so many words, it's not you, Icky, it's me. I have surmounted my fear of Daze and Force of Will, but I have not learned to channel that aggressiveness through my deck. Now I don't intend to overplay into Tormod's Crypt, but I sense the rare opportunity and challenge a deck like this presents to such an ever-blue player; I must learn to control a match-up from the aggressor's side. This may be the biggest Magical challenge I've come across. Like, worse than the time I had to choose which two pieces of hate I had to give the Villain off her first turn Gifts. Yeah. That happened. Anyway, getting to the warm and fuzzies, I look forward to growing my skills with Ichorid and continually tuning it such that it is as close to Academy brokenness that it can be.

08-26-2009, 11:50 AM
Neat report. Did you ever wish you had LED?

And shouldn't the word, given that you're indicating what place you came in, be "Twentysomethingishth?"

08-26-2009, 12:20 PM
have you tried Tireless Tribe in your list at all? It is absolutely amazing

08-26-2009, 12:38 PM
I think you might be short on discard outlets, especially mass discard outlets. Breakthrough is not something you just want to toss off at 0, and you only have 4 Imp besides that. Even if you can't play LEDs, I wouldn't go below 3 Tribe, and you have 0. I would go -1 FKZ, -2 Cephalid Sage, and +3 Tribe for openers. With less DR targets, you can probably pitch one of those for the fourth tribe, which will incidentally make it far easier to cast a DR consistently.

08-26-2009, 02:49 PM
I was your round 1 opponent playing Tempo Thresh, was a pleasure playing with you.

08-26-2009, 05:42 PM
Ok, first thing:
You might wanna take out some DR targets:
6+4 Trolls
and several more in the sb seems too much, Tribe would be a nice replacement as stated before.

And CotV isn't too god, it does not stop Crypt on the Draw and Relic before turn 2

Report was really nice to read =).

08-26-2009, 05:47 PM
I was your round 1 opponent playing Tempo Thresh, was a pleasure playing with you.

tempo thresh should be a walk in the park for dredge. If you lose to it, you should sincerely rethink your list

08-26-2009, 06:01 PM
tempo thresh should be a walk in the park for dredge. If you lose to it, you should sincerely rethink your list

I have yet to lose a match to Ichorid in an event with Canadian Threshold, and I have played against it many times. Some of these have been purely based on luck (see Winter Wonderland Report vs Anwar), while others I found that I can cut off their discard outlet to beat them. At the GP, my opponent mulliganed to 3 game 1, and in the prelims at Gencon my opponent mulliganed to 4. The deck seems to require frequent mulligans, and many keepable hands get blown away by Force, Daze, Stifle or Burn (for discard outlet). In addition to these hands that are easily stopped, Ichorid relies on the randomness of dredges, and sometimes their first dredge can hit blank, and they need to go into topdeck mode. I really don't want to go over all the inconsistencies of Dredge, because I am sure they are well known, my real point is not that Dredge looses to its own inconsistency, but that Canadian Thresh makes it difficult for Dredge to recover from these inconsistencies though its numerous cheap/free countermagic.

That isn't "walk in the park" always against tempo thresh.. Still congrats for finish!

08-26-2009, 06:13 PM
I also think that Canadian ThreshThreshThreshThreshThresh is one of the harder MUs for Dredge even preboard, but i'd say LED or not it is at least 65-35 in favour of Dredge, mb even better.

08-26-2009, 06:36 PM
I also think that Canadian ThreshThreshThreshThreshThresh is one of the harder MUs for Dredge even preboard, but i'd say LED or not it is at least 65-35 in favour of Dredge, mb even better.

Can ThreshThreshThreshThreshThresh is FAR away from a bad match up for ichorid. They have no way to put their own creatures in their yard. They can lack threat. Except if you kept a slow hand or they got a hand FULL of counters, it should be easy. Especially that they often have no graveyard hate in SB.

I've found that ANT, Dragon stompy, stax, enchantress, merfolk are match up that are really bad for ichorid.

Nice report by the way

08-26-2009, 07:27 PM
I hope you don't mean LED's are $35 a piece. I think I got all four of mine for less than that. Anyways, fun report.

08-26-2009, 08:43 PM
If you're going to not run LED, did you consider just running Feldman's list? You don't have enough mana sources or discard outlets relative to what he ran or what the LED builds have, so it's not shocking that you had to mulligan a lot.

