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Thread: [SCD] Single Card Discussions - Thread Guidelines

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    [SCD] Single Card Discussions - Thread Guidelines

    Based on the feedback of the Legacy Adepts and Mods/Admins, all new Single Card Discussion (SCD) threads must follow some basic criteria.

    Previous threads were a often mess since few of these threads provided a context for discussion, so they went downhill fast, if they went anywhere at all. These guidelines are intended to create a framework to discuss the card in the general, competitive Legacy format.

    All opening posts of an SCD thread must address one or more of the following. Threads that don't will be locked when we see them.
    • What deck or archetype can this card be used in and why?
    • How does this card fulfill the role of another card in an existing archetype more effectively than the card it would replace?
    • How has the metagame changed or what new cards exist now to make this card playable?

    Brownie Points:
    • If the SCD card is fairly obscure, include the card text to save us time in looking it up (minimally, casting cost, card type (Sorcery, Instant, Enchantment, etc.) and Oracle text)
    • Ideally, include a sample deck list (even if it's rough) that incorporates the card

    Remember that The Source is focused on competitive/tournament Legacy. If the SCD thread is not producing ideas which are reasonably competitive for a general Legacy tournament, the thread may be moved to the Casual Forum, even if it follows these guidelines.

    This thread will be left open for a week or so, so feel free to give us any feedback here. After a week, all replies will be deleted and these guidelines will be locked.

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    Re: [SCD] Thread Guidelines

    Quote Originally Posted by Aggro_zombies View Post
    Rather than "what would this replace," it might be better to discuss "what role would this card fill?"
    Remember that it's only required to discuss one or more of those topics. So in the situation you suggested, where it's not replacing another card, you'd more likely be discussing the first item: "What deck can use this card and why?" We recognize that not all of these topics may be applicable for a given card discussion, but we want at least one of these topics to be addressed, or these discussions will have no context, rendering them essentially useless.

    What we're trying to avoid is SCDs that essentially go: "Here's this weird card. It's probably terrible, but what would you do with it?" No. If you're starting the thread, we want to know what you would do with it. The basic message here is: if you don't have any meaningful input on the card you're discussing, don't bother starting the thread.

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