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Thread: List of Stores that Support Legacy

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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    Austria: Magic Corner ( ) and SpielRaum Wien ( ). Both offer weekly Legacy tournaments and SpielRaum has monthly Legacy FNMs and is one of the organizers of the Austrian Championship, which is a Legacy circuit with one qualifier tournament a month where you can qualify for the finals.

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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    NexGen comics in Pelham New Hampshire runs proxy legacy events every Monday at 7pm. Generally gets 8-12 people. It's about a 10 minute drive Umass Lowell.

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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    Ready.Set.Game. in satellite Beach Florida.

    Runs monthly Legacy with turnouts of 18-25 people usually (10 proxies allowed).

    Most weekends you can go into the shop and there is always 3-4 people jamming legacy games.

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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    Mill Geek Comics in Washington State is running weekly Legacy events again starting Monday 11/06/2017.
    Edit to add, weekly events will start at 7pm.

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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    Yokohama Sinjintei holds Legacy FNM, Wednesday night Legacy and a Legacy tournament every weekend on Saturday or Sunday.
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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    Somerville, MA - Comicazi
    7pm every Friday night. $5 Unsanctioned. Proxies allowed. Match wins at the end of the night result in number of boosters you win. If you have a 2-1 record, you get to pick any 2 non-Masters packs

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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    For Chicago area.

    Card market closed down.

    Gaming goat oak Park has fnm weeklies.

    Evanston games and cafe does Wednesdays.

    Gamestorm is Tuesdays not Thurs.

    NRG does Thursdays.

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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    In SC, USA:

    Firefly Toys and Games has been running Monthly Legacy Tournaments for a little while now.

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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    Update for Gamer's Guild in Boulder, Colorado- due to the Mondays firing at the other place, Gamer's Guild has moved their event to Tuesday.

    And I'd like to add a listing for Seoul, South Korea. The store name is Rolling Dice, it's in Hongdae, Seoul, and fires every monday night at 7:50pm.

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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    Updating the list with regards to Pittsburgh:

    Sports Cards Etc., formerly located in Uniontown, has relocated to Canonsburg, Pa, about 45 minutes south of Pittsburgh. Also, Taitan Game Shop, ( located near Aliquippa, PA, also supports large legacy events, on occasion.

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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    In the Czech Republic - Prague:

    Najáda (

    Regular Legacy tournaments twice a week - on Mondays and on Wednesdays.

    Also small regular All-common Legacy tournaments on Mondays.

    Plus also a weekend tournaments (all-common Legacy/ "classic" Legacy) take place once in a while (always announced in advance on the website)

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    Re: List of Stores that Support Legacy

    Axion Now - Chesham, near London, UK - Weds night Legacy every week
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