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Thread: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

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    Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    So Joe W. and Tinefol asked me to write up a report on how I did at ScgIndy, so here goes.


    Team Bad Guys lead by Chris "Mastershake" and myself, have planned on going on a world tour similar to that of Team SPOD's; but we're Americans not Pirates. We're expected to win games, not steal them. <3

    Chris and I live in separate locations, so the team is really split all over b.f.e. When I decided to go with the rest of the buddies around me we set up plans for carpooling, and play testing at Draener's place "Chris Piperzack." As well as the local event most of us do at Evolution Games on Sundays. After lots of testing, Cube drafting, and Smash Brothers, we all felt pretty good for this event. Overall the month of January was one hell of a good time.

    I find out a week in advance that my best friend Joe Urda "Jurda" will not be attending this tourney, but he tests with us regardless.

    Team Members going:

    James "Jamis"
    Chris W. "Mastershake"
    Chris P. "Draener"
    Pattrick "Pattrick"
    Mark Sun "Morbid"

    Friends comming along with us

    Scott Shannon "IrishLegend"
    Kenta "No source account" / Kenta's Wife.

    The trip there is long and dull, and full of winter storm warning.

    Fast forward to Indy....

    We get to Indy around 7 because of the confusion in the city, and the bad weather storm on the boarder. We check out the meta game for the Legacy side event, and it looks like Counter top and PT Junk. Seems reasonable. I do some trading with starcity and we go back to the Marriott and discuss last minute stuff over a couple drinks. The team gets together and we share some laughs. Then Scott, Draener, James, and I crash for the night.


    Listing you

    // Lands
    1 [ON] Flooded Strand
    1 [ZEN] Misty Rainforest
    4 [ON] Windswept Heath
    3 [B] Tundra
    3 [B] Tropical Island
    1 [B] Plains (2)
    4 [TE] Wasteland
    1 [B] Savannah
    1 [B] Forest (1)

    // Creatures
    4 [ARB] Qasali Pridemage
    4 [CFX] Noble Hierarch
    4 [FUT] Tarmogoyf
    3 [CFX] Knight of the Reliquary
    3 [ALA] Rhox War Monk

    // Spells
    3 [ZEN] Spell Pierce
    4 [IA] Swords to Plowshares
    4 [MM] Brainstorm
    3 [M10] Ponder
    4 [NE] Daze
    4 [AL] Force of Will
    1 [MBS] Green Sun's Zenith

    // Sideboard
    SB: 3 [CFX] Path to Exile
    SB: 2 [ALA] Relic of Progenitus
    SB: 1 [WWK] Bojuka Bog
    SB: 2 [B] Blue Elemental Blast
    SB: 2 [10E] Pithing Needle
    SB: 1 [TSP] Krosan Grip
    SB: 2 [GPX] Umezawa's Jitte
    SB: 2 [SOK] Kataki, War's Wage


    Initially I cut the forest for a dryad arbor and had an extra zenith for the 3rd rhox war monk slot, but it wasn't good, and so I went back to the original configuration, which I then cut a ponder for a zenith. That seemed to work out perfectly. The problem is that you don't want to draw the multi ponder brainstorm hand in many match ups. Having zenith not only answers this problem, but gives you the shuffle effect. It also seems rock solid in more control-ish match ups like Counterbalance where your cold in certain situations where they will just lock you out.

    The board is pretty straight forward. 2 kataki were meta slots, as the store was saying they were sold out of tez and mox opal's. In scouting pre tourney affinity was the under wraps deck people were playing. I could easily have played cannonist instead for elves and tendrills combo, as well as enchantress which everyone knew was there and has good match ups across the field, but I'm a bad player and so I decided against it.

    Normally UGw Tempo is a dog to goblins and mother of runes.dec, which I wanted to absolutely address post board. Jitte was the weapon of choice, which was excellent in testing, even though I personally don't like the card in the archetype at all normally. The package of 3 path 2 jitte and either 2 needle or 2 blast against whichever respective deck you were playing against felt good.


    R1. Jordan Ramsey Rb Goblins I win the roll
    G1. I keep a hand of spell pierce spell pierce stp some other stuff. I play land go, pierce his vial, draw a noble, pierce his second vial, ponder into threats+ wastelands and win.

    In 3 path 2 jitte 2 blast out 4 force 3 pierce
    G2. He t1 lackeys me, I have to path it on his turn attacking, I drop goyf goyf rhox qasali, and it doesn't quite get there. Perish finishes me off.

