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Thread: Prague Eternal 2014 - vol. 2 - 7. - 9. 11. 2014

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    Prague Eternal 2014 - vol. 2 - 7. - 9. 11. 2014

    Dear players,

    Based on the success of the previous Prague Eternal, we have decided not to run it 1x year, but 2x year. That is why I am proud to announce you:

    PRAGUE ETERNAL 2014 – vol. 2
    7. + 8. + 9. November 2014

    Here is some basic information:

    Air conditioned venue.
    Better start of tournaments.
    Higher entry fee = better prices.
    Better choice of formats = true eternal all the weekend.
    Better information source.
    Artist at the venue = Sandreline is coming.

    Soon we will have web running. There you will get more information on one place so you can easily find them.

    Draw/Play rule will be applied for all Top 8 rounds based on the standings after Swiss rounds.

    Based on the attendance of all trial tournaments, we will decide, with how many byes will be the winner awarded. For sure at least one, but maybe two.

    Side events will be run all day long. There will be enough judges and place for them.

    Prices will be announced soon and will be guaranteed regardless of the attendance.

    Prague Eternal tournament is a part of Czech Vintage and Legacy Series. Points will be counted based on the attendance of Czech/Slovak players and will be applied to the rankings.

    Magic Card Market is supporting us !!!

    We are proud to announce, that the biggest online marketplace is supporting us in form of credit and other benefits for players.

    SANDRELINE - artist of alternatinos of MtG cards:

    Sandreline will have private sessions. She will have time just for you. If you are interested, send me email to get more informations.


    Besides Sandreline, we will have our BEST CZECH ALRTERER:


    Check his web:

    His alters are the smoothest ones I have ever seen. He is incredibly precise !!!

    He will have his cards for sale + will take commisions.


    Centrum pohybove mediciny
    Pyselska 4
    Praha 11


    Parking there is free of charge.


    I have managed the following conditions with the Hotel Chodov.

    17 rooms (2 - 3 beds/room) are booked under the code MAGIC
    Reservation expires on 24.10.2014

    4x SUPERIOR ROOM including breakfast
    If occupied by 2 persons = 52 EUR/room/night (26 EUR/person)
    If occupied by 3 persons = 68 EUR/room/night (22,60 EUR/person)

    13x BUDGET ROOM including brakfast
    If occupied by 2 persons = 39 EUR/room/night (19,50 EUR/person)
    If occupied by 3 persons = 49 EUR/room/night (16,50 EUR/person)

    Orders JUST PER EMAIL at


    with password MAGIC.

    WiFi is free of charge.
    Parking is free of charge.
    Site is about 10 min. of walk.

    If you have alrady booked your rooms there, you can send them email with the code MAGIC and the discount will be applied.



    First you have to take bus nr. 197 and drive to Chodov, that is 3 bus stops far from the site/hotel. The bus stops at Metro station and at the shopping mall Chodov.

    Than you have to take the metro from Chodov to Muzeum. It is about 8 stations. Now you are in the city center.

    From hotel/site to shopping mall it is about 10 - 15 minutes.
    From hotel/site to the city center it is about 30 - 45 minutes.

    Price for the bus+metro is for 1,20 EUR and you can buy it at the Hotel Chodov, where is the recomanded accomodations.

    Hope this was helpfull :-)


    If you want to preregister for the best Prague Eternal weekend, you can make it via email


    In the email, please note:

    Your name
    DCI Number
    Tournaments you want to play
    If you have some BYE

    Your preregistration will help me to make the tournament better.

    Thank you very much


    Friday – 07.11.2014

    Legacy trial for Saturday
    12:00 registration, 13:00 start of tournament
    X+1 turn – no Top 8
    25 EUR

    1. 2x Imperial Recruiter P3K JAP + Bye for Saturday Legacy event
    2. 2x Tropical Island
    3. set Savannah
    4. set Liliana of the Veil
    5. Tundra
    6. 2x Force of Will
    7. Gaea´s Cradle
    8. 2x Wasteland
    9. Plateau
    10. Plateau
    11. Plateau
    12. Plateau

    Saturday – 08.11.2014

    Legacy main event
    09:00 registration, 10:00 start of tournament
    Swiss round and Top 8
    35 EUR