08-26-2009, 10:14 PM
I also think that Canadian ThreshThreshThreshThreshThresh is one of the harder MUs for Dredge even preboard, but i'd say LED or not it is at least 65-35 in favour of Dredge, mb even better.

That's only when Goobafish is playing it. Normally Canadian thresh is a near bye.

08-27-2009, 02:36 PM
While I haven't piloted dredge before I think I can offer a few suggestions:

-Cabal therapy yourself. Drop your big dredgers into the yard (in your report I never saw you mention doing this).
-Sadistic Hypnotist is a good card to run - it either ruins your opponents hand or puts your dredgers into the yard. I would think it is always better than the sage.
-Tireless Tribe is becoming a popular card to run; I know you tested it, but I would reconsider.

I would also fix up your sideboard. Against GY hate; pithing needle could be better used as null rod - you don't have to worry about naming the correct one and it shuts down stupidity like:

It is especially good in your list since you do not run LED. I would consider this in the future (unless you just get LED - and yeah, they are $30 a piece up here...).

Anyways, better luck in the future!

08-28-2009, 06:14 AM
If you're going to not run LED, did you consider just running Feldman's list? You don't have enough mana sources or discard outlets relative to what he ran or what the LED builds have, so it's not shocking that you had to mulligan a lot.

To address the Feldman list:
Relative to that list, any composition of Legacy Ichorid doesn't have "enough" mana or outlets as he runs the maximum of each but for the 4th Therapy. However, comparing my build to his does expose the weakness regarding my former construction. That said, there are two differences in the way we are approaching the deck:

1. I do feel more comfortable running Unmask. Unmask, which is essentially the card to cut to promote consistency, helps against Daze/Force, and the last T8 at our store featured 4 decks with Daze and 6 with Force.
2. Not running Sage. Eliminating the additional Sage/DR #3 element in favor of Careful Study and always having a T1 play makes for consistent performance, but I prefer having slightly less turn 1 consistency and a card that basically reads, "Stifle me or lose." The ability to win quickly is also of great appeal because we also have some Survival decks that, if allowed 3-4 lenient turns, will get an engine going and beat you. Having Cephalid Sage over Careful Study may not be perfect, but X=0 Breakthroughs are nowhere near as depressing.

I like Richard's adoption of Tarnished Citadel, and like I mentioned, I want to add one. My suspicion is that I will move Unmask #3 to the board for the crap rare. Indeed, the trips to Paris are occasionally costly, but this deck can operate essentially the same on 5 or 7 with quality hands. The consistency of having mana + discard outlet (whether 4, 5, 6, or 7 cards) is far more important in this case than not having to mulligan. Taking the occasional mulligan is better than running twentysomethingish outlets, which I think is overkill.

08-28-2009, 11:38 AM
Null Rod is really interesting in place of Pithing Needle because it allows you to be dumb and still get there (and shut down Sensei's Divining Top). It can't stop Mishra's Factory and Elspeth, which both can be relevant. That said, the problem I have with it are unblanking their Spell Snares (if they still have them) and being more vulnerable to Daze.

I think you have too many Dread Return targets and Dread Returns. I'm not sure in the maindeck you ever want to bring back Angel of Despair for example. And I get that you want to win every game with Dread Return on Cephalid Sage into Flame-Kin Zealot, but most Dredge builds have deemed that superfluous.

It is interesting to me that you prefer Unmask as a way to discard.
Taking the occasional mulligan is better than running twentysomethingish outlets, which I think is overkill.
I think your analysis is kind of off here. It sounds like you'd much rather run out a turn 1 Unmask and a discard outlet. I'm much more comfortable running out the turn 1 discard outlet, get it countered, and then running out a second one. I get that Unmask is sick, and I'd love to run it post-board in a few situations, but I'd much rather have extra discard outlets. In other words, I don't think it's discard outlets v Sage, but discard outlets v Unmask.