    G3. I drop noble hierarch into multiple wastelands on his badlands, he ends up on port waste, and I run him over.
    At the end of the game I find out he's not supposed to be my opponent when he picks up the match slip. We identify my real opponent whos sitting next to me and who also lost and playing goblins. He recieves a matchloss.

    R2. Green and Taxes, with Natural Order package. I win the roll
    G1. I open with fetch trop noble, daze his vial. Play qasali, into another qasali, and I slowly roll him. He plays a stoneforge mystic and drops a second vial, with it he slides in a noble, which im thoroughly confused about. He blocks my big daddy, declares blocks and passes priority, I pass it and he says before damage and attempts to do something. I mention to him that he needs to tell me what he's doing because thats not acceptable. I'm not about to let karma bite me while i'm hot, so i let it slide without calling judges, but the damage has already been done to him. He's thoroughly pissed at me and there is nothing I can do for unintentionally calling him a bad magic player, piloting foil Japanese everything. A few turns later he attempts to cast NO using his Hierarch. I haven't developed a lethal enough board position or a second threat; but I am sandbagging this here force and pierce. He scoops it up.

    in 3 path 2 jitte 2 needle
    out 4 force 3 daze

    EDIT: I'm hoping with this game plan that he sides out his NO so that my aggro control package will just simply overwhelm his, as he turns into the match up I want him to turn into IE Green and Taxes, apparently without mother of runes.

    G2. He mulls to 6. He goes wasteland go on the play. I play forest noble pass, he plays canopy and stp's my noble. I rip noble off the top, waste his tapped canopy and pass the turn. He plays wasteland number 2, and wasteland number 3 in a few turns. I cast jitte and then cast zenith x=4 for knight. Jitte equips and smacks him, he casts stoneforge and searches for jitte to legend rule me, but doesn't cast it in the same turn because he's afraid of daze, for which you the reader know I don't obviously have. He passes, now what I do have is wasteland pierce, so I waste his tapped waste, kill his mystic, and pierce his jitte that comes onto the stack the following round. He continues clearly on tilt. On the lethal turn my spidey senses pick up stp or path in his hand that has basic plains in play. I equip the jitte to my noble, and swing for lethal either way. I shake his hand, sign the slip and wish him luck.


    R3. Eurick or Yurick playing Boom/Bust Goblins. He wins the roll
    G1 He mulls to 6, me 5. He plays vial go. I proceed to get ported forever, until he develops. Its too later very quickly for a comeback after he has vial at 3 warchief, and 2 other threats.

    In 3 path 2 jitte 2 blast
    out 3 force 1 zenith 3 pierce

    G2. I rofl stomp his face with a dude and a jitte.

    G3. I mull to 6, I have him on his back foot and I'm sure to win but we go to time.

    R4. Dude playing PT Junk With 1 elspeth and 2 deeds in the main. He wins the roll
    He opens with mox diamond, I get a check on the oracle, I let him resolve it. He drops top, tops once, then does the following with only one top activation, goyf goyf knight. Seems good.

    In 3 path 2 relic 1 bog (should have been 3 path 2 needle perhaps the bog)
    out 1 waste 4 force 1 daze

    G2. I get him on his back foot, hes going to lose next turn, I drop a second noble hierarch to ensure the win, and the ensuing deed ensures I walk right into a GG. Nothing to say here except, oops. I knew he was playing deed, I just didn't make the correct decisions boarding or playing.


    I get lunch, use the bathroom, have a smoke and tell myself this is not going to happen again. Refocus and lets roll.

    R5. Mono red Goblins I win the roll
    G1. I live the preboard dream. Noble, daze, qasali, daze, goyf, waste, waste, GG.
    Same boarding plan as round 3.

    G2. He mulls to 5, I live the post board dream. Noble, daze, goyf, he last ditch effort pyrokinesis's me, I don't have the answer, I still roll on through with jitte and knight two turns later.
    R6. Gerry Thompson 4c Counterbalance I win the roll

    Note: I check the pairings and notice Gerry's across from me and for some reason think he is going to be close by. He then sits down across from me, and I laugh to myself. Frown-town. Looks like I do get to watch his match after all rofl.

