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Thread: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Card tags (2.0!)

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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Card tags (2.0!)

    Since a few months ago, the site has offered the possibility of automatically making the card names in your posts display a tooltip card picture upon hovering, and link to their page on upon clicking. Because there is not (yet) a button for this function in the forum editor, some readers aren't yet aware of this.

    To provide a card, or a list of cards (see below) with a tooltip/hyperlink, you need to put {CARDS} before its name and {/CARDS} after it, replacing the { } brackets with the [ ] that are used in this forum.

    As of today, the parser is a little smarter and will recognise the most common ways of typing decklists. Here are a few examples:

    HTML Code:
    5 Tarmogoyf
    4x Spiny Starfish
    1 Æther Adept
    2-4 Framed!
    3 Fire // Ice
    1 [LG] Karakas
    Random text
    // Commented text
    4 Swords to Plowshares // Commenting after a card doesn't work (thank the split cards for that)
    Boy, I sure hate [cards]Wasteland[/cards]!
    will turn into:

    As smart readers will have figured out from the above examples, you can also just wrap CARDS tags around a directly-copied Magic Workstation decklist and only the card names will be hyperlinked.

    // Deck file for Magic Workstation (

    // Lands
    4 [TE] Wasteland
    2 [ON] Polluted Delta
    2 [ON] Flooded Strand
    4 [PR] Volcanic Island
    4 [PR] Tropical Island
    2 [PR] Wooded Foothills

    // Creatures
    4 [PR] Tarmogoyf
    4 [OD] Nimble Mongoose

    // Spells
    1 [TSP] Wipe Away
    1 [PS] Rushing River
    4 [AL] Force of Will
    4 [PR] Brainstorm
    4 [LRW] Ponder
    4 [PR] Lightning Bolt
    4 [PR] Fire/Ice
    4 [SC] Stifle
    4 [NE] Daze
    4 [DIS] Spell Snare

    // Sideboard
    SB: 2 [10E] Pyroclasm
    SB: 3 [10E] Pithing Needle
    SB: 2 [A] Red Elemental Blast
    SB: 2 [IA] Pyroblast
    SB: 4 [DK] Tormod's Crypt
    SB: 2 [TSP] Krosan Grip
    You are not required to put CARDS tags around your decklists and new card suggestion, and you won't be sanctioned for not doing so (whereas, for example, you are required to make your posts readable and make sure they have content).

    It will often be in your own best interest, however, to use tags when proposing decks or mentioning cards that are not completely well-known. Readers are lazy enough that having to look up a card on their own may very well be enough to dissuade them from reading the rest of the post you have worked so long on.

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    Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Card tags (2.0!)

    Any chance we could get a button, like the one that adds the Bold tags, or Unline Tags, etc. for the Cards tag? It would be so much easier than typing it out every time.

    I think this form here is how you do it. If need be, I'll make a logo for the button if no one else can.

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