2. Not running Sage. Eliminating the additional Sage/DR #3 element in favor of Careful Study and always having a T1 play makes for consistent performance, but I prefer having slightly less turn 1 consistency and a card that basically reads, "Stifle me or lose."
I don't understand this. Like, at all. You're virtually a lock to win game 1 against every deck in the format if your engine gets going. I don't understand why you'd mess with that. Honestly, as far as I can tell, having all the Dread Returns into Sage and Flame-Kin Zealot are very much training wheels. It's easy enough to just get there with Zombies and Ichorids and Trolls. If you really want a dedicated Dread Return target in the maindeck, I think Sadistic Hypnotist is probably better for you. It requires you to commit less to the graveyard at a time, and it interacts with the opponent on a third axis (#1 is on board, #2 is on the graveyard). I would not feel confident with this deck if my plan were Dread Return Sage against maindeck hate. And yes, I know that you don't Dread Return Sage in the face of on-board Relic of Progenitus, but if they wipe your graveyard it can be really awkward to start over with your maindeck composition.

08-28-2009, 10:29 PM

I agree in thinking that Null Rod is a poor choice for the reasons you presented. Spell Snare is out for game two against a qualified opponent in most cases, so I don't see that as a problem. However, having 2 lands and a Null Rod in a deck with less land than Stompy of old is. I do like the idea, I just see it being a rare hand that supports the three cards necessary to cast Rod and a proper engine (Non-Breakthrough outlet + Dredger). I am therefore skeptical that it earns its place. It's clearly better overall than Chalice, but the difference is that I own the CotV and we have a handful of TEPS and Belcher decks that rely on their own LEDs, Moxen, etc.

Point well taken about the Angel of Despair, which I'll bump to the board in favor of a mana source. I had it in there as a means of stalling when I didn't have Sage, but I've only DR'd it a few times to deal with Moat, etc. and never DR'd it during the tourney. I saw no maindeck hate, so it was a poor meta call on my part.

I contest the assumption that I'm somehow sacrificing a significant percentage by playing Sage. In games where Sage is going to take it down, I'll be damned if I don't Therapy and Unmask a clearing. Top is the only way around the discard, and I'm willing to take that concession on the chin for the two-card combo. Furthermore, I don't see how my updated list is deprived of game ones just because I choose to have a combo element to this system deck. Playing this as an aggro deck is a depressing idea to me, so I will have to take issue with that concept of play. The primary win condition of this deck should not be attacking with Grizzly Bears and Ashen Ghouls, it should be creating a combo that generates copious amounts of them. It really isn't the attacking that wins the game (obviously it is technically what reduces your opponent's life from 20 to 0), it's the sheer amount of duders generated. The duders could just as easily represent the repeat-effect kill condition of any other combo deck; they could be mana in Academy, copies of Tendrils, Squirrels in Earthcraft, etc.

This discussion actually came up at the tourney, with two or three Ichorid players debating the nature of the deck. I said it was a system, one guy said it was definitely aggro with a combo, and the last fellow said it was strictly a combo deck. It just goes to show the many interpretations of how the deck should function. I think my latest list, which cuts an Angel and an Unmask for Citadels and has only a handful of DR targets, reflects this deck's ability to remain a system but have the options of an aggro or combo kill.

P.S. You make excellent points, if a bit...clipped. Did I say something that rubbed you the wrong way? If I did, I'm honestly sorry.

08-29-2009, 11:37 AM
Not that I'm going to question you, but I've never seen Tendrils played at Knight Ware, and there is only one Belcher deck. Seems like the Chalices could be better off as something useful, such as TT?

08-29-2009, 03:18 PM
Not that I'm going to question you, but I've never seen Tendrils played at Knight Ware, and there is only one Belcher deck. Seems like the Chalices could be better off as something useful, such as TT?

Heh, I guess I was just shooting at the barn with those. They were partially for Tormod's Crypt, as they can act like Needles 5 and 6 against it, and they wouldn't have been bad against the other two Ichorid decks I saw, which both ran LED/Analysis. I hadn't played in the last Legacy tourney, so I didn't know what would show up, which unfortunately resulted in my dead DR targets in the board.

Oh, and just because it's really easy and your sig opens this topic up: I would love a great pair of TTs, but I'm not sure when I would ever grab them.

08-29-2009, 07:59 PM
Not that I'm going to question you, but I've never seen Tendrils played at Knight Ware, and there is only one Belcher deck. Seems like the Chalices could be better off as something useful, such as TT?

I know there was one Tendrils deck the last tournament.