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Thread: [DTB] UWx Miracle Control

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    Re: [DTB] UWx Miracle Control

    Quote Originally Posted by wtgger View Post
    Wear / tear or disenchant, guys? Pros-cons?
    You get out of Choke with a single Plains and you can kill both a boring enchhantment and a Chalice with 1 card.
    Sinergy with CBalance and as good as Disenchant with Snapcaster Mage

    Disenchant over W/T makes sense only under a strictly Azorius build.

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    Re: [DTB] UWx Miracle Control

    Quote Originally Posted by Poron View Post
    You get out of Choke with a single Plains and you can kill both a boring enchhantment and a Chalice with 1 card.
    Sinergy with CBalance and as good as Disenchant with Snapcaster Mage

    Disenchant over W/T makes sense only under a strictly Azorius build.
    There is no synergy with CB since the rules change, but besides that, there is a serious drawback of Wear//Tear that makes the grand majority of Miracles list (regardless of being UW or UWr) to use Disenchant. There are many, many times when fetching for Volcanics (like when facing D&T or Eldrazi) instead of a basic plains can be really atrocious since you get exposed to wasteland (or is not a Pyroblast mu)

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    Re: [DTB] UWx Miracle Control

    someone asked me about mission briefing over snapcaster and i put it into words. posting here since other people might find it useful, also curious to hear what others have to say

    yeah no worries, i'll just leave it here and you can read it whenever
    i'll start with the easy one - mission briefing
    the "flashback" effect is super powerful for the same reasons snapcaster's flashback effect is
    essentially its just late game option coverage, get all the tools you need to answer threats and the like
    the delta is you lose the 2/1 body but get to surveil 2 and get access to more spells you can flashback
    losing the 2/1 is unfortunate but i dont think its that bad a loss
    today's metagame is really really good at mitigating the power of the 2/1 body
    nonblue decks are suddenly more powerful so creatures like thalia and TKS and w/e are in the way of your beatdown plan
    the 2/1 can still block defensively which is utility, esp. if its a big hitter like gurmag angler coming in or a weenie like quirion ranger
    also in combo flash value creature is really good
    but in general snapcaster's net worth imo has declined'
    point blank - over the years WOTC has been printing some powerful creatures
    snapcaster['s body] hasn't really aged well with the power level of those cards
    enter: mission briefing
    i think the surveil 2 is actually super super useful
    miracles in my vision is a deck all about consistency and option coverage
    you're also trying to leverage your most powerful cards - terminus, jace, white win condition - and they all need some degree of setup
    i'm not going to say surveil 2 solves all the problems but its just an added boost of consistency that adds up
    its impossible to objectively quantify but the more you play with the card the more you find yourself happy when you bin dead lands or dead removal spells or dead anything-that-doesnt-deal-with-the-board
    kind of like when ponder was introduced, ponder shuffling away bad cards was a nuts feeling
    surveil 2 is a little like that
    next benefit is greater selection in spells you can flashback
    miracles in general has a stigma attached to it
    people dont like losing to the deck
    the result is that people are playing a lot more hateful cards towards miracles
    things like choke, chalice, planeswalkers - cards that are good at beating miracles while dodging swords to plowshares and terminus
    the only other card that really answers them all is force of will
    as newer cards enter the legacy format force of will actually gets a lot better because it remains the consistent answer to everything
    like lightning bolt isn't as good as it used to be since cards like gurmag and true-name exist
    but fow can stop both
    fow could stop both**
    so in my eyes force of will has insane value. flashing it back with an additional 2 mana stapled onto it is still extremely powerful after you've stabilized
    sorry i just realized i wrote a lot haha
    i will say though
    there is a cost to playing the card
    beware the mana - i had to cut a 2nd mesa for a 3rd tarn to get to UUUW more consistently
    and also not having 2/1 bodies means you need more wraths >i think<
    uhhh and lastly i'd recommend a 2 mission briefing 1 snapcaster split
    "get the best of both worlds" kinda deal

    mission briefing has synergy with the rest of the deck too
    - with counterbalance you can surveil 2 to set up the deck better
    - with mentor you get an extra 1/1 and prowess
    - with predict you dont need to wait for another cantrip to set up the draw 2
    - doesn't lose to surgical extraction (text says "choose" not "target")

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    Re: [DTB] UWx Miracle Control

    Mission Briefing is good. it helps you a lot to set up a Miracle draw or just with Predict. You just need to fetch less basic Plains if you're running so many UU spells and let's say it, SCM, nowadays, wasn't lasting very long with StP, Thalia Fatal Push and Kolaghan's Command around.

    Our deck, imho, still lacks a new finisher. We are good at controlling the board but our planeswalkers aren't real finishers. They are better at locking the game while you play safely the win condition.

    Entreat the Angels back again? Mentor is still great with those many prowess spells in the deck.

    Surely, SCM ambush Gaddock Teeg so well and can chump block Knight of the Reliquary and kills planeswalkers

    I am playtesting Teferi and though I love the marginal card advantage it provides (Azcanta and Jace are better at it) and the ability to get rid of planeswalkers with it (Liliana is just everywhere), it's still not making it through.

    It costs 5, it's pierceable and it doesn't win the match on its own ever.

    WotC the Top ban was too big here. give us more tools. Do it.
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    Re: [DTB] UWx Miracle Control

    Haven't posted here in a while, but with Anuraag posting his thoughts on Mission Briefing, I've also been testing it and posted the following in the Miracles Discord: I would say itís still very much in the testing / brewing category of cards. That being said, itís very close and there are some real reasons to consider it. Some pros and cons as it related to SCM below...

    - Costs UU vs SCMs U1
    - Doesnít come with SCMs 2/1 body, and therefore isnít an auxiliary wincon, blocker, etc.
    - Not a creature so you can't bounce it to your hand with Jace -1 or put it back in your library with Terminus.
    - Gets hit by Duress effects where SCM doesnít.
    - Gets hit by taxing effects like Thalia, Thorn, etc. where SCM doesnít.

    - Surveil is a surprisingly strong mechanic, allowing you to dig deeper off of cantrips.
    - Surveil has built in synergy with Predict, AK, and CB allowing you to have greater control over the top of your library.
    - Being a spell has synergy with Monastery Mentor allowing you trigger it more easily and often at instant speed.
    - Doesnít target and therefore isnít affected by Surgical Extraction.
    - Doesnít use flashback allowing you to use alternate costs such as FoW.

    Personally Iím going to keep testing it in a Mentor heavy build. I donít think Iíd consider it in my Entreat build as SCM blocking and attacking are more relevant, but I could be wrong!

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