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01-31-2013, 08:27 AM
I don't play Modern, but I'm a little interested in it. Here's my question:

With the prevalence of fetchlands and shocklands, what are the typically life totals for decks on turn two? Do most players go: fetch, shock, 17? Or are people more conservative with their land-plays? How does this differ from archetype to archetype?


Phoenix Ignition
01-31-2013, 05:30 PM
I'll respond with what play experience I have (I play probably 1 hour per day on MTGO), but keep in mind this is completely biased in that respect.

Also, I'll use the pre-banning list of decks (thanks to Feline's thread (http://www.mtgthesource.com/forums/showthread.php?25280-Tier-Modern-Decks-Lists-Prices-etc-Started-Janurary-1st-2013!)).

01) Jund: Generally Jund hurts itself 3-5 damage in the early game (Which I will say is the first 4 turns). They use plenty of Fetches to help out DRT while also needing a 3-4 color manabase with a lot of double requirements. They can get games where they hurt themselves less due to playing things like Blackcleave Cliffs, but it's pretty varied. On turn 2 I'd say their life is ~17.
02) Affinity: No damage from their lands in general. On turn 2 I'd say their life is ~20, though they can pay for some things with Phyrexian Mana (so 18).
03) Eldrazi Green/tron: No damage: 20
04) Birthing Pod: Usually 1-2 Fetches or Shocklands, ~17
05) UR storm/PiF combo: Fetchlands but less need for shocks, ~18
06) Infect: Depends on the colors, but probably also ~17
07) UW midrange/Restoration Control ~18-20, 2 color but they like their Hallowed Fountains
08) Red Deck Wins 20
09) Twin Exarch ~18, same as UR Storm
10) Scapeshift ~18
11) Second Breakfast/Eggs ~20
12) The Rock/Hate Bears ~18