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Thread: [Deck] Turbo Depths

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    Re: [Deck] Turbo Depths

    Three different versions of Depths recently top 8'ed a Legacy League, with local hero Mzfroste taking 1st place. Mox version w/Reclaimers in 1st, Maverick-ey version in 3rd (Sharkcaster Mage) and Hogaak Depths in 8th (NonsonosaN.)

    I feel that Reclaimer has a place in any Depths list, honestly. It's a little slower but the same overall mana investment as Expedition Map while providing a repeatable effect and alternative 3/4 beatstick. I think it will be come a staple in any/all Depths lists. I'm currently on 3 copies, debating a 4th, in a Lotus Petal/ESG setup. The slots it would have to take up are Sylvan Scrying, which is more efficient but less flexible.
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    Re: [Deck] Turbo Depths

    I love how much brewing there is going on with Depths right now thanks to Hogaak and W6.

    This list is pretty fun to play: Mengucci streamed a similar list recently and it feels like Hogaak and Depths are a really amazing 1-2 punch insofar as your opponent has to deal with two kill conditions. It crushed a bunch of fair blue decks.

    Now I'm wondering if there's a way to make this a Jund list to fit in a few copies of W6. Something like -1 Therapy, -1 Thoughtsieze, -1 Hexmage, -1 Garden, +3 W6, +1 Taiga. W6 is so busted with Mox Diamond and Wasteland but the issue is its such a tight list and everything plays a critical role so the answer might be its not worth it.

    The list could also potentially benefit from a copy or two of Loam and some cycling lands. Sylvan Library is another card that should probably at least be one of in the 75.

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