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Thread: [Deck] Rainbow Sherbet (or 5-color snow)

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    [Deck] Rainbow Sherbet (or 5-color snow)

    So, kind of hilariously, the Snow deck actually appears to be viable in Modern. I've been beating up people with the meme in the MTGO practice room, which i'd say is roughly equivalent to a random FNM? An even mix of tier and jank basically.

    The big things this deck has going for it is that Dead of Winter is basically a three mana Plague Wind, Stalking Yeti beats humans by himself, and Abominable Treefolk is generally a 1 or 2 attack kill.

    Why is such a silly meme deck good? Well, it all starts with the manabase. Prismatic Vista, Into the North, and Arcum's Astrolabe mean that with five basics, you start with 13 sources of each color. That's a lot. The second thing that really powers this deck is the draw engine. Marit Lage means you always hit on Scrying Sheets - which you can find with Into the North, and Glacial Revelation will often draw 4+ cards for only three mana. Early game is covered by Arcum, Ice Hide Golem and Ice Fang Coatl, which provide early cantrips and offense/defense. Finally, the removal suite is really strong with Skred, Dead of Winter, and Stalking Yeti solving most problems presented by creature based attacks.

    The deck is by no means perfect, little graveyard interaction, weakness to combo/non-interactive strategies, and no lifegain are all issues, and you can only get away from the Snow theme so far before it loses all value. The main things this deck wants that it can't get from Snow cards are: lifegain, graveyard hate, combo hate, a way to give Marit Lage tokens haste and trample.

    This is where the list is now, it's a fun midrange deck with potential:

    Creatures - 13
    2x Icehide Golem
    4x Ice-Fang Coatl
    4x Abominable Treefolk
    3x Stalking Yeti
    1x Adarkar Valkyrie

    Instants - 4
    4x Skred

    Sorceries - 7
    4x Dead of Winter
    4x Into the North
    3x Glacial Revelation

    Enchantments/Artifacts - 7
    4x Arcum's Astrolabe
    3x Marit-Lage's Slumber

    Lands - 24
    4x Prismatic Vista
    4x Highland Weald
    1x Boreal Shelf
    1x Arctic Flats
    1x Frost Marsh
    1x Tresserhorn Sinks
    4x Scrying Sheets
    2x Mouth of Ronom
    2x Snow-Covered Forest
    1x Snow-Covered Island
    1x Snow-Covered Plains
    1x Snow-Covered Swamp
    1x Snow-Covered Mountain

    4x Damping Sphere
    4x Rest in Peace
    4x Weather the Storm
    3x Force of Vigor

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    Re: [Deck] Rainbow Sherbet (or 5-color snow)

    I don't like how skewed Sam's deck is to incorporate 1 Niv Mizzet but I also think that your version is playing too many weak snow cards basically just to enable Scrying Sheets and Glacial Revelation

    I think your deck is way overskewed to beat creatures with 4x snow Mutilate 4x Skred 4x Coatl 3x Yeti and no counterspells or discard or any other kind of disruption except creature removal

    I tried to incorporate the multicolour snow package (mostly for icefang) with the BTL / Demonic Pact shell I had from a while ago

    4 Arcum's Astrolabe
    23 Land

    4 Ice-Fang Coatl
    1 God-Eternal Kefnet
    1 Eternal Witness

    4 Demonic Pact

    1 Pulse of Murasa
    4 Cryptic Command
    1 Gifts Ungiven
    1 Assassin's Trophy
    1 Abrupt Decay
    1 Fatal Push

    1 Dead of Winter
    4 Thoughtseize
    1 Regrowth OR Snapcaster
    1 Harmless Offering
    2 Spring // Mind
    1 Maelstrom Pulse
    4 Bring to Light

    Maybe cryptic in this deck is just wrong and it should commit more to the tap-out plan.
    Good to see some other interesting ideas around.

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