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Thread: Thalia Stompy

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    Re: Thalia Stompy

    Went 3-0 (unfortunately there were only 3 rounds this time) on local, beating Eldrazi Stompy, B/W Tokens(ish) and UR Delver.

    Slight changes to the board since last time: doubled up on Pontiff, and swapped a couple Thorns for Glowriders. The added body is relevant, and so is the interaction with cavern (which makes it the choice over vryn wingmare). The extra mana is fine as it is usually the turn 2 play, after a chalice or thalia on 1, and on some occasions multiple thorns would interfere with eachother.


    4 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
    3 Smuggler’s Copter
    3 Walking Ballista
    2 Thalia, Heretic Cathar
    2 Eldrazi Displacer
    2 Blade Splicer
    4 Thought-Knot Seer
    4 Palace Jailer
    1 Reality Smasher

    4 Chalice of the Void
    4 Mox Diamond

    4 Ancient Tomb
    4 Eldrazi Temple
    4 Cavern of Souls
    3 Karakas
    6 Plains
    3 Mishra’s Factory
    3 Wasteland

    1 Blessed Alliance
    1 Seal of Cleansing
    1 Sorcerous Spyglass
    2 Orzhov Pontiff
    2 Absolute Law
    2 Cast Out
    3 Faerie Macabre
    1 Thorn of Amethyst
    2 Glowrider

    I am very much enjoying this list, and will try and make it to a bigger tourney this weekend for further testing.

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    Re: Thalia Stompy

    The following list made Top8 in the latest MKM Event:

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    Re: Thalia Stompy

    Hey guys ,it's been a while. i'm still playing the deck, havn't stopped in 2 years . Recently i've top 8'd one of the Philadelphia legacy series events and last weekend i played in the legacy classic and went 5-3 starting out 5-0 sucked .. but since the philly legacy series started i'm 3-1,4-0, 4-0, 4-0, 4-0, 3-1,2-2, 3-3 ,4-2,5-3 in sanctioned events . The deck is in a really good spot rite now .

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    Re: Thalia Stompy

    @metronome2charisma what would be your list for this meta?
    I play decks with a lot of white enchantments, and white isn't even my favorite color.

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    Re: Thalia Stompy

    Quote Originally Posted by aedemiel View Post
    @metronome2charisma what would be your list for this meta?
    Also curious!

    I happened across a list running Lodestone Golem and the SFM package on MTGO the other day and it seemed really solid; but I'm not sure I'm ready to go that deep yet. But curious if there are alternative directions to take the list as well.

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    Re: Thalia Stompy

    Quote Originally Posted by aedemiel View Post
    @metronome2charisma what would be your list for this meta?
    This is my current list

    10 non creature
    4 Chalice of the Void
    4 lotus petal
    2 Umezawa's Jitte

    25 Creature
    4 Eldrazi Displacer
    3 Reality Smasher
    4 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
    4 Thought-Knot Seer
    3 Walking Ballista
    3 Thalia Heretic Cathar
    3 tithe taker
    1 Blade splicer

    25 Land
    4 Ancient Tomb
    4 Cavern of Souls
    2 City of Traitors
    4 Eldrazi Temple
    2 Karakas
    6 Plains
    3 Wasteland

    15 Sideboard
    2 Thorn of Amethyst
    2 Containment Priest
    3 Fearie Macabre
    3 Ratchet bomb
    2 Blessed Alliance
    1 warping wail
    2 Sorcerous spyglass

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    Re: Thalia Stompy

    Some food for thought: Taken from the D&T thread, but discussing it here might have some merit:

    Orzhov Advokist

    kioken praises it alot, although I'm sceptical due to the lack of evasion. It is already a fast clock by itself, though. However, what catched my eye is the combo with Walking Ballista, which kioken hasn't even tested yet. With this, you can load up counters on the Ballista very fast for board control, fast beats (doubles the damage due to pinging in the final turn) and reach, even blocked by Ensnaring Bridge and the likes. Eldrazi Displacer could also clear counters from creatures, if necessary.

    Might be too cute (and stone-cold dead vs TNN), but the concept behind it sounds intriguing, as Thalia Stompy would be a much better shell for it than D&T.
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