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Thread: [Deck] Aggro Loam

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    Re: [Deck] Aggro Loam

    I'm still on my quest to build a decent junk loam deck.

    I've based my latest version on a piece of advice that Lavafrogg gave me about replacing Punishing Fire with a 4th LOTV. Instead of LOTV, I opted for a couple of Liliana, the Last Hope to provide that inevitability. I also thought that Hobart's discussion on Grim Flayer was interesting so I've been play testing with it instead of Dark Confidant and I really like the card. I like the interaction between it and Liliana, the Last Hope second ability. These two cards are like peanut butter and jelly. I also like how it can set up a huge Knight of the Reliquary as early as turn 2 if you have a Mox Diamond in your opening hand as well.

    Here is my latest version:

    1 Deathrite Shaman
    1 Gaddock Teeg
    4 Grim Flayer
    1 Scavenging Ooze
    4 Knight of the Reliquary
    1 Ramunap Excavator

    4 Chalice of the Void
    4 Mox Diamond
    2 Green Sun's Zenith
    3 Abrupt Decay
    2 Life from the Loam
    2 Sylvan Library
    3 Liliana of the Veil
    2 Liliana, the Last Hope
    1 Toxic Deluge

    1 Barren Moor
    2 Bayou
    1 Cabal Pit
    1 Dryad Arbor
    1 Forest
    1 Karakas
    1 Maze of Ith
    1 Savannah
    2 Scrubland
    1 Swamp
    1 Tranquil Thicket
    4 Verdant Catacombs
    4 Wasteland
    4 Windswept Heath

    I may just be overthinking this whole thing. Junk Loam shows up often on Mtgtop8 running Collective Brutality in place of Punishing Fire. Maybe Collective Brutality is strong enough that you don't need a "reusable" card like Liliana, the Last Hope?

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    Re: [Deck] Aggro Loam

    There are two things red adds to this deck w/ Punishing Fire: early creature removal and inevitability.

    If I were cutting red, I'd want to address both of those, and swapping in some Lilianas and an extra Library doesn't do that.

    Since you've got a more stable land-base now without needing to support Groves, Badlands, and Taiga, you could probably comfortably run the Depths combo. That, plus Excavator and Loam, gives you the inevitability you're missing without the Punishing Fires.

    I'm not really sure how to address the missing extra removal part though. A 4th decay is definitely something you should be considering. A Horizon Canopy as well.

    I dunno - it's tough to see junk lists like this and not just look to Deathrite, StP, StM, and Batterskull/Jitte as being better options than trying to stick to a Loam shell.

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    Re: [Deck] Aggro Loam

    mini tourney report to best of my recollection.

    3-3 at eternal winter in oslo.

    fairly standard build with dd combo. wanted to run a liliana, the last hope and a horizon canopy, but i couldnt find them in time.

    r1 vs rg lands 2-0
    g1 raced marit lage with a pair of knights and a goyf
    g2 chalice and knight do their thing

    r2 vs lands with 4 gq 0-2
    g1 get gq locked out of the game
    g2 lose to fast token

    r3 vs burn 0-2
    g1 lost to double searing blaze on knight that would have stabilized
    g2 chalice gets smashed and lost to pop
    definitely could have made better choices that match.

    r4 vs br reanimator 2-0
    g1 chalice locks out his hand
    g2 t1 inkwell, i manage to race with t1 knight off double mox into lage

    r5 vs grixis delver 2-1
    g1 tnn goes the distance
    g2 timely toxic deluge clears a victory path
    g3 t1 chalice gets forced, wasteland lock finishes the rest

    r6 vs punishing jund 1-2
    g1 after trading wastelands for a bit, i think i got bob and knight/goyf online
    g2 chalice doesnt do much and i lose to bob and chandra
    g3 i draw no lands, chalice doenst do much and i lose to chandra ult. 7 dmg punishing fires are pretty good.

    pretty sure im approaching that MU incorrectly.

    in conclusion, good games, nice people, bad keeps and surely some bad decisions.

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    Re: [Deck] Aggro Loam

    Went to Gaming for Gains V in CT

    about 60 people, heard 59 with someone coming in late.

    My standard list

    4xKnight of the Reliquary
    4xDark Confidant
    1xQasali Pridemage
    1xScavenging Ooze
    1xRamunap Excavator (Surprise of tourney for myself)
    1xGaddock Teeg

    3xPunishing Fire
    3xLilliana of the Veil
    2xGreen Sun Zenith
    2xLife from the Loam
    4xChalice of the Void
    1xSylvan Library
    3xAbrupt Decay
    4xMox Diamond

    4xVerdant Catacombs
    1xUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
    1xDryad Arbor
    2xGrove of the Burnwillows
    2xTranquil Thicket
    1xMaze of Ith
    1xHorizon Canopy
    1xDark Depths
    1xThespian Stage

    3xLeyline of the Void
    1xSlaughter Games
    2xThalia, Guardian of Thraben
    1xKrosan Grip
    1xReclamation Sage
    1xZuran Orb
    1xEthersworn Canonist
    1xEngineered Plague
    1xGolgari Charm
    1xToxic Deluge

    The deck is a masterpiece, before the event on a weekly, we made a change of -1 loam +1 Ramunap Excavator. This little guy was stupid good, you played him on turn 3 and just waste lock them out or fetch land card advantage.

