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Thread: [Deck] U/G Enchantress

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Hey guys,

    I've started playing UG-enchantress since Ichorid is a pretty bad deck to play in this meta. But I'm having troubles to go infinite. A I missing something? Could someone clarify this for me? With a boardstate of:

    Forest with Growth + Sprawl (U), forest, forest, island + Growth, 3 Enchantress effects, WoW, Seal of removal & Cloud otB. In hand: Seal, Cloud, GSZ, Grass. How can we get infinite?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    So I've never played this deck before, but based on the game state and your hand, I came up with this:

    Forest 1 and Island: GGGUU
    Play elephant grass: GGUU
    3 Triggers Left
    Return cloud: GUU
    2 Triggers Left
    Return elephant: GU
    1 Trigger Left
    Draw a Card
    Play cloud: 0

    Net Effect: draw 1 card.

    Since this doesn't cost you a single mana, you can just draw your whole deck. One of those cards will be another growth effect. Attach that to the currently enchanted forest/island. Then you will be generating an extra mana per iteration and can go infinite.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Yup, im playing this deck at the moment. When you have 2 Lands which make 5 mana together, a Words of Wind in play, at least 2 Enchantress's effects, a Cloud of Fearies in play or hand and 2 CMC-1 Enchantments (nonblue preferable, or you need your 2 Lands to make 2 Blue and 3 Green), one on the board and one in your hand, you can go infinite.

    somethingdotdotdot explained it already. I try to do it in other words: Lets assume you have all the requirements met and the Cloud of Faeries is on the battlefield. You tap all your Lands (5 mana in pool), then you play your 1CMC-Enchantment (4 mana in pool - 3 Green and 1 blue), 2 Draw-Triggers on the Stack (from your Enchantresses). Now you replace both triggers with Words of Wind. Bounce the Cloud of Faries and another CMC-1 Enchantment in play (you can't bounce the one you initiated the draw with, because it is on the stack and hasn't resolved yet). Mana left: 1 Blue and 1 Green. Now play the Cloud of Faeries and untap your Lands. Rinse and repeat. This cycle consumes exactly 5 mana, so when your have 2 Lands which make 6 or more mana alltogether, you can make infinite mana for the rest of the turn. You opponent has to bounce 2 Permanents on each cycle, so you can bounce all the opponents permanents with it.
    If you have more than 2 Enchantress's Effects you can draw your whole deck while comboing.

    You win with 1/1's and 2/2's beating your opponent to death. If you can make infinite mana AND draw your whole deck you can also Living Wish for Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, timewalk, and win faster. Be sure to replace your natural draw each turn with Words of Wind, when you have no cards in your library left!

    EDIT: Also, notice that you can bounce additional Enchantress's Effects, even when they have shroud, to reach the desired amount of Enchantress Effects in play (for example to save them from mass removal, which you expect your opponent to play next turn...)

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Allright, thanks guys! Now it is clear to me. Let's goldfish a bit more and get familiar with the deck and the combo

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Also, when you have no cards in your library, you can cast the 4 Green Sun's Zenith in your hand and fail to find so that you will always have 4 cards in your library.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    That little trick I knew from playing Elves! before. But it is something a lot of people forget.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Quote Originally Posted by tw0as View Post
    I'm gonna be playing UG Ench this weekend in a big tournament we got here in my city with duals and other staples as prizes. I took the SCG list and put the ItEoC and MBT in the sideboard replacing FOWs and Chill. I was thinking too, if we replace living wish maindeck we should change the wish targets in sb too right? I dont see myself taking away Gaddock Tegg or the Sliver, but Verduran and Emrakul kinda fall down of my sideboarding strategy if i cut the wish. My question is: ┐Wich changes would u do to the sideboard if u cut the wish?
    Curious to the results.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Well , here i come with my report on the tournament. 62 people i guess and 6 rounds to test the deck. My maindeck was the same 60 as Chrandersen but instead of Dryad Arbor i put Chrome Mox

    Round 1 vs Burn

    A bad matchup. G1 he mana screws on 1 mountain. I keep my 7 initials and combo in turn 4. G2 he starts very agro, i mulled to 5, i stabilize with Elephant Grass in 4 life, hes in topdeck mode and i need 1 turn to combo (i lack the untapped lands to do it this turn), he topdecks a firblast x_x. G3 i mulled to 4 and kept a very good 4 (fetch growth grass and argothian). He plays t1 raze on my enchanted land ... t2 he cast goblin guide and start the beatdown ... goblin guide reveals no land in 3 turns and i scoop ...

