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Thread: [Primer] U/R Delver

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    Re: [DTB] U/R Delver

    Quote Originally Posted by Smuggo View Post
    Cool, how was the Pteramander? I'm thinking of dropping the goblin guides for pteramanders and maybe cutting the grim lavamancers for a couple of Young Pyro to see how it plays. Would slow it down a bit but maybe let the deck reach into the mid-game better.
    Pteramander is really good in my opinion: it turns on LutS very early in the game, and then it's a 5/5 in some turns (like turn 3 or 4). I think though that lavamancer is really good, so I wouldn't cut it too easily, I'm considering playing the second copy to see it more often :)

    EDIT: yeah, I just played a game in which Pteramander and Lavaman worked really bad one with the other, so I understand the necessity of cutting Lavaman (maybe putting him into the sideboard) if we play Pteramander

    I'm considering to add Vapor Snag, or isn't that a viable option anymore?
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    Re: [DTB] U/R Delver

    Yeah there is a little anti-synergy between Lavaman and Pteramander which probably becomes unacceptably high once you're running 4. Lavaman could go in the sideboard instead, but I'm not sure, really need to remap my sideboard from the ground up I think as I've not seriously thought about it since the DRS ban.

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