    G1. This is the first proffesional magic player i've ever played. Now granted i've played against world beaters like Paul Mastriano before, but Gerry is active, and from what I have seen very good. My friend Roodmistah told me back at the Starcity Boston he lost to Gerry in the quarters or semi's. Gerry was playing survival and Rood was playing his baby Dreadstill. Rood tells me that if I play Gerry I need to slay him, to get revenge for Rood, I agree. I win the roll and am fortunate enough to have a multi ponder brainstorm affair. See, when your nervous, it's better to dig, then to actually play cards. Haha. Gerry is clearly calm. I lighten up the mood with some jokes, and finally land a threat and keep him on his heals with counter-magic. I get comfortable and am fortunate Gerry's playing counterbalance control as opposed to something that would beat me quick, as my nerves would be shot. Gerry wins in the end by dropping his goyfs and trinkets, which is just enough to win, though I get out of the 3rd counterbalance for this game with a green zenith, which he says “wow, that's pretty good.” We move to game 2.

    In 1 grip
    out 1 stp

    Normally all I have to add to this matchup is 2 grips anyways, but I meta-gamed, them out of my board.

    G2. Gerry takes a color light hand with multi mishra action. I have double qasali action, he attempts to block with a mishra late, but it's too late, I swords it and he scoops it up.

    G3. We have four minutes to go. I tell Gerry that I want to play it out because I want to win this tournament, but if he wants to conceded to me, that i'm alright with that. He asks how I feel about the meta-game, for which I reply I have been beating the shit out of everything except for pt junk which I made mistakes against. Gerry thinks for a minute, grabs the slip of paper and makes me the winner. He looks at me and tells me this doesn't count towards the revenge, so I invite him to Lansing to play, which he accepts and says he will sometime. I shake his hand and we part. I told him I would show him my list. But I forget to until later, but he says that hes been watching me, which clearly feels good.

    If your reading this again Gerry the guy you tied with in the 3rd round is the guy I lost to in the fourth. “PT Junk.”


    I'm determined to fucking win now.

    R7. One of Mastershakes friends playing Rb Goblins He wins the roll
    G1. He mulls to 6, I mull to 4. I actually put up a good fight here. But obviously it was not meant to be. We are trading snarky comments I guess, and he goes on tilt because a guy I just meet from the source Ninja_attack is standing behind him and Jason Ford watching both matches. Whatever.
    Side same boarding plan as before

    G2. Goyf math + wastelands
    G3. I'm winning this match, and he feels that he's not capable of going on. He's pretty upset about ninja attack I guess, and apparently hes mad at me. He scoops on the backfoot too early, signs and walks away.


    R8. Jason Ford - Lax Tendrills Combo He wins the die roll

    He kantrips with preordain and brainstorms. I develope like crap, making land drops and then passing with 0 threats. He casts duress on his t3, I ponder for force, he goes off without a disruption spell, ramp/ramp/Ad Nauseum, which meets a forcefull end. A few turns later he attemps again with rit/led/infernal for Iggy which promtly gets pierced so he doesn't have extra mana neccesary to go off in one shot. Our piles are the following Him: Duress, thoughtseize, Ad Nauseam. Me Daze, Pierce, Force. He goes to 5 from double qasali, seizes, then duress me taking the obvious. Goes for Ad I free daze it returning a tapped trop so I can disenchant his second led's if he gets the piles. He gives me a snear as he thinks he's already lost. I'm not the kind of guy to be luckier then good, so I try to play the best I can, and turns out he just burns himself out.

    I have no board plan for tendrills combo, except to keep in STP as more often then not I stare down xantrid swarms post board. It's not above me to meet them with stps. No easy wins here brother. In all actuality it was a meta call to go cold post board to tendrills combo. The only way they can really lose is if I get the clock early mixed with good disruption, or if they try to go off way too early.

    G2. I mull to five patiently looking for a keeper. 5 seems alright. He gets there off Ad after a couple of turns. I shrug it off, because there wasn't anything I could do other then shrug and deal.

    G3. I keep an alright 7. He mulls to 6. He flips when I cast zenith, I get a noble ( :P Gotcha) Drop a rhox. He attempts to chain when I attack, I pause a moment to think about it. He has four cards. I pierce it, then daze, he pays for the pierce and then it gets countered by the daze. I go to 24. Drop a noble, 29, 34, 39, he scoops. In reality if he pays for the chain with a ritual he can easily win this one. Better lucky then good again I guess?


