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Thread: [Primer] +Manaless Dredge+

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    Re: [Primer] +Manaless Dredge+

    Quote Originally Posted by Echelon View Post
    Haven't tried it yet. You are right in that it makes your openers a lot better and makes for more keepable hands. It's just that it's live only 40% of the time. The other 60% of the time it does nothing.
    It's still a creature for Nether Shadow and Golgari Gravetroll if nothing else, it seems more impactful than Chancellor of the Annex right now.

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    Re: [Primer] +Manaless Dredge+

    Sure, but those few more creatures typically don't really matter too much. Especially in case of the Troll, since it usually comes down for well over 30/40+.

    It might provide more value than Chancellor at the moment, especially for those that run FoW (ofcourse) but for a Balustrade Spy list (so no FoW anywhere in the 75) I'm unsure if it beats Chill. Will have to test it though, because I do like the idea!

    One thing that I just happen to think of though - wouldn't running 4 extra dredgers over the Sphinx have pretty much the same result, especially G1? I can imagine Sphinxes being a whole lot better in the SB games though, especially when you're sporting FoW. Dunno. Just something to ponder on.
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    Re: [Primer] +Manaless Dredge+

    Quote Originally Posted by Final Fortune View Post
    Anybody else running Sphinx of Foresight in the open slots instead of Creeping Chill, filtering for deeper and double dredgers as well as Narcomoebas and recurring creatures is an increase in both consistency and speed. Also keeping a no dredger but one Sphinx hand is really good for SBing out Shambling Shell for Force of Will as well as finding Faerie Macabre vs Reanimator.

    For Manaless it feels like a free Brainstorm, that is kind of ridiculous IMO.
    I think it seems an interesting idea (I'm always struggling to find some of my 15 dredgers in my opening hand, and finding SB options shouldn't be bad neither). The downsides are losing the Balustrade package (almost an auto-win vs Show and Tell if you have it in hand) and Creeping Chill, which has demonstrated itself super-useful vs Burn, Death's Shadow and even Reanimator when they are low on life after Reanimate some dude/Activate Griselbrand.

    Do you folks have any blue Sphinx list on mind?

    For the record, I played last Thursday in my LGS, no great results (1-1-2, I think it's the first time ever I had a negative outcome with this deck). I drew against an absolutely absurd amount of hate vs D&T (2xRelics + 1 CoP Black games 2 & 3 + Cage game 2, Surgical game 3 and whatnot; I was dead on board but he ran out of turns), won 2-0 vs Ninjas and lost against Slow Depths and Reanimator after dredging dreadfully in both matches (though I should have won against Reanimator if I had discarded an Ichorid from hand instead of my lone GGT in one of my EoTs; I was ultra-tilted after 4 straight games of variance being a b*tch and I didn't see the correct line of play). I probably won't be able to play the next two weeks, so next chance will be the Feb. 23 Catalan Legacy League.
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