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Thread: Slide wins 8th MTGS Legacy tournament

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    Re: Slide wins 8th MTGS Legacy tournament

    I also fail to see how KOTR is "win more."
    You're a board control deck. You can win with any random beater once you established some amount of control. Using a random beater that's pretty slow to get going and doesn't actually help the major game-plan of the deck is pretty bad. Sure you could run it, because as Max said, it's a nice card. It does nice things. Still doesn't make it an optimal, or even good, inclusion.
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    Re: Slide wins 8th MTGS Legacy tournament

    I played vs the deck in the semifinals and obviously it is strong versus slower control decks and witness+slide is definitely hard to deal with. The list looks rather underwhelming compared to actually playing it (the unfamiliarity of some players with the archetype might also be a reason for the success), but I still think a lot of matchups would be rather problematic, for example tribal aggro or combo.
    For example I still dont understand how you beat elves in the finals, but apparently it was more of an aggro than a combo build.

    To the "quality" of the tournament...
    In an online tournament like that there is are more people who test considerably weaker decks and the average 'playskill' seemed to be a little lower compared to nononline tournaments. Still it is a great thing that people organize tournaments like that too and some even donate prizes.

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    Re: Slide wins 8th MTGS Legacy tournament

    Dude must have been playing Slide for a long time...
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