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Thread: [Bellingham, WA] Dark Tower Games - Modern Open 2/11/17

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    [Bellingham, WA] Dark Tower Games - Modern Open 2/11/17

    Event Page:

    Hi guys, Dark Tower Games will be hosting a Modern Open this February on the 11th. It'll be competitive REL with a deck list required. We've scheduled this event to be the weekend before the Vancouver GP so that players have time to make last minute adjustments before the big GP.

    Event Details

    As we prepare for Grand Prix Vancouver, test your skills and get a gauge for the meta at our Modern Open tournament! We'll be streaming this event on our profile. This tournament will be at competitive REL and a deck list will be required. You may print out a form from here or submit the list to us using our online registration. The doors open at 11am for registration and the event begins at 12pm sharp.

    There is a $25 entry fee towards this event. 100% of all entry fees will go to the prize pool.


    1st Place - 40%
    2nd Place - 20%
    3rd Place - 10%
    4th Place - 10%
    5th - 8th Place - 5%


    1st Place - 320 Credit
    2nd Place - 160 Credit
    3rd Place - 80 Credit
    4th Place - 80 Credit
    5th - 8th Place - 40 Credit
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    Re: [Bellingham, WA] Dark Tower Games - Modern Open 2/11/17

    Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there was a miscommunication with scheduling the GPT with our Wizards rep. This event is no longer a GPT for Vancouver, it is back to being a competitive REL Modern tournament. I'm sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

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