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Thread: Do you use an MTG life counter app?

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    Do you use an MTG life counter app?

    Hi guys

    Me and my friends created an MTG life counter app called "Magic's Little Helper - MTG life counter app"

    We started it as a learning project hoping to use it in our own games, but then we put it on the Appstore and it turned out other players love it,
    so we decided to put more effort into it. I can say that today it's definitely the best, most comprehensive MTG life tracking solution
    on the app store (granted, I'm not entirely objective :P)

    It supports multiplayer commander games in a simple and clean UI, keeps comprehensive statistics, and we try to add features that our users request. We've been getting good reviews and even gave us this amazing writeup.

    So how do you guys normally track your games? Will you check out our app and see how it works for you?

    If you have any suggestions or features you or would like to see in such an app, we'd be more than happy to hear and implement. We've been playing MTG for ~15 years now, but we are casual players who keep within our own group, and so may not be aware of the needs of professional and/or casual tournaments or other groups. Anything in that regard will be very welcome - we want to make this the best suited app for your needs.

    We hope you give it a try!

    Tali with Magic's little helper

    We have a demo here

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    Re: Do you use an MTG life counter app?

    Seems pretty useful!

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    Re: Do you use an MTG life counter app?

    Usually when I'm playing in a tournament I use paper and pencil so I have a record of how my life total has gone up and down. Having that as a feature would be excellent, as I've had many games where you have to go back and reconcile life total because there's a mismatch.

    Having a note option would be nice too, since I find myself taking a lot of notes during and after a game (like my opponent's hand, mulligans, sideboarding choices, sideboard cards I see from my opponent, etc).

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    Re: Do you use an MTG life counter app?

    GnuHouse: We thought the same, so we keep the history of the entire game, pretty much like pen and paper, only fancier :) For casual games I like it better than paper, cuz we can 'undo' mistakes without adding a new line to notes.

    A general 'note' feature sounds interesting, I'll talk it over with the other developer.

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