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Thread: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Playmats

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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Playmats


    I'd just like everyone to know that the staff has come to a decision regarding the creation of playmats. Unfortunately we can't ideally replicate the original playmats nor can we make everyone happy, but we've come to what we believe is the most logical decision. Before I do, on behalf of the entire staff I'd like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and interest in the site, it really speaks volumes about the community and its strength. And to those who've designed and drafted things, they look great and you've done a good job. That said here is our official stance on the matter:

    We will allow the creation of playmats (and other related products) by anyone, so long as it's for personal use only. We encourage it! The name and logo may be used freely. However let it be known that any products created in this manner are considered "unofficial" and hold no affiliation to this website.

    If you'd like to make something using the name and/or logo, contact an administrator (either Zilla or myself) beforehand so we are aware of it, and then show us the finished product prior to distribution for approval. 99% of things will likely be approved, we just want to ensure nothing is going out with our name that is either inappropriate or could potentially cause an issue, even if it is unofficial.

    The sale of any unofficial products with either the name or logo is prohibited. This will not be tolerated.

    Any unofficial products created with the name and/or logo may NOT be used in conjunction with any copy-written art, WotC or other, out of respect for their intellectual property. Anyone who violates this does so at their own risk of legal action. Please stick to using either free art, or get creative and make original designs and art yourself. We will note that artistic depictions of copy-written art are acceptable so long as they are original and not simply alterations over existing art.

    No additional copies of the original playmat will be made (due to copyright reasons). As cool as they are, they won't be made again, so please stop asking about them. However, we have discussed creating our own "official" playmats that may resemble them. The possibility is there for official playmats (and other site-related merchandise) so that option is always available, , but nothing is scheduled at this time.

    Again a big thanks to everyone in the community for your support and desire to see these types of projects happen. And if you have any questions regarding this or anything else please don't hesitate to ask.

    Thank you,

    The Staff
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