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Thread: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Bryant had an interview at SCG Worcester a little while ago, because he and his team just won the Team Open. I believe he went 11-3-ID and his team went 12-2-ID, and then they finished 13-2-1 after the top 8. He played this list:

    // Sorceries
    4 Burning Wish
    3 Duress
    2 Empty the Warrens
    4 Infernal Tutor
    4 Ponder
    4 Rite of Flame
    4 Thoughtseize

    // Artifacts
    4 Chrome Mox
    4 Lion's Eye Diamond
    4 Lotus Petal

    // Instants
    1 Ad Nauseam
    4 Brainstorm
    4 Dark Ritual

    // Lands
    1 Island
    1 Swamp
    1 Badlands
    1 Bayou
    3 Bloodstained Mire
    4 Polluted Delta
    1 Scalding Tarn
    1 Underground Sea
    1 Volcanic Island

    // Sideboard
    SB: 2 Xantid Swarm
    SB: 2 Abrupt Decay
    SB: 2 Chain of Vapor
    SB: 2 Echoing Truth
    SB: 1 Dark Petition
    SB: 2 Empty the Warrens
    SB: 1 Grapeshot
    SB: 1 Massacre
    SB: 1 Past in Flames
    SB: 1 Tendrils of Agony

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    With the shakeup of the banning Temur Delver is back! And we need to be prepared. Here is my matchup breakdown

    - Alex Poling

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Quote Originally Posted by Final Fortune View Post
    You either play into Stifle or you play into Wasteland with Fetchlands or Gemstone Mines, the difference is not every deck plays Stifle, the shuffle effects are better with cantrips and sitting on Swamp with 8 discard just makes more sense.

    Silence was probably bad even when we thought it was good, splashing another colour for a disruption card that isn't strictly necessary is a dubious choice. I even debate Green, Bayou and Abrupt Decay vs Miracles because with 8 discard the odds are their 3 Counterbalance never see the board, so bounce and another Underground Sea are probably best.
    Regardless you `play more fetches or not - you play among 14 lands just 1 Swamp (1 unique basic land for discard and DR) - do yo really think having 1 solitary Swamp, will help you combating Wastelands?I've always preferred to just cantrip and beeing destroyed - at its simples the rule: "If I have 2 Lands then dicard If I have 1 then Cantrip" has been great for me during eras... sometimes Wasteland is even good vs us even giving us tempo and allowing us to cantrip... we only need polivalent lands and that0s been one of my most accepted faacts in TES.. I don't conceive to be playing Island of course - and as WPreux I would love to be playing 12 super polivalent cards. I really dont care B2B or BMoon either. I've always thouth that Leaving Silence didn't mean to leave such a great land as Gemstone... regrding Stifle well ths card in deed f*** us the tempo very nicely and sure there are more decks with wasteald but uniquely those playing wasteland AND Stifle is where I am worried about Stifle - the rest only playing wastealnd just doesn't mind to me- as said as ex. vs DT I prefer even to take my land if I have pondered and have enough lands in hand and missing the threat or LED.

    well those are some of my feelings FFortune... I just wrote and wrote but there are just incorrect or right maths in my mind regarding TES and its (his?) context...

    @Bryant winning the Open:

    Congratulations dude! nice list in deed. good call about 2nd EtW - 11 Threats 4CM 7Discard and of course 14Lands for 1st games. I'll hate that Island until eternity but ok. Side is great also - very typical with those AD and Xantids/Bouncers - but good call on excluding those SE! I would not play personally EtW plan, but recognize that had to be key to survive among those RUGs

    @wPreaux: Nice read! - we in deed should be playing 12 Threats but with my few testing - 10Threats8Cantrip are not beeing bad - sure I am more firghtned of siding out Ponders now... and I would prefer a eleventh...


    - As said, I don't know if moving for 1 CT instead 1 Duress main as it seems that we have 7 peek effects, opinions?
    - SE doens't seem to me relevant, I don't know if to play a couple of pyros or fluster or carpet - something to interact on the stack.
    - now the deck is good but - also the EtW strategy is good s RUG - what I mean is that I prefer others ways of winning this match up - now typical lists run 1-2 Snares plus fluster and lot of shit.
    - Defnetly at some point when 1st time played since GP ban, we loved Silences and I want to make the next move as follows. which also may fail of coruse!:
    o 4TSeize,4 Silence, 13OldSilenceBase + 1 badlands and as usual - 1EtW 1AN. I'd likely play then overload of Duresses in side. Mybe 3Silence 1 Duress...
    o Nxt I can play some carpet or some decay withouth hurting he manabase. Sorry but I see the things backwards. I've thinking about 3rd CoB instead of badlands. Opinions on this?
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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Hey guys, I've got my first official article up!

    If you're interested in more math in the deck, let me know in the comments!

