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Because the JTMS route is too slow/takes too long, and only works with Proteus Staff, not Polymorph. Mox Diamond is no worse than Chrome Mox in terms of Card Disadvantage.
Mox Diamond is only mana-fixing / mana accel in this list. It doesn't add mana sources - so you can effectively cut all Diamonds and not affect the manabase (since they don't actually count as lands). That gives you access to more gas in this deck. I had the same awkwardness in an As Foretold deck.

I suspect going all in on the Emrakul plan leaves you susceptible to certain kinds of disruption - IDK, Ensnaring Bridge, The Abyss, other things I can't think of. Venser, O Ring effects. I think it's a good idea to diversify your threat package, such as through Karn GC and more JTMS. I hate having one type of threat esp in a prison deck. If my opponent can efficiently answer that, then it's a real struggle to win a game.