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08-19-2011, 02:47 AM
When I first saw the banlist and saw tarmogoyf absent and things like chrome mox banned, I was confused. I thought "oh god, another format where every single deck will splash green for goyf"

But then I realized, tarmogoyf isn't nearly as good in Modern. No wastelands, half fetchlands, no brainstorm, fow, or daze and no threshold and it's associated cards.

So how good do you think goyf will be in modern? he will certainly be played, but to what extent?

08-19-2011, 03:02 AM
I think it's okay. Midrange seems like it's pretty bad in this format when you can be playing one of a thousand different combo decks.

I don't want it for Pod. I don't want it for 12-Post. I don't want it for Gifts-anything. I'm not sure UGx Control is a deck in this format, so its natural home isn't a sure thing.

I can think of maybe 3 decks where it might be great: Zoo, Junk, and Bant aggro. I'm not even sure it would be played as a 4-of in Big Zoo or Bant. GSZ allows much better utility, and Goyf almost always seems like it would be the worst creature in the deck.

08-19-2011, 04:58 AM
Goyf is still one of the best 2 drops in Modern format. Bob and Leech-maybe Leech and only turn 3-4- are probably the only better 2 drops. Against most decks Goyf isn't the best turn 2 play as it rarely gets above 3/4, but for turns 4 and on Goyf becomes a 4/5-5/6 in a lot of match ups. Goyf gives Zoo, Jund, Bant and Junk a 2 drop that will beat for 4-5 or be a wall to thwart attackers. His price online is at buying for 65 and on SCG's retails for 100. First creature to ever reach a 100 since Juzam? Either way a turn 2 Goyf is still a threat that will end the game shortly.

Mr. Safety
08-19-2011, 07:51 AM
I agree, Goyf is not as great in modern as he is in legacy s of yet (but that's not holding his price tag back, lol)

BUT... don't forget that there will be other card types that will get into the graveyard to make him even bigger (Tribal, Planeswalkers) so right now, it's an open speculation. I'm really looking forward to the first pro-tour Modern event to give me data.

I'm brewing a BUG list...and I don't even want Goyf in there!!! I opted for Tombstalkers instead. In a format where I can play Makeshift Mannequin, and it's GOOD, Goyf just doesn't cut it oddly enough. Plus, I need something with evasion so my Shriekmaws and Eternal Witness can play defense while Stalker attacks FTW.

Goofy will still be good in Sligh, Zoo, Rock, and Bant for sure. I think where he could pop up unexpectedly is in Faeries...they don't have Bitter-awesome, so they need another powrful 2-drop to ride.

@majikal: Mid-range is one of the best types in this format, IMHO. I've seen some aggro-loam variants already popping up with Grove/Fires and KotR's and Goyfs. I myself am playing a 187 mid-range deck with great success. If you have fast decks like zoo, mid-range will almost always step in as a way to fight those AND the control decks in the format. What they lose to horribly is combo...but that's why (once again!) mid-range needs to be playing Blue. Bant and BUG, FTW!!!