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10-25-2009, 01:04 PM
Hi all, I have claimed 4th place using my mono goblins deck in Singapore. There is a total of 11 people and the decks are as followed:

3 zoo
1 affinity
1 dredge
2 charbelcher combo
1 metaworker stax
1 mono goblin
1 GBW rock
1 UGW pro threshold

Here is my decklist:


17 mountains
2 Rishadan ports
4 wasteland

4 goblin lackey
4 goblin piledriver
3 goblin warchief
4 goblin chieftain
4 goblin matron
4 goblin ringleader
2 siege gang commander
1 kiki jiki mirror breaker
2 stingscourger
1 goblin king

4 aether vials
4 lightning bolt


2 pyrokinesis
3 relic of progenitus
1 stingscourger
2 shattering spree
1 goblin tinkerer
1 goblin sharpshooter
2 Anarchy
3 pyroblast

In my country, we are trying very hard to groom the legacy community, usually it about 15ish people. It is a 4 +1 swiss round for this tourney. I know you pro goblin players going to ask me why no warren instigator. Sadly, my whole gob deck is in japanese language and the WI i have ordered has yet to arrive. Therefore, not going to buy 4 english one in.

Although, I did not play very well but I still proud of holding the gobs flag high for this tourney as being in the top 4.

First Game: RGW Zoo

I hate to play against zoo and I have also lost the important dice roll. He started with taiga and nactl. Next I played a lackey and done. Next he fetched a plateau, bolted my lackey and took 3. Next I played a stingcourger, returned his cat to buy time. At his turn, he went suspended rift bolt and cast his cat. To cut thing short, I took 6 from cat. got double rift bolted, chain lightning, fireblast and bolted to second game.

-3 piledriver
+ 1 stingscourger
+2 pyrokinesis

He got bad hand and have to mull twice which was a good news to me. I casted lackey and in his turn he played a kirp ape. I bolted the ape, attacked with lackey and put a SGC in play, his face told me I'm on victory ground. Next he casted a 2/2 cat and i kill it off with one of my sgc's token, swing and play a warchief for free. He got color screwed and finally chieftain for the lethal dmg.

no changes to Sideboarding

he mull again to 6 and doesn't have a turn 1 play and ended with a forest in play. Next he casted a tarmogoyf which was 1/2 in play. EOT, I bolted in which is a bad play from him. After which, in 5th and 6th turn, i have 2 vials in play, top decked a ringleader, with a horrible of one gob which was chieftain, but he did a super bad play to kill my ringleader with magma jet which I have negated with a vial in chieftain. Finally he was killed by a top decked SGC again.


Second game: Charbelcher combo.

I won the dice roll and started the game with lackey. He started with lotus petal, land grant, tinder wall, double rite of flame, spolit of the vault, looking for LED. It took him 16 life for finding the LED. cast the charbelcher and lay LED and cracked it activating charbelcher. I tot i was a goner but on the 6th cards, it revealed a taiga and the process stopped. At my turn, I attacked with lackey and lightning bolt FTW.

-3 piledriver
+2 shattering spree
+1 goblin tinkerer

He started the hand with lotus petal, then he went manamorph x 3 , casting dark ritual and ended with charbelcher. I shattering spree his charbelcher and very soon, he was out of steam. Finally, I went lackey, matron, kiki -jiki and piledriver, looking at his top deck, he conceded.


Game 3: Dredge.

Well I guess without mogg fanatic, it will be hard to combat this matchup. I lost the dice roll, not satisfied with a slow hand of 3 lands, matron, siegegang. However, I got bad luck with mulligan, as both mulligan has no lands and I have to stick with 4 cards. He started with breakthrough, threwing gravetroll in. Finally he got lucky with the dredging.

-1 goblin king
-3 piledriver
+1 stingscourger
+ 3 relic

He mulligan to six and i started the game with lackey. On his turn, he casted a putrid limp. I was sad not to draw my removal. Finally he discarded grave troll, went crazy with dredge and even though I destroyed 2 bridge using stingscourger but i could not stop the dread return.


Game 4: RGW Zoo

My friend who was playing this list told me he will definitely destroyed me this game. I decided to keep my finger cross and play what i can.

He started the game with cat and I started with lacky. During his turn, he chain lightning the lackey and hit me with cat. Next I decided to delay the game by bouncing his stingscourger back for more time. I guess he has no better creature in hand. I drew a bolt, casting aether vial and passed the turn. His cat got bolted during combat and he passed the turn looking sad without a permanent in play. Then he used 1 bolt , 1 path, 1 magma jet on 2 lackeys, 1 piledriver. I topdecked a ringleader, vialed in, casting warchief and swing for dmg. The ringleader revealed 1 goblin king, 1 chieftain, 1 sgc and 1 stingscourger. Finally out of removal, his only kirp ape was unable to block mountain walkers.

-3 piledriver
+1 stingscourger
+2 pyrokinesis

He led with one ape and I started the game with vials. EOT placed a lackey to play with 1 counter on vials. During his turn, he has 3 mana, he chose to cast oblivion ring on my vial, in response, i vialed a stingscourger targeting his ape. I attacked with lackey, put ringleader to play revealing, chieftain, SGC, ringleader, matron. Then when i was about to cast another chieftain, he played volcanic fallout. Finally, I matroned a piledriver and swing for lethal dmgs. Forget to add that he has 2 goyfs on defense but was bounced at some point of time.


Final Game: Charbelcher combo.

Lost the important dice roll. He played tons of spells and ETW for eight in his first turn. I casted lackey and done. He swing me with 6 tokens, and i chose not to block them. During my turn, i double lightning bolted his 2 blockers, attacked with lackey and placed down a chieftain. Finally, I stablised with 5 life , leaving 3 tokens in play, but he topdecked a burning wish, and have enough spells to tendril for good.

-3 piledriver
-1 goblin king
+2 shattering spree
+1 goblin tinkerer
+1 goblin sharpshooter.

Started the game with a lackey but it was finished. He opened with charbelcher and LED, and the top ten cards doesnt have a land.

Final result 3-2

1st Charbelcher combo (which i met in my last game)
2nd Stax
3rd Dredge
4th Goblin (me)

I got a decent cash prize which I spent on a nice filling fish and chip.


lightning bolt
shattering spree
Having a filling lunch before tourney is always good.
Finished 4th in 5 badmatchups was satisfying
2 rishadan port are decent enough


My Japanese warren instigator not here yet.
Bloody landstill player overslept and wasted my 5 slots for him.
No luck in drawing relic
Have to explain gobs ability to opponent due to japanese language, :laugh:

I believed most people will throw their matchup away against combo, unless you are playing RB version, please correct me if I am wrong. I hope to hear more advice from gob player and correct me if I have done something wrong with my sideboarding, thank you for your attention.

10-25-2009, 02:10 PM
I play 4 Needles SB, might have helped against Belcher. But also against lots of other stuff.

10-25-2009, 02:40 PM
cool report, im glad belcher isnt as big here as where you are! sounds like those games were exciting, and bad luck not drawing dredge hate against dredge :/

10-25-2009, 02:52 PM
Goblins are green man...

10-25-2009, 03:35 PM
Only 11 people?

10-25-2009, 11:55 PM
Yup, only 11 people. Legacy cards here are very limited and people prefer to play standard or limited. Usually we have a standard group of 15-17 people but they were not free due to personal committment.

10-26-2009, 12:23 AM
Goblins are green man...

Red's fine, it's all about the political attitude.
Nice report and congratulations.