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has anyone found anything good to do with iona shield of emeria?

after shes cast.

some kind of colorless spell? or an effective way to splash something with the sideboard?

i hate that card so much.

goblin recruiter is too powerful to be allowed, but iona is just fine?
Hmm... So, reanimator (only deck I know that has Iona), is just a bad matchup. Typically you want to stop or win before Iona, Shield of Emeria comes into play, there's not really a way to answer that deck once Iona or Griselbrand comes into play. Grim Lavamancer I've felt is pretty effective against Iona if you've had enough early game pressure being able to just start flinging your graveyard at face to finish them off.

If you're looking for specific splashes, I saw someone recommend Path to Exile, I kind of like Chained to the Rocks since it can hit Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, which Show and Tell is a pretty bad matchup as well. Some folks have found success with 4 Karakas in the side or Leyline of the Void.

The thing with Burn is that you just have a bunch of matchups you realistically can't beat without specifically packing hate for it, and even with the hate pieces, it's still a really bad matchup. Depending on your meta it could make sense or might not make sense to pack the sideboard hate, I tend to be on the side of just accepting that some matchups aren't worth worrying about (unless it's your weekly local meta, then definitely pack the hate).