    1. one of each Revised DUAL Land + Tabernacle at Pandrell Vale Eng.
    2. set Underground Sea + Karakas JR
    3. set Tarmogoyf FS
    4. set Show and Tell JR + set Flusterstorm JR
    5. set Vendillion Clique MOR
    6. set Force of Will
    7. set Wasteland
    8. set Scalding Tarn
    9. Revised Tundra
    10. set Geist of Saint Traft WMCQ promo
    11. set True Name Nemesis
    12. set Mox Diamond
    13. Jace, the Mind Sculptor WWK
    14. Jace, the Mind Sculptor WWK
    15. City of Traitors JAP
    16. City of Traitors JAP
    17.-20. 2x Polluted Delta KtK
    21.-24. 2x Flooded Strand KtK

    Vintage trial for Sunday
    13:00 registration, 14:00 start of tournament
    Swiss round and Top 8
    25 EUR

    1. 2x Scrubland + Bye for Sunday Vintage event
    2. 2x Vendillion Clique MM
    3. set Windswept Heath ONSL
    4. Liliana of the Veil
    5. Crucible of Worlds JR
    6. Crucible of Worlds JR
    7. Snapcaster Mage
    8. Snapcaster Mage

    Sunday – 09.11.2014

    Legacy trial for Prague Eternal 2015
    09:00 registration, 10:00 start of tournament
    Swiss round and Top 8
    35 EUR

    1. set Volcanic Island + Bye for main Legacy event Prague Eternal 2015
    2. 2x Underground Sea
    3. set Scrubland
    4. set Taiga
    5. Imperial Recruiter P3K Chin.
    6. set Force Of Will
    7. Tundra
    8. 2x Show and Tell JR + set Omniscience
    9. Karakas JR
    10. set Horizon Canopy
    11. set Cavern of Souls
    12. one of each Fetch Land KtK
    13. Savannah
    14. Scrubland
    15. Taiga
    16. set Council´s Judgment + Batterskull GP Promo FOIL

    Vintage main (trial for Prague Eternal 2015)
    09:00 registration, 10:00 start of tournament
    Swiss round and Top 8
    35 EUR

    1. Time Walk + Bye for main Vintage event Prague Eternal 2015
    2. Bazaar of Baghdad
    3. Library of Alexandria
    4. Dark Confidant
    5. Mana Crypt FR BB
    6. Jace, the Mind Sculptor FTV
    7. 2x Snapcaster Mage
    8. 2x Snapcaster Mage


    If you want to make a trial, here are the conditions:


    8 - 32 players - 1st - 2x Bye
    33 - 64 players - 1st - 2x bye and 2nd - 1x Bye
    65 - ?? players - 1st - 2x Bye and 2nd + 3rd + 4th - 1x Bye.

    1 st. - 1x Bye

    2. Tournament has to have at least 8 players. Vintage trial can have PROX cards.

    3. One TO can make just one trial.

    4. Trials has to be announced till 15.09.2014, but can be held later. In case you will not be sure till 15.09.2014, let me know at email We will find solution.

    5. Announce the trials with tournament number, web about the tournament, place and date at email

    If you have ANY questions, let me know here or at PRAGUE.ETERNAL@EMAIL.CZ

    Looking forward to see you.
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    Re: Prague Eternal 2014 - vol. 2 - 7. - 9. 11. 2014

    This time I'll make it! Initiated two trials in Austria already, can't wait to go there! Who of you will I be seeing there?

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    Re: Prague Eternal 2014 - vol. 2 - 7. - 9. 11. 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Einherjer View Post
    Who of you will I be seeing there?
    Definitely not me, I got a weekend shift again.

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    Re: Prague Eternal 2014 - vol. 2 - 7. - 9. 11. 2014

    and when is Vintage Main? I guess it's mislabeled as trial on Sunday right?

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    Re: Prague Eternal 2014 - vol. 2 - 7. - 9. 11. 2014


    I have changed names of the tournaments for better understanding :-)


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    Re: Prague Eternal 2014 - vol. 2 - 7. - 9. 11. 2014

    Pretty obvious that Team Rugstar will be trying to take it down again.
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