Tales of Adventure is proud to announce our biggest series of Legacy events to date! 50,000 in total prizes from now until June! 5, $5,000 tournaments, and 10, $1,000 tournaments, culminating with the $15,000 Eternal Extravaganza 4.

$5,000 Series events pay out to the top 16 players and award 1 round byes to the top 4 for Eternal Extravaganza 4. Series events are scheduled near Baltimore MD, Richmond VA, Syracuse NY, Hartford CT, and Coopersburg PA.

$1,000 Series events pay out to the top 8 players and award a bye to the winner for Eternal Extravaganza 4. These events will take place monthly at Tales of Adventure (Coopesburg, PA) and The Only Game in Town (Somerville, NJ)

Eternal Extravaganza 4 is confirmed for June 18 and 19 at Merchants Square Mall in Allentown, PA. Relocating to this much larger space will allow the event to grow in coming years and provide better hotel accommodations to all players.

All prizes are in Tales of Adventure Store Credit, which can be used for any item in the store; Foreign Black Border Duals, High End Foils, Power 9, Sealed Product, Standard Staples and more! TOGIT $1,000 events will be prized out with TOGIT Store Credit.

Saturday, June 18th - Legacy Main Event
Registration: www.eemagic.com/preregister

$60 Entry
10 AM Player Meeting
Swiss rounds, cut to top 8

1st - 3400 CR
2nd - 2000 CR
3rd/4th - 1200 CR
5th-8th - 800 CR
9th-16th - 300 CR
17th-32nd - 150 CR

Sunday, June 19 - 5k Modern

Sunday, June 19 - 5k Vintage

All prizes are GUARANTEED