    Round 2 vs Dredge

    G1 he won the dice roll and combo off t0. G2 he combo off t1, i play elephant grass and start to estabilize the board looking for answers, next turn he drag till the last card of his library. That was Flayer of the Hatebound ... double dread return (flayer + golgari) and i'm dead.

    Round 3 vs Belcher

    G1 turn 0 combo. G2 i mulled to 3 to keep land, grass, mbt ... he start the combo, cast belcher i show mbt, he exiles the monkey and play red elemental blast ... the next turn he topdecks a LED u.u

    Round 4 vs Esper Stoneblade

    G1 he starts very agro with t2 SFM into batterskull. I play grass , enchantress, start to draw but started drawing lands ... GZA ... and faeries ... no enchantments. He won. G2 i combo in t6 after some FOWs and G3 he plays really slow and grab the tie on time ... i called a judge but the answer is "even if he plays fast u got not enough time" u.u

    Round 5 vs Sam Black Zombie List (dont know the real name of the deck)

    Not much to tell ... its a very easy matchup ... Elephant Grass and the enchantments destroyers do everything.

    Round 6 vs Goblins

    The same as above ... elephant grass gives us all the time we want.

    2 - 3 - 1 Final.

    Overall i must say that i wasnt having my best day (personal troubles attacked trough my cellphone all day long), but the bad luck did her part... the 3 matchs i lost i only kept the initial 7 once, then it was 1 mull to 6, 3 mull to 5, 1 mull to 4 and 1 mull to 3 ... the deck works really well when it want to xD

    On decklists, i think Chrandersen maindeck is the most solid one ... Mindbreak Trap its not MB material i think , and the Mox its a cute thing , but not superior to the ability of ramp trough GSZ, so Cuneo's maindeck its not superior to chandersen's (in my opinion). Sideboard its another thing, its more a meta call ...

    Sry the vague report but i'm kinda new in this Report thing , and as i said before , i had my mind in other place the day of the tournament.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Maybe you mulled too fast? What hands do you think are not keepable? I generally mull only if I don't have a basic forest and no growth effect. And I consider GSZ on T1 as a growth effect since it advances my boardstate. And not to forget that sometimes doing that play makes your opponent guess that you're on Maverick.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Just recently picked this deck up and I was wondering if Energy Field + Wheel of Sun Moon would be a good addition to MB/SB?

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Quote Originally Posted by wasteoftime View Post
    Just recently picked this deck up and I was wondering if Energy Field + Wheel of Sun Moon would be a good addition to MB/SB?
    Wheel of Sun and Moon might be a good sideboard card replacing tormods crypt ( it was included in gainsays decklist) in particular if you dont run living wish. Otherwise you lose access to scavening ooze.
    I would say, that you might play energy field if you espect some burn in your meta.
    But in general energy field (or the combo of these two cards) helps vs creature/aggro decks, which are generally already the best matchup you can hope for. Even if you feel like adding more creature hate, you would have to play of wheel of sun and moon first (land destruction, fetching etc), which means turn 2. In turn 3 you can put down energy field, which might be to late anyway. Besides that, you delay your enchantress by at least 1 turn. I would add the safer options of propaganda or engineered plague (with 1 bayou MB). The later would also deal with the uncommon (?) alluren combo decks.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Just a quick update to let you guys know what I've been doing with this deck.

