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Thread: Snapcaster Mage and Force of Will

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    Snapcaster Mage and Force of Will

    Hopefully a simple question

    I have Force of Will in my graveyard, Snapcaster in my hand, 2 untapped Islands. Opponent casts a spell. in response, I cast Snapcaster, it resolves and I target FoW. Can I pay FoW's alternate casting cost (1 life and exile a blue card from hand) or must I pay 3UU (which obviously I cannot).

    And is it safe to assume that I can do the same with Daze, or cards that have Phyrexian mana costs (like Dismember)?

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    Re: Snapcaster Mage and Force of Will

    Casting a card from a graveyard and giving a card flashback are different concepts. In the first case, there's simply a rule that allows you to cast the card as it is, so if it has alternate costs, you can opt to pay any of them. In the second case, you are given a totally new alternate cost and the opportunity to cast the card only through that cost. So Snapcaster Mage lets you recast FoW for and Daze for .

    Phyrexian mana is another story, because they are mana symbols with specific rules that allow you to pay for them with either mana or life. So Snapcaster Mage on Dismember lets you pay up to 4 life for it if you want.

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