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Thread: 8th at SCG Charlotte with Hate Crimes

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    8th at SCG Charlotte with Hate Crimes

    Hate Crimes is a deck that a buddy and I brewed a couple months ago before SFM started seeing real play. It's a cross between Deadguy Ale, much more white with a lot less discard, and DnT, no cute tricks with clunky 3 drops. I didn't take very good notes and it was a long day so some of the information may be slightly wrong but I'm pretty confidant in most of it.

    Here's the list:

    Lands 21
    1 Karakas
    4 Wasteland
    4 Scrubland
    4 Marsh Flats
    2 Flooded Strand
    4 Plains
    2 Swamp

    Artifacts 7
    4 Aether Vial
    1 Umezawa's Jitte
    1 Sword of Fire and Ice
    1 Sword of Body and Mind

    Spells 10
    4 Swords to Plowshares
    3 Vindicate
    1 Oblivion Ring
    2 Enlightened Tutor

    Creatures 22
    4 Phyrexian Revoker
    4 Mother of Runes
    4 Serra Avenger
    2 Stoneforge Mystic
    4 Tidehollow Sculler
    4 Dark Confidant

    SB 15
    1 Enlightened Tutor
    2 Chalice of the Void
    2 Engineered Plague
    2 Ghostly Prison
    2 Ethersworn Canonist
    1 Meekstone
    1 Sword of Light and Shadow
    1 Null Rod
    1 Runed Halo
    1 Relic of Progenitus
    1 Tormod's Crypt

    Round 1: Philip Braverman playing Junk. He ended up 12th
    G1: He opens with Diamond, land and I expect to hymned but he drops Bob. I crack a fetch for a Plains during my turn and he says "Don't swords him bro!" Play STP. He StPs my T2 Confidant. I end up playing Avenger and I beat him without any trouble.
    SB: In comes Meekstone, E Tutor, and the yard hate.
    G2: I play T1 Vial he Hymns me for 2 land. I end up with a relic removing a card a turn to keep his critters small. He plays Top and gets good shit. I get him to 6 and he beats my face from 20-16-10-dead. He ends up playing 2 StpS and I think 3 Vindicates. it sucked.
    G3: I play Vial into Mom, he breaks Deed at 1 leaving his Bob on board. I don't remember how I got him to 6. In the end I have Meekstone and Relic against his 2 Bob and 2 Goyf. I know he has a KotR in hand. He swings all out when I'm at 14 and I'm forced to break Relic to Survive. Somehow he ends up hitting me for 10 next turn, or maybe I scooped, I don't remember.

    0-1 Matches, 1-2 Games. Shitty way to start the day.

    Round 2: Doug with Fishies
    G1: I cant get a Revoker to stick on Vial :( He gets 2 Adepts and an LoA. I get him to 15 before his army of lords and adepts smashes me.
    SB: In comes 2 Ghostly Prison, 1 Meekstone, 1 E Tutor and miser's Plague (probably not the best call and I take it out for G3)
    G2: I Sculler and see Kira, Coralhelm Commander, and Merfolk Sovereign. I take Kira. He plays Coralhelm and I drop a Revoker naming it before he can level it. plays a Cursecatcher and a Merfolk Soverign and hits me with the 2 already in play bringing me to 12. I drop a Meekstone and he waits a turn or two to attack with his other 2 guys. I get another Sculler and see Island :( He swings bringin me to 6 and I start swinging back. I block his next threat with my blank Sculler and swing in for the win.

    1-1 Matches, 3-2 Games

    Round 3: Ryan with Dredge
    G1: I see LED while he's shuffling and put him on Tendrils. He wins the die roll and plays Cephalid Coliseum and LED. DREDGE! I've never played against it before but I am familiar with how it operates. I Wasteland his Coliseum and he dumps his hand to LED. He dredges 5 and hits a Narcomeoba and Ichorid. He swings with Ichorid and Narc and I StP the Ichorid. WOOT! I drop Bob and Mom and start swinging back. I drop a Jitte when I'm at 10 hit him, kill my Bob to remove his Bridge kill 1 of his 2 Narcs to keep him away from the Dread Returns and Angel of Despair in his yard. Mom picks up the Jitte and beats face for the win! Gotta love Mom beats. Between games he complains that my Revokers are Jap and gets an oracle text from a judge.
    SB: 1 E Tutor, 2 Ghostly Prison, 1 Relic, 1 Crypt
    G2: We both mulligan. I keep Revoker, Mom, Jitte, he mulls to 4. I play Mom and on his second turn he plays Putrid Imp. i play my Revoker turn 2 and pause, he says, "Sure." I name Putrid Imp and he tries to respond by pitching a card. I tell him he can't do it once the cards been named and we argue for a minute until I call a judge. The judge tells him that I'm right and then he tried to change his story and act like I didn't give him time to react. The judge sees through it and Ryan proceeds to be a sulking bitch while I demolish him with bears and Jitte.

