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    I played some paper this weekend, I played my challenge list but with 2 pif no intuition, 2 basics no ssg(fun fact, I have fbb duals and beta power but no ssgs) and some tweaks to the sideboard.
    Quick recap. I actually don't remember that much so I will probably be off somewhat.
    Round 1 vs UB reanimator.
    I go first but he reanimated a turn 1 ashen rider to exile my land. He has no follow-up so I win on my t3. Game 2 he gets a quick reanimate on grieselbrand, but fails to draw a fow as a response to my seething song so wish for grapeshot kills him.

    Round 2, probably uw stoneblade
    I lost game 1, made goblins game 2, and got through thanks to pif game 3.

    Round 3, esper delverblade
    Lots could be said about this game, but I will keep it short.
    Game 1 took lots of time, I needed to find a burning wish and had 16 ponders to find it, it took 12 of them. My opp would not scoop. I nearly got game 2, but didn't. Before game 3 my opponent called on the judge to watch our game because he thought my deck was to slow, not that I played slowly. The judge watched us and my opponent immediately forgot to draw for his turn and got a warning. I lost focus and did not fluster a t1 e.tutor for canonist and lost quickly. My opponent and the judge had an argument about his judge call, and suddenly I was accused of playing to fast. Strange times, but it ebbed out.

    Round 4, something with delver and stoneforge
    I won game 1 through pif, lost a tight game 2. Game 3 went back and forth. I made a small play error and my opponent played well, but he was almost hellbent when I could make 4 goblins and he drew only counters for 4 turns.

    Round 5, miracles at the feature table
    Link to stream
    Commentary is in swedish (and no sound at all for game 1 it seems)
    At the end of game 2 i might have made a mistake in going for reforge the soul. Thing is i'm like 95% sure to win the game on the spot if i reforge with that much mana. What i should have done if i just thought a bit more about it is to realize that if he left a land on top after brainstorming, it probably tells me that he has only lands in hand and top 2 cards being lands as well. His only out to my goblins then become that he fetch and draw into terminus and brainstorm or verdict with his jace. At the exact moment i cast reforge i think it was correct, but i probably should have kept my lotus petals and not overcasted rituals from the grave to make enough goblins and then passed.
    I did some misplays this game, one of them were that i put back cards in the wrong order of a ponder, you can see my puzzled reaction when i draw a brainstorm of my manamorphose at one time. Also my opponent did some mindgames, game 1 he faked daze as a response to my brainstorm (you see him touch his land, but he also said "probably not worth dazing that"). Game two when i went off and he had declined to use counterbalance when i cast a 1, a 3 and a 4 he said "lets see if you can win through a counterbalance at two". Fun games overall

    Round 6, ID

    Quarterfinals vs .... stoneblade
    G1 I won easily, G2 lost a close game. G3 I mulligan to 6, my opponent mulls to 5. I decide to test it with petal tomb desperate empty for 6 goblins. My opponent draws for his turn and scoops. He had held a hand with cantrips flusterstorms and spell pierce but no land.

    Top4 splits.

    Good things
    • I played really well, and fast. 3 coloured spindowns make things easy and I really had a good flow.
    • Setting up reforge for eot manamorphose is great fun.
    • 3 empty in the sideboard

    Bad things
    • Few people. There used to be like 100 people at this event, this year I think we were around 50.
    • After our game in round five my opponent asked me if I played cliffys list and I'm annoyed by my reaction to this. Just silly.
    • I missed vintage nationals as round 1 started at the same time as the quarterfinals.
    • The basic lands, i always get better results with them, but they never feel good. I don't understand why they give better results.
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