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Thread: [Podcast] "Humans of Magic" -- interviews with players about life & Magic.

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    [Podcast] "Humans of Magic" -- interviews with players about life & Magic.

    I'm excited to launch a brand new podcast that's been lurking in my head for awhile: Humans of Magic.


    The book! (COMING SOON)


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    Dan Signorini. The People's Champ. Creator of "Team America" and living legend in these parts.

    Martin Juza. Hall-of-Famer. One of the greatest Limited players ever.

    Noah Walker. Legacy grinder, best known for his finishes with Grixis Delver and 4c Control a.k.a. Czech Pile. Gold Level pro.

    Tifa Robles. Founder of Lady Planeswalker Society, ex-WOTC employee, gamer extraordinaire, mother.

    Will Jonathan. Sports psychologist, mental performance coach, and Channel Fireball contributor. Writes about how to mentally excel at the game.

    Christian Calcano. Well-known NYC grinder. Finished 2nd at GP Seattle in 2015.

    Kai Sawatari. Legacy Storm player with 4th and 17th places at GPs.

    Wilson Hunter. Co-host of "The Brainstorm Show" podcast. Several Legacy GP Top 8s and SCG Invitational Top 16s.

    Roland Chang. Mr. Vintage AND Legacy World Champion. Roland's pretty good with the Eternal formats.

    Matt "sdematt" Pavlic. Source regular, lover of Siege Rhino, and a true card pimp. Also...power to Porsche.

    Gerry Thompson. Gerry is a very, very good Magic player.

    Bob Huang. The 2015 Legacy Champion! Mr. Bob Huang popularized the infamous UR Delver deck with Treasure Cruise, as well as the original BUG Delver with Lilianas and Abrupt Decays. You may have seen those decks before.

    Michael Bonde. Danish Gold Level pro. 2013 Bazaar of Moxen Vintage champion. Legacy Grand Prix Top 4 with Death and Taxes.

    Damon Whitby a.k.a. Parcher. Dredge specialist and one of the elder statesman of the 1.5 format.

    Alex Majlaton. Affinity specialist and player from the Maryland area. 26 Pro Tour appearances and 8 Grand Prix Top 8's.

    Jonathan Alexander: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Creator of Grinding Station and 24th place finisher in Grand Prix Prague.

    Mike Turian: Part 1. Part 2. Hall of Famer. One of the best Limited players ever.

    Bryant Cook. Creator of The Epic Storm and one of the original 1.5 players from Syracuse, NY.

    Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa. Hall of Famer and one of the best ever.

    Rodrigo Togores. Dedicated Storm specialist and winner of 2016 Grand Prix Prague.

    Ben Friedman. 3 GP Top 8s, 2 Pro Tour Top 16s, 1 Pro Tour Top 32. 150 Lifetime Pro Points. He plays Legacy.

    Thomas Enevoldsen. The Death and Taxes master. 2 Legacy GP Top 8s (including 1 win), Magic World Cup winner, 13 Pro Tours played.

    Anh Dao. Good friend of mine from the Bay Area. Legacy Grinder and Elves enthusiast.

    Caleb Durward. Remember Vengevine Survival? Yes, Caleb broke the format.

    Travis Woo. Magic Thinker and Content Creator.

    Julian Knab. Best Legacy Elves player on the planet. Eternal Grinder and Co-Creator of the Legacy Mediocre League.

    Jarvis Yu. Jarvis knows Legacy. Legacy GP Seattle 2015 Winner. Legacy GP Columbus Top 8.


    Traditional Magic: The Gathering podcasts discuss the game itself. What deck should I play this week? How will the new set change the metagame? What happened last weekend in Grand Prix X? Should I invest in card Y? There are a number of podcasts that conduct this analysis exceedingly well.

    I'm taking a different approach by focusing on the players themselves. Every player has a story -- their background, origins, and motivations. Every player has goals and experiences to share.

    Humans of Magic will focus on highlighting the players' journeys and how they came to be who they are. The game is only the starting point, but conversations can and will flow in multiple directions. The goal is to learn from each guest and hopefully give the audience some new ideas as well.

    In some ways, this is a continuation of my book about Magic. In my writing, I shared my personal struggles and experiences with the game. I feel that I've written enough about myself. Now I want to tell other players' stories.

    I'm new to podcasting, so I will need lots of feedback on the content in order to improve. I promise that I will get better with time.

    THAT'S IT!

    Thanks for reading (and listening!).

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