    2-1 Matches, 5-2 Games.

    Round 4: Mike Ward with Fish
    G1: I know he's playing Fish going into it. I win the roll and drop a Vial. He plays Island, Cursecatcher. I get play a Revoker naming Coralhelm Commander since he didn't drop a Vial T1 and Commander is easily my biggest problem other than Vial. He topdecks Vial with still one land *sigh* At the end of his next draw step I vial in Sculler and see: Cursecatcher, Daze, Adept, Reejery and Commander. I take the Reejery. He topdecks like a champ into some fast beats.
    SB: In comes 1 E Tutor, 2 Ghostly Prison, 1 Meekstone.
    G2: I land a SFM and get SoFI and Stoneforge it in while StP a Lord I think. I equip connect once and he scoops.
    G3: He starts with some Mutavault beats and drops more dudes. I have a Revoker naming Vial that I don't want to get rid of because he has 2 out and a grip full of cards. I get a SFM for Jitte as my life keeps dwindling. I'm forced to make some trades and Mystic in the Jitte as she dies. I draw an Avenger and equip her to stabalize at 1. He has 3 Vials, on 4, 3, and 2, and I saw a Sower last game. I assume he has Sower in hand since he moved it up to four but he only has 3 lands. Avenger puts counters on Jitte and draws a 4th land but can't take anything because I'd remove the counters to get it back. Avenger gets there.

    3-1 Matches, 7-3 Games

    Round 5: Nate Pease (who won the Standard Open) with Affinity
    G1: I mull to 5. He wins the roll and drops most of his hand on table. T2 he plays a master of Etherium and hits me for 2! He equips Cranial Plating to a Signal Pest and I StP it but still go to 6 from his attack and promtply die next turn.
    SB: In comes 1 E Tutor, 1 Null Rod, 2 Ghostly Prison, 2 Chalice of the Void.
    I keep a hand with Chalice, E Tutor, and 2 lands. T1 fetch, Chalice at 0 pass the turn. He plays a land and a Springleaf Drum. EoT I fetch and tutor for Null Rod. Play Null Rod and pass. He's obviosly got nothing. I play a Sculler and he scopps in response.
    G3: He plays a Pest and a land. I waste the land. Plays Cranial Plating. Next turn he tries to equip to Pest and I StP in response. I land a Bob and waste another land. I Revoker his Opal and then Tutor for Null Rod and he scoops, moping away with his shiny trophy.

    4-1 Matches, 9-4 Games

    Round 6: Mike Turpyn playing High Tide.
    G1: I knew what he was playing because I'd seem him 2 rounds earlier going off. I keep 2 Sculler and a Mom in my opener. I misplay by not dropping Mom T1 and he manipulates his draws. I play Sculler and he Brainstorms in response. I see Meditate, Force, Brainstorm, merchant Scroll, High Tide, Candelabra. I don't have a Revoker so I take the Candelabra. I know I probably should've taken the HT but I wasn't sure because of the Brainstorm. I draw and play another Sculler T3 and he Forces pitching a Brainstorm. I play the 3rd Sculler and see 2 more Candelabras and a Brainstorm. I tae the Merchant Scroll because I figure it could do the most damage, again probably not the best choice. I get him to 14 and he goes off.
    SB: 1 E Tutor, 2 Chalice of the Void, 2 Ethersworn Canonist, 1 Runed Halo, 1 Relic, 1 Crypt
    G2: I play T1 Vial and Crypt pass the turn. He does some stuff and gets beat on by some bears. I name Blue Sun Zenith with Runed Halo making him play a billion spells instead of just the a billion mana. He plays HT, taps a bunch and starts going off. In response to him playing Candelabra, I Vial in Revoker naming Candelabra and smile, earning a "Touche" and a pass of the turn. I continue to beat face eventually I stall long enough to win.
    G3: I had sided out 1 Vial and decide it really needs to go back in. I manage to land a Vial and he tried to go off again earning a Vialed Revoker again in response to casting Candelabra. I tutor for a Chalice and attempt it at 1 but he Forces. I tutor at the end of his next turn for a Canonist, which I probably should've done the turn before but I didn't see it and figured Chalice at 1 was really good, and Vial it in at his next EoT. He plays Cunning Wish and I figure he's going to get Rebuild and my game is over. He gets Repeal! He tells me afterwards he doesn't have Rebuild and he brought in Hurkyll's Recall so he could Merchant Scroll for it. Swing away and vial in Bob. Bob reveals Revoker and I draw another. I swing with the crew putting him at 6 and hard cast a Revoker, which he lets resolve, leaving me with a Canonist, Bob, 2 Revokers, and a Vial on 2. On his turn he Repeals Canonist and Wipe Aways my Vial but isn't able to end the game and thanks to my hard cast Revoker I get in for 6.

