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Thread: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Quote Originally Posted by Pelikanudo View Post
    I've been toying around with the idea of DD/AoI, and at its simplest there are some options:

    beeing AoI and DD in side for 1st games:
    the common pile is having AoI in main: BW,LED,LED,GP,AoI, you just need: Cantrip+2R then U,
    the you can add more cantrips and/or IT to the equation and reduce mana costs: Ex.: Ponder+GP:, you just need: U! and the pile would be: BW,LED,LED,AoI,LED.

    if these examples come from having AoI in base then you can use this strategy for 2nd and 3rd games, if not, then you have that path also but adding 1R to the mana cost.
    then you can have a hand like Ponder,GP,BW,Petal,RoF,D.R,Land and landed land and win. this is just an example of scenario but there are lots more!
    the important aspect is that you have lines with BW as a threat that do not go through GY/simetrical/LifeCost AND the manacosts just sometimes are ridiculous - you just can set up for DD with BW and just a GP + BBB2R is needed to win or BBBU with 1Cantrips+GP or BBBB1 with IT+GP...

    One thing I like about AoI is that is perfectly castable and doesn't have impediments like IU or IC..., so adding 1 to the main even will increase speed.

    well sure maybe this is nonsense... but i just like to try things to my inmutable TES deck... but having all these soo funny options at just the cost of 2 side slots... You know I'm very optimistic...

    I'd love for Doomsday to be playable in TES as I love the card and having an engine that gets around Teeg is very real. However, having to play AoI to support Doomsday is going to hurt the deck more than it will help it. It'll be neat to hear how your testing goes though.
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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_D View Post
    I'd love for Doomsday to be playable in TES as I love the card and having an engine that gets around Teeg is very real. However, having to play AoI to support Doomsday is going to hurt the deck more than it will help it. It'll be neat to hear how your testing goes though.
    Yesterday was the 1st testing... but not much testing was done only a 4 round tournament and needed to go out on 3rd round.
    it was 1CullingTheWeak round which I won, an AN deck which I lost and a 4C Control deck which I won.
    it is in deed sad to say that the 2 slots I cut were 2 IoK which vs AN would have helped. I just sided vs AN 1 AoI and nothing else but was too much optimistic about the match up as I usually win with no effort - I dropped 12 Gobs OtP 1st turn hoping to not to loose on his 2nd turn and having the option to draw IT/BW/cantrip into discard or discard itself in the meantime. the 2nd game was just a 1st turn win from his side. sad.

    I just have 2AD 2ET and 2IoK/Surgical/Extirpate/Xantid/MoreTendrils/MoreEtW/ etc available slots. In deed DP in my side has not been doing a good job for me lately - it is likely the less used slot which I sometimes change for other cards like DR, etc. so maybe adding 1 IoK for the DP can help.

    The plan I have with DD/AoI is just to side AoI for a EtW and 1 CM for 1 Bayou vs general Control decks but really didn't do this vs 4CC what I made vs 4CC was -2Ponder-1CM=+1AD+1Bayou+1AoI - next I realized that the plan to setup a pile for leovold was nonsense... so maybe just -1ponder is ok. I really dislike taking out ponder when I side in AoI for obvious reasons, then having the option to just side it in for the EtW seems correct for example vs miracles. and also vs Combo/Even agro like Grixis (EtW stays vs Grixis).

    I play magic from time to time and legacy is not a promoted format by here... so really do not have access to real tests. but hey! I just play mtg to spend a good time! Would be good If someone dares to test this... I find sad that no much paths are explored and when AoI was released I really found tons of options on the stack to be tested... I wonder why PiF base was tested but not this option as I saw cleat PiF an error... likely this DD is also an error but I expose the fact that 1 has been tested and the other didn't.

    just out of cusriosity: I used to play TNT deck long time ago and a new card was spoled: Ubuntu the last recoking - like a Damnation by 3 mana. In TNT I believe it is great, I really do not know how good it could be in TES but this card just destroy ALL creatures by 3 mana - ths is something that at some point I'd like to test.
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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Quote Originally Posted by Jax- View Post
    I think that Badlands is way better than Volc post board in a lot of MUs.
    IMO the worst deck matchup right now is Grixis Delver and probably BUG. Cutting Island seems just wrong. With your list the only card you side in is TS, definetly worse than the 2nd EtW from stock list.
    Also I really dislike tutorable answers, they are slow in matchups where you want to be as fast as possible. I really like tutorable win conditions so Telemin Performance is pretty good.
    Xantid Swarm are not for wasteland decks but for S&T and Miracles, I don't think they are a flex slot right now, Miracles numbers are growing up because the deck is good and have a favourable Grixis Delver MU.
    I imagine Badlands is better than Volcanic Island post-board if you have to SB in Abrupt Decay, but generally speaking Chain of Vapour is enough vs D&T and its ilk and Miracles won't put your manabase under pressure so we're talking about Eldrazi then?

    Multiple Empty the Warrens can work against you just as much as they can work for you, if they MD Stifle or SB Flusterstorm I'd rather not consign myself to one line of play.

    Xantid Swarm is only good against Miracles and Show&Tell tho', where discard is universally good across the board. I think Bayou and Abrupt Decay are already a big concession to Miracles as it is.

    Massacre is pretty fast as far as hate goes, it'll clear their Ethersworn Cannonist along with their clock most of the time. Consign/Oblivion might be slow, but it stops them from just mulling into Chalice of the Void or Leyline of Sanctity.

    I think Telemin Performance and Diminishing Returns basically serve the same functions in the deck, I generally switch between the two in the SB and Dark Petition, Infernal Tutor and the 3rd Duress between the SB and MD - these are really minor tweaks.

    I'm pretty sure Island is just stretching the manabase, its two less fetchlands for Swamp and Bayou and it gets increasingly worse post-board. For me it's a bit inconsistent to argue for Badlands over Volcanic Island with the post-board argument but give Island a pass when its an order of magnitude more restrictive. There is a lot to be said for consistent mulligans, color access and 9 ways to a Swamp.

    But regardless we are all our own judges in the end, so do whatever gets you results.

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

    Great content as always. Your website is an absolute treasure.

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    Re: [Deck] T.E.S. - The EPIC Storm

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