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    My list by the way
    Pox -- Miracles -- Lands -- Candelabra Enchantress -- Dragon Stompy -- Eldrazi Stompy -- Sultai Control

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    Quote Originally Posted by ParisFlorian View Post
    Thanks for the detailed report !

    I am still unsure about Emmy 2.0. Sometimes you do crazy things with her (that you would like to be recorded on video), and sometimes she just do nothing but giving opp an extra card. So sometimes I maindeck her, sometimes I keep her in the board.
    Yeah, the card is a little all-over-the-place. However, I think that overall, it's a good maindeck card, because many times, she was the only Eldrazi I could actually cast, because of her natural cost reduction. Trample and Protection from Instants is also pretty good versus White removal/decks (the non-Terminus kind).
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