    5-1 Matches, 11-5 Games

    Round 7: Mitch Calhoun with NO Elves
    G1: He wins the roll and plays Forest. I obviously put him on Elves but I was thinking combo. I drop a Vial. He plays Dryad Abor which I waste. T3 I get a Sculler and see: 2 NO, Champion, Perfect, Ezuri, and Forest. I take the Perfect with a StP in hand. he gets some beats in eventually getting me to 11 but I'm able to control the field with a Sculler equipped with SoFI thanks to SFM.
    SB: 1 E Tutor, 2 Ghostly Prison, 1 Runed Halo, 2 E Plague.
    G2: it's not of a game as I kept 2 Mom and an Avenger. I'm able to keep him at bay and control his field until I drop a Ghostly Prison making his Perfect pretty tame. I Vindicate a forest, leaving him with 2, to keep him off NO since I can't contain all his creatures anymore. I just slow roll him with Avenger leaving the Moms back in case he can get rid of my Prison.

    6-1 Matches, 13-5 Games

    Round 8: Chris Boozer, Aggro Bant
    G1: I thought I saw him playing Meandeck MUD earlier and knew I was wrong when he dropped a Trop. He Forced my Vial and StPd my Mom. I StPd a Rhox War Monk and I think a Goyf. i landed a SFM and equipped it with SoFI killing his Heirarch. He scoops.
    SB: E Tutor, Meekstone, Runed Halo because I don't know if he's playing NO or not.
    G2: I get a Bob and StP a Goyf with nothing in the yard and a Heirarch. I find a SoBaM start making bodies at which point he scoops.

    7-1 Matches, 15-5 Games

    Round 9: ID to make T8. I make it at number 6.

    T8: AJ Sacher with UR Control.
    I knew going into this event that the three cards i never want to see are EE, Pernicious Deed, and Grim Lavamancer. You can read all about how AJ curb-stomped me with multiples of 2/3 of those cards in the coverage on SCG. I'd link it but I can't access SCG at work. I just didn't have enough Revokers. I had honestly considered putting a single Pithing Needle in the board soley for Academy Ruins prior to the event. Just some insight into some of the plays. I didn't StP his first Lavamancer at his EoT because I was pretty sure he had Daze, which he did. I took the card I did with Sculler because I was trying to bait him into using his resources on my Sculler so I could safely drop a Revoker on SDT. It obviously didn't work and when I forgot that Fire//Ice can divide it's damage I knew I was fucked. G2 I had 2 Bobs and the Avenger in my opening hand. It sucks when your turn 2-4 plays are all countered. AJ was actually pretty cool throught the whole thing, maybe it was because he knew it was a great MU for him. I honestly expected him to be a total douche and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't the case.

    MVP: Phyrexian Revoker. He just wins games. I sided 1 copy out once yesterday. He's that good.

    Despite SCG listing it as BW Aggro, there's very little aggro in this deck. You almost always play the control part. It's not the easiest to pilot but it doesn't auto-scoop to anything, except apparently decks playing 3 Spell Snare, 3 reccurring EE, and 4 Lavamancers, but it doesn't have any free wins either.

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    Re: 8th at SCG Charlotte with Hate Crimes

    Lol at that R3 Dredge player. Good job on that High Tide win, seems rough for you, even with the disruption.

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    Re: 8th at SCG Charlotte with Hate Crimes

    Didn't see this thread, so I posted my comments in the BW thread. Gratz again, mate! BW is surely one of the coolest decks around.
    Quote Originally Posted by (nameless one) View Post

    Oh ya, there was that SCG article with a deck called Laxstorm. If you ask me, it reminds me more of a laxative brand and not the player (no offence to Ari Lax).

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    Re: 8th at SCG Charlotte with Hate Crimes

    A deck much like this one (B/W but not quiet deadguy) is what I am thinking of building soon. I am very glad to see it do well. Congratulations on the finish!

    I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I loved the pun:
    I'm pretty confidant in most of it.

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    Re: 8th at SCG Charlotte with Hate Crimes

    Revoker is awesome. I've begun trying him out in so many decks, and it has been fantastic. It looks really good in this decklist also.


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    Re: 8th at SCG Charlotte with Hate Crimes

    Quote Originally Posted by Arsenal View Post
    Lol at that R3 Dredge player.
    Was definitely an intertaining segment, haha.

    Congrats on the finish, I walked by during your Top 8 match, and I can definitely share your sentiments on trying to beat a deck like UR Control with BW. Regardless, great job on the day.
    Delver enthusiast and avid practitioner of blind flipsmanship.

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    Re: 8th at SCG Charlotte with Hate Crimes

    Thanks guys. It was a hell of a day. I'll address all the comments in the Deadguy thread right now.

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