    The Sideboard was for a heavy combo meta (reanimator/storm) there also usually is a decent amount of burn, so zuran orb for there.

    So with that on to the rounds

    R1-Big Eldrazi piloted by RockLee

    First round was difficult opponent. Rocklee is a great player, and the Godfather of 12 post. His deck has morphed over the years, but the end result usually is the same.

    G1-I get wasteland with loam. Knight comes in and finishes the game.
    SB -4 Chalice +2 Thalia, +1 Krosan Grip, +1 Reclamation Sage. - i needed to shut down his rocks, if he cant get off the ground, I win

    G2-I dont get wasteland, but sage and an abrupt decay keep him down, i drop a Thalia, he plays a Warping Wale, makes a guy, plays Ugin for 9 mana, and that was game.
    SB- -1 Punishing Fire +1 Slaughter Games

    G3- Open on Turn 2 Knight (mox), turn 3 was double wasteland (hand + Knight), then i played Excavator and he never got going


    R2-U/W control
    G1 - he played allot of basics (did waste him once), played Rest in Piece, and on turn 5 he played helm of Obedience and Helmed me out.
    SB -2 loams, -2 punishing fires, -2 wasteland -1 Maze of Ith + 2xchoke, +2xThalia, 1xKrosan Grip, +1xReclamation Sage +1x Golgari Charm

    G2 - Got fast Chalice on 1, he had Councils Judgment, he played new Gidian (cant lose if in play) and my Quasi Pridemage did work, then a knight came.

    G3 - RIP came into play, he played a monetary mentor, Thalia kept him in check, then i drew abrupt decay, got through his tokens, killed his RIP, and Liliana made sure it was clear for team to take it home



    G1-I had punishing fire combo going, but he got just enough mana to turn 4 natural order for Ruric Thar, the Unbowed. That was game.
    SB- -1 Scavenging ooze, -2 life from the Loam, -1 Qasali Pridemage, -1 Wasteland +1 Engineered Plague, +1 Toxic Deluge, +1 Golgari Charm, +2 Thalia,

    G2-he mulliganed to 6, Toxic Deluge took the first wave, punishing fire finished off the rest. (he drew 6 lands this game)

    G3-he mulliganed again, Bob on turn 1 found Toxic Deluge on 3, Punishing fire kept him in check, i put down pressure, and then he natural ordered for defensive hoof, i go all in and punishing fire him FTW. (he ended up telling me he drew 18 lands in three games this match)


    R4-New Miracles-first time i played matchup

    G1-game went 30+ minutes, he grinded me out with jace, snapcaster, and draw, i bricked like 6 land drops in a row including some where jace did not know what was on top.
    SB -2 Life from the Loam, -2 punishing Fire, -2 wasteland, +2 Thalia, +2 Choke, +1 Krosan Grip, +1 Slaughter Games

    G2-went to turns and he took this match 1-0 (miracles is not dead, but is not the beast it used to be)


    R5- Reanimator

    G1-He mulls to 6, plays turn 2 show and tell, plays elesh norn. I play a Knight into karakas, and I take the game
    SB--2 punishing fires, -2 life from the loam, -1 waste land, +3 Leyline of the void, +2 Thalia

    G2- He mulls to 6, i get Leyline, and i play a chalice for 0, he never draws 2nd land

    at this point i'm 4-1

    R6 draw into top 8
    Risky draw into top 8 (uneven players with points) ended up 7th

    Top 8
    Quarters -Lands
    G1-we get into a grindy game, i hold out till i zeneth for knight, who wins me game
    SB -1 teeg, -2 punishing fire, -1 liliana of the veil, +3 Leyline, +1 reclamation Sage

    G2-i have leyline, he turn 4's a 20/20

    G3- i have Bob on 1, but chalice is too late, and he turn 4's a 20/20

    after the match, he told me he went into combo mode, i was ready for the grind

    Overall i placed 7th took home a foil Tidespout Tyrant, and a custom playmat that is unique

    The deck is amazing, and credit for this version goes to my friend Bryan Zoll

    Through the whole event, i feared no deck, and never felt i could not win.

    We raised allot of food, and i had a blast, i hope the next event is even better.

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