    It didn't end up looking like much, because I spent some time testing out 3 Exploration and an extra Forest in the maindeck slots for Carpet of Flowers, Seal of Primordium and Mindbreak Trap/Living Wish/whatever. The theory came when I re-watched some video of Bob Maher and Gabriel Nassif in the old Extended back in 2003. Bob was playing Tinker and Nassif was playing Enchantress. What struck me was, even though this was a fairly poor matchup for Nassif, having Exploration in the deck really helped get you some additional acceleration that would be live both in your good matchups (anyone with Islands) and your poorer ones (Burn, Pox, Show and Tell). Not as explosive, but still good enough. And it kind of worked. In testing though, it didn't appreciably speed up the deck's fundamental turn. It was 4-5 with Carpet of Flowers and a Seal of Primordium, and it was still 4-5 with Exploration. The difference of course comes when you're playing against a deck that plays a lot of Islands, where Carpet of Flowers either makes you a turn faster, or else it negates Daze and Spell Pierce. In some matchups, High Tide in particular, that's just something that Exploration can't do and that we need done. And even though it was just one more land and made no impact on the number of Enchantments in the deck, I wasn't crazy about the way that having Exploration in the deck made the deck play. It would get you to two Mana before making a land drop on turn 2 pretty much every game, but you would almost never get to 4 Mana on turn 3, which meant it didn't really do any meaningful acceleration. Maybe I needed a 22nd land like Nassif's deck, but then I can't believe that there's a huge difference between 21 and 22 lands in making Exploration an effective card.

    What it did lead me to test is moving the third Carpet of Flowers to the main deck and putting the Seal of Primordium in the sideboard. I'm not sure that there are any artifacts and/or enchantments that we care about game one, which means that it might just be better to be as fast as possible the first game and board accordingly for games 2 and 3. It's a very slight change that honestly probably is wrong, just given the fact that you draw your whole deck if you win, meaning that having access to Seal is probably just correct, but it's in testing. A lot of the work I've put in has been in the sideboard, and I'm excited to probably take this deck to GP Denver.

    What would be interesting is if Chrandersen (or anyone) could give us some sort of a matchup rundown. Just basically, what's good, what's bad, what's even. I know what I've experienced with my testing but it would be interesting to hear some other views. I'm not really interested in what would be good or bad in theory, but rather with what testing has shown to be good or bad.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    So I recently acquired the cards for this deck after seeing Gainsay's list from MOCS. Will be flying to Sydney for a big Legacy event during January so hopefully I can get enough practice by then to consider playing this deck. Anyway this is my list (very generic):
    4 Cloud of Faeries
    4 Argothian Enchantress
    2 Eternal Witness

    4 Elephant Grass
    4 Utopia's Sprawl
    4 Wild Growth
    4 Seal of Removal
    4 Enchantress's Presence
    2 Carpet of Flowers
    2 Words of Wind
    1 Seal of Primordium

    4 Green Sun's Zenith
    1 Living Wish

    4 Misty Rainforest
    3 Verdant Catacombs
    2 Tropical Island
    1 Dryard Arbor
    1 Savannah
    7 Forest
    2 Island

    4 Flusterstorm
    2 Meekstone
    2 Seal of Primordium
    1 Carpet of Flowers
    1 Gaddock Teeg
    1 Scavenging Ooze
    1 Harmonic Sliver
    1 Krosan Grip
    1 Sphere of Safety
    1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

    Thoughts? I think in sideboard maybe I want a 5th Combo-Hate spell (maybe MBT or In the Eye of Chaos). I also cut Verduran Enchantress/Jace but I'm not sure if that's correct. I do like Sphere of Safety more then Dueling Grounds and I do think Flusterstorm is the best combo-hate.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    If you're running Living Wish, you should absolutely be playing with a Verduran Enchantress in the sideboard. Otherwise, you lose most of the utility of having a Living Wish and it would probably be better served as something else.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Quote Originally Posted by benthetenor View Post
    If you're running Living Wish, you should absolutely be playing with a Verduran Enchantress in the sideboard. Otherwise, you lose most of the utility of having a Living Wish and it would probably be better served as something else.
    Hmmm, what should I cut from my sideboard?

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    I mean, there are endless ways to build a sideboard, but you could probably trim a Seal of Primordium. It does seem that if you have a Seal of Primordium main, you probably don't also need 2 in the SB, along with Krosan Grip and Harmonic Sliver.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    tw0as - why did you cut arbor for mox?

