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Cool looking Karn list! I think if you are playing Astrolabe (and it doesn't get banned eventually...) then the 2nd color is basically 'free'. Also, don't forget Liquimetal Coating in your Karn-board!

I think I am missing a key ingredient in my list, something that makes Ghost Quarter better than Rishadan Port: Ashiok, Dream Render. I think this is going to be very, very good at denying fetchland activations and controlling top-decks. I think before even the 5th mill-rock there needs to be 2-3 copies of this card. It means I want Dark Ritual again, which is fine because I'm thinking this will only be a 20-22 land deck. I'll start with 1 copy and go from there.

Ashiok I think will be pretty good at gluing a couple of these synergies together.

Honestly not sure if there's anything in the main I'd want to cut to splash something in, maybe Ancient Stirrings or Whir could be nice 1-2ofs (could replace Symmetry if I find it isn't live enough). It does give me a bit more flexibility with the sb. And yeah, hopefully 'Labe gets hit next list, but that won't be for a while(?) so might as well play around with it while I can.

Ashiok does look very strong, I completely forgot about him. I might actually just have to cut 'Labe to make room for all this goodstuff lol. Not sure how he makes Ghost Quarter better than Rishadan though.