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09-15-2013, 08:45 AM
so i am trying to make something involving descendants path work. This is what i've been thinking about..

ways to cheat the guys into play.

4 descendants path
2 call to the kindred-worse/different/redundant path


4 emrakul
2 kozilek
1 progenitus


4 birds of paradise-much needed ramp. hopefully an uninterrupted turn 2 path into blind flip fatty
4 nest invaders- the best guy for the job.
1 broodwarden-figured it might not hurt to be able to attack with the tokens every now and then and he ups my eldrazi count
3 growth spasm
4 spell pierce-keeping maelstrom pulse, electrolize and pyroclasm off our eldrazi is good
3 mana leak
3 congregation at dawn-i dont think this needs much explaining
4 see beyond- a way to get fatties from my hand back to the deck, not sure if serum visions is better as scry in this kind of deck feels like where you want to be..

4 mutavault
4 misty rainforest
3 breeding pool
1 hallowed fountain
1 temple garden
3 halimar depths
3 forest
2 island

i tthought about leyline of anticipation so everything has flash but without a surefire way to make sure you have a fatty on top it didn't seem worth running..
mothdust changeling seems like it might be good in some number somewhere but....
there seem to be about 100 ways for this deck to be built but i'm trying to find the the best build(obviously) it seems like this idea has alot of potential in modern but it needs to be worked on any help would be appreciated..lets get this card banned!

10-07-2013, 10:36 AM
The new dig spell Commune with the Gods in Theros should help you dig for your Paths and your Nest Invaders.

Halimar Depths could help, as long as you don't need the tempo.

Do you think you should have more dig spells than just See Beyond, like Telling Time? Those are probably better than an alternative Path.