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Quote Originally Posted by r3dd09 View Post
    tw0as - why did you cut arbor for mox?
    Primarily raw potential ... having it on the opening hand gives you amazing posibilities, i recognize de ability of "fetching" arbor trough GSZ but the card is weaker "per se". And the second reason is because being a 0 cost permanent gives you the chance to have 3 enchantress effects to trigger with words of winds, wich accelerates the entire combo, and the turns that follows u can just use your draw phase to trigger WoW returning mox and keep beating with your 1/1 faerie (if your opponent doesnt concede).

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Took UG Enchantress with to a 33 man tournament yesterday, and had a lot of bad luck :)
    Ended up going 1-5, the 1 being a bye. Worst ending in a really long time :D
    Anyways, I lost every die roll in the 5 rounds I played which didn't help me much either.

    Round 1: against UG Enchantress 1-2
    Yep, I get paired round one against somebody playing the same deck. Not sure if he is on these forums, but we were facing each other round one and I drew very poorly in game 1 and 3.

    Round 2: Belcher 0-2
    Game 1 I can't off off quick enough, and he just goes off turn 3-4
    Game 2 he goes off turn 1 after probing and seeing no Flusterstorm or Mindbreak Trap.

    Round 3: Mono green elves w/o heritage druid 0-2
    Even without the druids, she still manages to combo out turn 3 twice. I played elves for a long time, and telling by her draws must say she had some pretty nutty hands there.. Especially without Heritage Druid.

    Round 4: U/R Delver 0-2
    game 1: Every turn burn and a duo of Lavamancers see to it that I die.
    game 2: Turn 1 delver that flips turn 3 + burn repeat game 1.

    Round 5: Bye
    I go get myself a Duvel (awesome beer) and watch somebody throw a game away in League of Legends downstairs. Hilarious.

    Round 6: U/G/b Madness 1-2
    game 1 I have to work too hard to avoid death from 4/3 hasty plants.
    game 2 Elephant grass stalls me enough time to combo out, but I must say this wasn't easy.
    game 3: I have to try and combo out before an army of Putrid Imp, duo Vengies, and a rootwalla come banging me to zero, and I brick. My Elephant Grass gets Krosan Grip'ed and I shake hands.

    I gotta say, I had very weird draws, had to mull a lot, and not being able to start didn't help me much this tournament. Also, against these kind of decks I don't think our deck is well positioned. I didn't see Miracles, I didn't see Maverick, I didn't see Stoneblade.
    I'm not sure, maybe I was just very unlucky, but I won't be taking this to my next tournament I'm afraid. Feels way to random in my opinion.

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    Re: U/G Enchantress

    Quote Originally Posted by TraxDaMax View Post
    Took UG Enchantress with to a 33 man tournament yesterday, and had a lot of bad luck :)
    Round 1: against UG Enchantress 1-2
    Yep, I get paired round one against somebody playing the same deck. Not sure if he is on these forums, but we were facing each other round one and I drew very poorly in game 1 and 3.
    Jup, I"m on this forum too.

    Same tournament as Trax. I ended up 3-3. Basic list with 2 ItEoC along with 3 Abrupt Decay in the side.
    R1: Mirror 2-1
    R2: Elves! 0-2 A very bad MU and I couldn't do much. He combo'ed on T3 both games.
    R3: standstill concotion 2-0 He doesn't know the deck (neither his nor mine) and I combo easily T5 & T6.
    R4: Burn 0-2 Yihaaa, another combodeck to face. G2 I have WoW in my opener and start bouncing his singleton land every turn. Unfortunatly he has a burnspells galore and I die in a pretty fast way.
    R5: Belcher 1-2 Double the fun again! G1 he combos T1 but miscounts and never gets back in the game. G2 he combos T2 into belcher. G3 combo T1. Belcher, what do you do against it...
    R6: Junk 2-0 Decks with a normal gameplan don't give this deck much of a problem.

    As long as we don't find a good answer against combo I don't think this deck can perform on the top levels in our meta. But it is a blast to play and I will continue to play it!

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