    R9. Sub-Feature Match Thomas R. UW Landstill. I win the roll

    Sidenote: I know what he's playing because he's from michigan, I've seen a report on him piloting Mastershakes list before, and Pattrick gives it away that i'm going to lose.
    G1. I take a hand of noble fetch 2x waste 2x pierce 2drop dude, KEEP! He can't develope. I win.

    in 2 needle 1 grip
    out 3 stp.
    G2. I can't remember my hand, but it wasn't as good. I develope quickly, laying pressure with qasali, he accidently slips a card "moat" into my view, so I play carefully around it. I know his deck isn't playing wrath because Mastershake couldn't make room I guess. I extend alittle more, he decree's for 3 correclty. Makes good blocks, Stps my cat for which I snack on his Crucible. He drops a moat, I am unhappy. Draw go 2 turns and then I rip the grip. Better lucky then good. Thanks for that saying Chris. He casts a huge decree, but fails to give me any sort of priority, I call a judge and get the judge to give him a naughty finger not to do that again as he didn't give me any priority and just drew his card. Judge makes him take the card he drew, shuffle it in, ask me if I have any responses to triggers, he let them resolve, he draws, makes some incorrect blocking assignments against rhoxy, I stp a token, and munch on his army. He ends up with an EE lock, but its a turn behind me, and in the process of not snacking on noble hierarchs, he snacks on rhoxy, goes to 2 from noble, and then dies to a knight crack for waste, rip his mishra, and then attack him with nobles.


    I find out I don't top8. I give the judges a glare and Mastershake shouts JOEL NO! and runs to me basicly giving me a big bear hug and we all laugh it off.

    FINISHED 9th

    The entire Team. You all were pretty pivital in your advice.
    Scott, for getting 21'st and almost outperforming me with 2/3's. Lots of them....
    James, for enduring a hard weekend of snarky comments from me and pairings from the scg.

    The accident we got into afterwards. Fuck you black ice of almost certain death. We survived! Thanx snowbank of safety. Sorry Scott's Ford Focus. I didn't mean to rip your Oh shit handles, and have my Knee go through your center council. Oops.
    Joe Urda for not comming. DO IT NEXT TIME
    Joe W. for not comming. I kept waiting to hear the sarcasm all weekend. It never came.......

    We all survived the accident. Everyones alright. My knee is sore.
    I expect to see you in Lansing Gerry. PM me if you are manly enough to battle me again. :)
    This is a real deck after all Chris and Pat . Lots o luv fellas.

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    Re: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    Congrats on your finish! It sound like Green Sun' Zenith is really powerful. Would you also consider running some Teeg in the side? Would you want to run more Green Zenith or 1 is enough?

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    Re: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    1 felt good. It was strong against a few players, and the o shit factor was well worth it. Scared a few people lol. Teeg is a possibility, but I don't think i'd run more then 1 ever again. This list felt really good all day. Mulligan'd a perfectly reasonable ammount. Got alittle lucky.

    If you want to play a teeg that sounds legit. I normally run 3 cannonist when I know storm combo is around. Playing a teeg does slightly worsten your elves matchup, but come to think of it jitte seems pretty excellent in that matchup. Maybe it makes it decent with the combination of cannonist and jitte. Teeg does seem sexy through zenith though, and obviously i've thought about it before, but the chances of that actually happening are already pretty slim unless you open with zeenith, or mize into it or just straight cast the teeg.

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    Re: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    Congrats, impressive finish.

    I played a similar list at a local tournament on Sunday and had to mull a lot with land-light hands (I played 20 lands but my spells didn't curve out as nicely as your list). I noticed you mulliganed a fair amount as well; how often was it mana-related? Also, are there any changes you would make going forwards?

    Also, thanks for the report.

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    Re: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    It was generally a mixture of matchup dependancy and mana issues.

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    Re: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    Good Report Joel! btw this is my source name.
    Next time I going the distance!

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    Re: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    Solid list, good performance, good read. Grats! I would really like to see the 2nd Zenith played but since there's really no place, I agree that the singleton had to be as it is.

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    Re: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    Bad beat on the tiebreakers man. Nice finish though. I'll try to get to Lansing before the year is over. :)

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    Re: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    Quote Originally Posted by GerryT View Post
    Bad beat on the tiebreakers man. Nice finish though. I'll try to get to Lansing before the year is over. :)
    I must say, I spoke to you at San Jose, you are an extremely friendly dude, totally didn't expect that.

    Sorry about the 9th moss. Life's a bitch eh?

    I dig the miser Zenith.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DownSyndromeKarl View Post
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    West Coast Legacy

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    Re: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    Congrats on the finish, bro.

    Sleeved up the deck to play tonight at locals and it felt gooood.
    Delver enthusiast and avid practitioner of blind flipsmanship.

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    Re: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    Hey, congrats again man! That was a hell of a weekend

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    Re: Moss's Sc5k Report INDY

    Thanks everyone. Glad to see everyone enjoyed the read. tried to clean it up a bit. I'll more then likely go through it once more and add in all the bolding again for a more polished look later, and add some additional information about the team etc.

    Thanks again guys!

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