View Full Version : Trying to gather sideboard data for Jund

08-12-2016, 12:01 AM
I've been curious how people build their sideboards with Jund, and what they take out/put in. I'd like to gather the data to see what the consensus is, then I'll clean the data up, post it for everyone to see, and post a detailed "how to build a sideboard with this data and your meta" guide.
Feel free to assume either A) An incredibly standard Jund list, with no spicy variants, or B) Your personal Jund list. Feel free to include more sideboard cards in than out, or vice-versa. Also feel free to include cards that wouldn't make the cut in a typical list, but are so good in the matchup it's worth mentioning. (For example: Meliria in the side against Infect.)
Feel free to enter sideboards multiple times.
Form is here: https://goo.gl/forms/xPBipphQntMcskHh1
Thank you, and I hope to get some interesting data from this. If you could share it around, that'd be great as well.

09-01-2016, 05:13 AM
I don't have time to fill out the form individually, but I have some input.

My current Jund list runs a 3/3 split of Confidant and Grim Flayer and a 3/1 split of Liliana (3 Old / 1 New), but is otherwise fairly stock. The current SB is:

3 Fulminator Mage
2 Kitchen Finks
2 Damnation
1 Thrun, the Last Troll
1 Anger of the Gods
1 Collective Brutality
1 Painful Truths
1 Ancient Grudge
1 Kozilek's Return
1 Rakdos Charm
1 Night of Soul's Betrayal

In quite a few matches, Thoughtsieze (1) and Confidant (3) come out and Finks/Brutality come in, simply due to Bob's life loss being a huge liability. The fourth card I bring in depends on what I'm playing against, but Rakdos Charm against Affinity or Anger against Zoo are the easiest swaps.

Other changes:
In the Jund mirror all of the discard comes out on the draw and changes for more long-term plans. 3 Fulminators, Thrun, and Painful Truths come in. K Command and Slaughter Pact sometimes get cut for both Damnations in case the opponent lands a Thrun and I want to have more outs instead of just Liliana. New Liliana stays in as an answer to Confidant and to soak up an Abrupt Decay in the long game, and hey...if they don't have it, endless zombies is a win condition.

Affinity and Infect get Night of Soul's Betrayal and Ancient Grudge

Company decks get Kozilek's Return, Damnation, and Anger

I'll have more later, but these are just initial outlines and thoughts.