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Thread: [Deck/Primer] Countersliver (MeatHooks)

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    Re: [Deck/Primer] Countersliver (MeatHooks)

    Nobody saw this list?

    Any comments on the Sliver Legion? Don't know if it's good. Funny that he replaced the brainstorms by 3 STP + Harmonic Sliver. I can understand it, more than once, the brainstorm didn't really help me or just locked me.

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    Re: [Deck/Primer] Countersliver (MeatHooks)

    Sliver legion is a quite good 7/7 creature with coat of arms effect!!!! but I think it's just for fun, I wouldn't include it cause it's extremely difficult to be casted. Yeah, you have caverns and plenty of duals but I prefer keeping my lands untapped to be able to cast a fow to protect my slivers...

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    Re: [Deck/Primer] Countersliver (MeatHooks)

    Legion looks like a spicy secret tech here, rarely castable and rarely useful. Long game? a vial to blow to 5? 1 open mana of each color? In need of a blue card to pitch to fow? well, go on and play legion...

    The manabase of this list looks fine tho!
    Still not a fan of the 12 lord (+legion lol) package
    STP why not? but i would go for cantrips instead, even if sometimes it can indeed lock yourself
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    Re: [Deck/Primer] Countersliver (MeatHooks)

    Sliver Legion is interesting, I suppose; it seems like you would never actually cast it, but pushing Aether Vial up to 5 counters to sneak one in to break a board stall might be good.

    Seems a little win-more, though - I'm not really sure it's worth the room. Plus if I was going for one of the 5c sliver lords, I would go for Sliver Queen - pumping out additional dudes seems preferable to pumping existing ones. Legion requires you to have a board presence already, but Queen gives you one.
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