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Thread: Suicide White

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    Suicide White

    This is a deck I just started working on. It's basically a white weenie list, but trades AEther Vial for a more aggressive approach reminiscent of Suicide Black.

    4 Savannah Lions
    2 Isamaru, Hound of Konda
    4 Elite Vanguard
    2 Jötun Grunt
    4 Accorder Paladin
    4 Mirran Crusader
    2 Ranger of Eos
    4 Signal Pest
    4 Path to Exile
    2 Oblivion Ring
    2 Proclamation of Rebirth
    3 Honor of the Pure
    3 Brave the Elements
    1 Karakas
    14 Plains
    3 Wasteland
    2 Kjeldoran Outpost
    SB: 3 True Believer
    SB: 3 Null Rod
    SB: 3 Thorn of Amethyst
    SB: 3 Abolish
    SB: 3 Tormod's Crypt

    Card Choices
    Vanguard/Isamaru/Lions: all 2 power for . Fetchable with Ranger, returnable with Proclamation

    Accorder Paladin: Still testing this guy, but his high power/cost ratio and battle cry make him pretty promising

    Mirran Crusader: This guy can swing for absurd amounts with all the pump effects, but I'm not sure that he needs to be a 4-of. Pro green helps against opposing goyfs.

    Ranger of Eos: Provides some protection from having a fast start but being unable to finish due to opposing removal/fatties. CMC4 is tough though, and I'm not entirely sure if 2 is the right number here.

    Signal Pest: Stole this idea from the Sui Black thread to test. Doesn't synergize with Honor of the Pure or Brave the Elements, but does with Proclamation and Ranger, and can end games quickly.

    Jötun Grunt: big body, can keep Goyf and Lavamancer in check, but lacks synergy with Proclamation

    Path to Exile: Chose this over swords because the aim of the deck is to drop guys and win fast. Completely offsetting an attack by removing a Knight or Goyf is basically a free Timewalk for them.

    Oblivion Ring: Catch all

    Proclamation of Rebirth: I'm thinking this can help the CB matchup to an extent, and provide a bit of extra steam against creature-heavy opponents. Haven't played with it enough to know if it's really capable of filling an offensive role though.

    Honor of the Pure: One-sided Crusade, beefs up the whole deck except Pest

    Brave the Elements: My thinking here was that this could be used to set up an early alpha strike against other creature-heavy decks like Zoo, Gobbs, Merfolk, and Junk, and would also provide some utility against Firespout and the like. Three may be one too many.

    3x Wasteland: Seems like an odd number, but I really don't want to set back my early plays by missing a land drop or not having enough white mana. It's mainly in here to deal with problem lands like Tabernacle, but could probably be dropped all together if it turns out to be disrupting early plays.

    Kjeldoran Outpost: Uncounterable extra guys.

    The sideboard is designed to counteract combo, CB, and Dredge...not really sure if Abolish is any better than Leonin Relic-Warder, but not sure how else to shore up the CB matchup (Vial SB?)

    Potential Inclusions

    Hero of Bladehold or Elspeth, Knight-Errant in the Ranger spot. I hesitate to include Elspeth, because she seems like a better option for a mid to late game win, and I'm really trying to come out guns blazing. Hero seems like it could be a good aggro option, sacrificing the card advantage of Ranger for more tangible board position, with a bigger body as well. The more I think about it, the more I think this may be the way to go.

    Stoneforge Mystic: right now she isn't included because I would rather have more beaters than a toolbox, and don't know if I can spare the mana and time paying equip costs. Definitely a consideration though.

    Umezawa's Jitte: This could find it's way into the Brave the Elements spot at some point, although I'm not sure what matchup it would improve, and it's much slower.

    Retribution of the Meek: I'm considering this in the Proclamation spot, as it hits most of the more prevalent threats in the format, and would generally only affect my Grunts and Paladins if there's an Honor on the board. Alternatively this could take the Brave the Elements spot, but it would up the curve of the deck and I would lose the protection against board-clearers.

    Figure of Destiny and Student of Warfare: These could provide additional CMC1 targets for Proc/Ranger, and possible big beaters if the game were to go late, but I would rather sink mana into having more guys, rather than have something removed in response to tapping out to level it.

    Squadron Hawk: Good card advantage and has evasion, but isn't very efficiently costed, and only good as a 4-of. I'm still considering it though, just because right now nothing has evasion, so I could be stalemated by Moat or a creature-heavy opponent.

    I've only played a few games with this list, but so far it has been a blast. I think the SB could use a little work. I can see the CB matchup being tough if they get the lock pieces down early, but not sure if it's going to be a common enough matchup to worry about putting Vials in the SB. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

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    Re: Suicide White

    Hmmm, cant really be suicide without aggressive well cost creatures that hurt you as part of their cost (why they are cheap). Your highest unmodified p/t is a 4/4 with conditions (at 2cc is nice however) with no evasion (negator is 5/5 trample for 3, with the suicide cost). The deck looks like white weenie without the wrath (which I would add).

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    Re: Suicide White

    I would definitely use Hero of Bladehold.

    I think Leyline of Sanctity is a much better sideboard card for you. I would do four of them and cut some number of true believers and thorns.
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    Re: Suicide White

    Sorry. Site double posted?
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    Re: Suicide White

    I would reconsider Figure of Destiny or Student of Warfare instead of some of the Lions / Vanguards. Student of Warfare is nice as a 3/3 First Strike for three mana, enabling him to survive combat instead of trade. This can ensure that you will be able to keep up pressure later in the game.

    I am also wondering if you have considered any equipment? I haven't playtested your deck, so I am not sure if equipment would enhance or dilute your gameplan.
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    Re: Suicide White

    I don't really see the suicide part of it.

    Anyways, I wouldn't cut ranger of eos, the heavy 1 CC threats seem to be real important. Have you considered squadron hawk?
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    Re: Suicide White

    This is actually a pretty neat idea for a deck. What about Spectral Procession? Three 1/1 flyers for 3 in a Battle Cry deck? seems like it would be good. I would also take out Honor of the Pure for something else. Anything else. It also doesn't pump Pests, and it's not all that effective to begin with, considering all your Battle Cry effects. I also agree on Student of Warfare and/or Figure in place of Lions/Vanguards. You don't want 4 of each, but maybe a 3/2 split of Student and Figure would be beneficial. I personally favor Student because the cost can be payed incrementally, but both have their pros and cons. You might also be able to move Olivion Ring to the sideboard. You're an extremely aggressive deck, you don't need to be worrying about answering threats, PtE should be enough. You can side in Ring for things that you can't deal with, like Moat or Ensaring Bridge, things like that.

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    Re: Suicide White

    One, this deck seems like it has huge problems with a turn 1 Wild Nacatl and zoo in general.
    Also, there are a TON of artifacts and enchantments that ruin your day game 1 so Abolish might not be out of place here instead of Oblivion Ring since free>not free

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    Re: Suicide White

    Actually Zoo hasn't been that bad, but it's really dependent on how much removal they draw. If I can stick a Mirran crusader for a couple turns, it can generally either swing for the win with pump effects, or hold off their attack long enough to build up an alpha strike. On the other hand, if they draw enough burn, it's not hard for their bigger dudes to get there before I can recover. That's why Zoo is in DTB and this is hanging out in N&D, and probably belongs in budget tbh.

    Also, I totally understand that this deck lacks the self-mutilating quality that gives Sui Black it's name, but it just seemed like an easier way to convey the idea of "most aggro version of white weenie possible", which is really what I'm shooting for.

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