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Newest Reading the Ropes is up! This week we talk about Discard spells. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    This month's "Infernal Tutoring" article is now live, featuring special guest Brandon Osborne (CONTROL4DAZE)! Check it out, and let me know what plays you would have made in our three latest scenarios.

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Queued into a High Tide player and had to pull out the Grapeshot. Game 1, I played an early Empty the Warrens that got Flusterstorm'd, and later on Ad Nauseam'd on turn ~7 into a Tendrils of Agony kill. Game 2 I decided to go all-in against my opponent's mull to 5... that unfortunately contained Force of Will. I ended up dying to Brain Freeze. Game 3 I got the Ad Nauseam through, and the opponent took a chance on Extracting Dark Ritual instead of Lotus Petal, which let me pretty comfortably go off and check off the Grapeshot. I think this is the "Stormiest" match you can get, barring Crow Storm in Commander or throwbacks to TSP/Lorwyn combo or something.

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Another matchup breakdown vs 4c Loam!

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Hey guys!

    As promised, I've got my first infernal tutoring up! It's got a bit of a different flavor for its scenarios so be sure to check it out!

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Hello Everyone!

    My new article at TheEpicStorm is officially live! This month, I share some of the strategies that I have been practicing, to build great Storm habits in paper. Let me know what you think, and if you have any other tips, feel free to share them!

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    Re: Void Snare

    Hi everyone,

    Recently, Bryant posted a run of a couple leagues playing a four color build with 3 red duals for Pulverize, you can check it out here:

    Coincidentally, I had been testing a similar build, but I was eschewing SB bounce spells to make room for Surgical Extractions:

    For those interested, this was my final record, with one or two games/matches that I punted due to all my testing taking place at 10 at night or later:
    Testing Record: TES - 1.3
    Deck Type : Match Record : Game Record
    Total : 19-11 : 46-31
    Death & Taxes : 2-1 : 5-4
    TNT : 0-1 : 0-2
    Miracles : 2-0 : 4-0
    Eldrazi : 1-2 : 3-5
    Death’s Shadow : 3-1 : 7-3
    BUG Control : 1-0 : 2-1
    Grixis Control : 1-2 : 4-5
    Tin Fins : 1-0 : 2-1
    BR Reanimator : 0-1 : 1-2
    ANT : 2-0 : 4-1
    Elves : 1-0 : 2-1
    4C Loam : 0-1 : 0-2
    Fauna Shaman : 1-0 : 2-0
    Grixis Delver : 1-0 : 2-0
    Lands : 0-1 : 1-2
    Moon Stompy : 1-0 : 2-0
    Sneak & Show : 1-0 : 2-0
    Landstill : 0-1 : 1-2
    UW Spirits : 1-0 : 2-0

    I'm back on Echoing Truths now, mainly because Surgical just wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Even bumping into a couple Griselbrand decks, ANT, and SCM decks where I would get to try all the uses of Surgical. The card is pretty medium, and so is Truth, but Truth comes up more often and solves more blind spots for the deck overall. Also, I never ended up needing a 2nd Underground Sea, so my mana base matches Bryant's now at 8 fetches, 5 Duals, 1 Basic.

    The card I stuck with, though, and the card that I think deserves some attention, is Void Snare. It can be sided in as a passable "less-than-Chain-of-Vapor" for the matchups where you have a better Wish target overall (read: Massacre/Pulverize) while also filling in the Grapeshot-esque role of giving you that extra couple of percentages as a Wishable bounce spell. A great example of this is against some of the rogue decks on my testing, where I was able to solve unexpected problems like Leyline of Sanctity or Arcane Laboratory. Void Snare also solves Teeg as well, which Massacre cannot.

    Void Snare also has some great functionality by being a Wish target in matches where you wouldn't side in bounce normally. For example, I've had UBr(x) opponents nail me with Null Rod or Leovold, and managed to Wish my way out of those problems. Further, if the loss of Grapeshot to snipe Shadow players bothered you looking at Bryant's list, I invite you to step into the world of fun that is bouncing Gurmag Anglers and Shadows to win the race with Goblins. Miserable as it sounds, you can also do some edge-case plays like bounce and discard Ratchet Bombs to clear the way for Empty the Warrens (note: yes, Hull Breach would probably be better in the case of solving played down token-clearers as well as hitting Counterbalance, but I cannot stress enough the utility of Void Snare bouncing creatures and costing only one mana)

    What I really liked about this build of Storm is that it has such a great range of threats and responses. Pulverize and Massacre absolutely shut out opponents, the green spells are really great against UW decks, the "waves" of EtW wear down URx decks, and I am now a complete believer in 4 Chrome Mox + Basic Swamp to push out all sorts of turn 2 combo kills. The deck seems really strong, and Void Snare was really good to have, definitely worth a look in one of the bounce slots.

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