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Thread: Introduce Yourself Here

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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here


    I am a longtime lurker on here. I have played magic off and on since Ice Age. I picked up legacy about two and a half years ago and have played Death and Taxes the most since starting. I switch to over time to time to any deck that runs ports and wasteland.

    I live in Germantown, Maryland and only have about one day a week to play due to raising my son and living the family dream. I hope to venture out into other parts of Maryland and Nova to enjoy the best format in Magic.


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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hello everyone,

    Getting back into Magic after a long hiatus. Since most of my cards are from between 4th Edition and Exodus it's only natural that I get into legacy.

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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Wow; looks like I've joined the club of people who didn't know this thread existed.

    Nice to meet you all! I'm John. I live in Vermont, but I jumped around quite a bit (California, Texas, Connecticut, Europe) to end up here. I started playing Magic in '98–'99, and started playing Legacy after I got tired of blowing my fortune (in pennies) on Standard around RTR-Theros. Decided moving expensive cards I'd never use for cards that'd make cohesive decks out of my old stuff seemed like a good plan, and I haven't looked back.

    I'm a mediocre player with a big interest in theorycrafting and getting better at Magic (esp. the math part). I also probably post too much. If only that were a way to get paid as an underemployed ancient history MA...

    Anyway, I play Storm, Dredge, Charbelcher, and—occasionally—All Spells. About two cards away from getting U/B Reanimator together, too.

    I play a bit of Commander, but only five-color doinitwrong reanimator with Atogatog as the commander. I think I've cast the commander twice.
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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi I'm Francisco, i'm a portuguese student and i live in Lisbon (i'm probably the youngest legacy player in Lisbon).
    I've been playing sice early 2016, i used to play standard and modern, then i tried legacy and now i play only legacy and sometimes limited.
    I play currently with LED Dredge and i'm going to build soon BR reanimator.

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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi, I'm BL(I'd prefer not to reveal my full name if allowed) and I'm from Indonesia. I graduated high school in 2014 and have been working ever since (Will soon attend university though). I've only been playing since 2014, so I'm fairly new to this game.

    I started with kitchen table magic, proceeded to Modern, and was finally introduced to Legacy last year (Haven't regretted a single moment of it).

    Nice to meet you all!

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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    hi all, I'm claudio from Italy. Worker on quality control for automotive, long time visitor of the forum, now I would like to reply some threads.
    Playing magic since Odyssey block, today I play Legacy and Pauper, then modern sometimes.
    currently use in Legacy Burn and Deadguy Ale, but would like to try LED based decks.
    Nice to meet you all, cya!

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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here


    I'm Neil and play casually around Manchester (UK) when i can get out of the office on time! Have Grixis Delver built and hope to make it to some tournaments as i get more experience with the format. Basically want to hoover up information and contribute where i can :)

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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Ronco here.
    Started playing around Ice age/5th edition. Then stopped around 2005 or so after foolishly losing 3 power cards (big blue). So I said F-it and quit and sold my collection. Then got curious and stumbled on here and found out that two jank decks I liked to play for fun (buried alive/living dead and Pandmonium/Saproling burst) basically got combined into Dredge and became legitimately competitive. So I pretty much netdecked to start my collection over again. Back up to about 90 cards lol. I like the challenge of making strange combos somewhat playable in casual formats and multiplayer. So I'm in a strange process of "watering down" manaless into more of a MP format.

    Used to play:
    Browse Digger (my serious deck, for real).
    Sui Black
    R/G aggro that morphed into my PandeBurst
    7/10 split/workshop deck that was near completion when the unthinkable happened and I left the game.

    Currently on Manaless dredge and rebuilding Sui for the time being. B/D was my "power" deck when I wanted a serious game so I doubt that will ever get remade, at least not in the next few years. Lots of good info on this site.

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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Greetings all,

    I'm Sean, in Austin, TX. My username is in no way a reference to the game but to a nickname...

    I started playing in early '94 until early in the Tempest block. Then took a VERY long hiatus from the paper game, though I occasionally played the Microprose desktop game over the years... it's still pretty awesome IMO.

    Thanks to interest in the game from a small group of equally-nerdy friends, I've recently returned to the game and am both thrilled at how it's evolved and a little overwhelmed at the sheer expansiveness of available options.

    I'm a big fan of themed decks and building around a concept or favorite card and so tend to favor casual play to tournaments. That said, UW Control is still my go-to for 'serious' play and I'm trying to find a way to make it work now that I've replaced Serra Angel with Archangel of Thune. We'll see how that goes.


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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi guys. My name is Mitchell & I am from Orange County, California. I am a bored law student that enjoys playing legacy. I play fair blue decks in big tournaments like GPs, but also enjoy dabbling with combo every now and then for fun at small tournaments.

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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi Guys,

    I'm a daily lurker, but rare poster. I play on mtgo almost every morning with coffee. I'm Rmosto. I like to play 4C control, BUG Foodchain and am now practicing with punishing maverick. I am always looking for others to playtest online and in paper. I live in Rhode Island. Cheers.


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    Re: Introduce Yourself Here


    I am a long time Lurker, first time poster! My name is Marcel and i live in western Austria. I picked up Legacy right after I started with competitive Magic around 2013. Before that, I only played casual.

    I work as a travel agent, so I am on the road (or in the air) quite often. I am always looking to travel to the major Legacy events in Europe.

    (PS: If anyone goes to the MKM Frankfurt 2018 - I need a Hotelmate/Playtest Buddy.

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