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Thread: [Primer/Deck] Burn

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    Re: [Primer/Deck] Burn

    Quote Originally Posted by Ox411 View Post
    has anyone found anything good to do with iona shield of emeria?

    after shes cast.

    some kind of colorless spell? or an effective way to splash something with the sideboard?

    i hate that card so much.

    goblin recruiter is too powerful to be allowed, but iona is just fine?
    Hmm... So, reanimator (only deck I know that has Iona), is just a bad matchup. Typically you want to stop or win before Iona, Shield of Emeria comes into play, there's not really a way to answer that deck once Iona or Griselbrand comes into play. Grim Lavamancer I've felt is pretty effective against Iona if you've had enough early game pressure being able to just start flinging your graveyard at face to finish them off.

    If you're looking for specific splashes, I saw someone recommend Path to Exile, I kind of like Chained to the Rocks since it can hit Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, which Show and Tell is a pretty bad matchup as well. Some folks have found success with 4 Karakas in the side or Leyline of the Void.

    The thing with Burn is that you just have a bunch of matchups you realistically can't beat without specifically packing hate for it, and even with the hate pieces, it's still a really bad matchup. Depending on your meta it could make sense or might not make sense to pack the sideboard hate, I tend to be on the side of just accepting that some matchups aren't worth worrying about (unless it's your weekly local meta, then definitely pack the hate).
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    Re: [Primer/Deck] Burn

    I'm considering playing the deck for a big upcoming tournament (MKM Paris) - not a budget choice as I do have other decks available, but a meta choice - no slot in the 75 dedicated to the unwinnable S&T/Depths/Belcher-esque MUs, let's just pray & dodge them.
    I'm playing a MD that I want to be redundant (no weird 1-ofs here and there) : 19 lands, 12 creatures (0 Lavamancer), 4 Pop/3 FB, 20 Bolts, 2 Vortices. No Light Up the Stage, i'm really not fond of the card.

    I, however, kind of fail to design a sideboard that's designed to beat especially what I think will be prevalent - i.e. Stoneforge / Karn-Lattice.dec without feeling that I'm overboarding in some MUs.

    - I know that I want 4 graveyard-hates at least. I'm reluctant about the black Leylines, they're the basic expected grave-hate and, for instance, Reanimator will always side Reverent Silence in. I'm considering a 3/1 Surgical/Macabre split, for the 3 Surgical also come in handy vs. Loam strategies, despite being admittedly a "softer" hate.
    - I think I want 4 copies of Smash.
    - I want some number of Exquisite Firecraft, 2-3 seems correct. This card exactly does what I want it to do : beat blue, fair decks. It's also an okay card to side in in MUs where you have dead cards (like the mirror) because, well, it's damage to the face at least.
    - I'm on the fence about Ensnaring Bridge. Siding it in vs cheat-a-dumb-fatty.dec (Sneak, DD) is okayish but won't magically make those good MUs. It's a good card vs. TNN, BSkull, Angler, Eldrazis. I'm wondering whether siding them in vs. UW Stoneblade is a sound choice (keeps TNN/Skull at bay), because in that precise MU I already want 4 Smash and the Exquisites, and I don't have a lot of things to sideboard out - Price of Progress, Goblin Guide on the draw (?). Isn't Ensnaring Bridge "too much" in a SB that's already deep in fighting fair decks?
    - Last cards that round out my SB are 2 copies of Pyrostatic Pillar. I think those are good and here to stay.

    So, to put it shortly, whenever I'm playing Ensnaring Bridge I feel that I have too many cards to side in. Does anyone have a proper sideboarding table - even with a slightly different 75, the idea is rather to see the rationale behind the ins and outs in every MU.
    If not Bridge, what would you see in the sideboard instead ? Not fond of the idea of splashing, I think this comes at too high of a cost - I want Wasteland to read "nonbasic Wastes" and Stifle to read "uh, this could counter a Rift Bolt or a Sulfuric Vortex trigger, why am I playing this shit already" (no interest in playing fetches, I play 0 Lavamancer, 0 Searing Blaze and it's been mathematically proven that the "thinning" is negligible). I also don't like Pyroblast - that's not a card Burn should play. I also have no interest in playing Alpine Moon or *cough cough* Island of Wak-Wak.

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    Re: [Primer/Deck] Burn

    I play a very similar deck to the one listed in the last post.
    - i play 4 luts, and 16 bolts.
    - I play 3 pop, and 4 fireblast.

    We could debate these differences forever, I suspect...

    But sideboards...

    My side is:
    3 graffdiggers cage
    3 ensnaring bridge
    3 smash
    1 vortex
    2 pillars
    3 "something else" right now its volcanic fallout.

    If I'm siding in the cage, I probably lost the first game. So I'm on the play and i mull to the cage, and win. Or i dont get it and loose.

    The bridge is helpful a lot. Reanimation, show and tell sometimes, elderazi, it even helps against small creature decks sometimes, theres lots of games I have 0 cards in hand.

    Smashes are great, sometimes I play with 4 in the side and take out the vortex...

    Vortexes are great. Life gain is such a pain in the ass. Think about it, if EVERY deck you played against Somehow got 25 or 30 life, racing gets so tough. And it helps in long games, or games you cant attack in. My 2 main deck ones are here to stay,but sometimes I think the 3rd is overkill and take it out for the 4th smash.

    If I could play more eidolons I would. Not having a body makes the pillars less attractive so I don't main deck any, but it so effective against a lot of decks to have the extra. Blue decks, elves, monks....

    The something else cards.....I play almost exclusively online. Right now I'm seeing a ton of elves and something with zillions of white monks....the volcanic fallouts are what I like right now.

    The only deck I play against that I feel like is an almost sure loss is dark depths. Occasionally the bridge helps with that, but mostly not. I might get lucky and double fireblast early to win, but mostly not. Occasionally I've put 3 wasteland in my "something else" sideboard slot...they didnt help that much either...if I spend a day playing online,
    I'm sure to play against dark depths 2 or 3 times out of 10. So .I am looking for ideas in this matchup, I might dedicate 3 sb slots to it, if the cards have some use in at least a few other matchups.

    Good one about alpine Moon and island of wak wak ...

    I'd like to hear other peoples side boarding strategies as well.

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    Re: [Primer/Deck] Burn

    New leyline is pretty good. Not sure if it helps bad matchups but might make some matchups even better. Certainly helps the storm matchup, especially paired with eidolon. If it can deal 4 damage a game or more it should probably have some consideration.

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