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Thread: The Team Pro Tour will feature LEGACY!

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    Re: The Team Pro Tour will feature LEGACY!

    Quote Originally Posted by apple713 View Post

    A better idea would probably be for them to abolish the reserve list BUT announce it very far into the future like 5 years or something. That would give people with existing reserve list cards ample time to unload them. Its not likely they'll take much of a dip until a year out or something either.
    I think this would still drop prices right after announcement, or in the very least make them much more volatile in the mean time.

    If they take a dip a year out, Why not sell a year and half out instead to sell before the dip? Others may think the same so now the dip is 1.5 years out, so instead people sell 2 years out, and so on until the dip is the day after announcement. So I think most of the dip happens right away with some up and down in between the announcement and removal from RL.

    Of course, they may just reprint them as uber mythic rares in which case the price won't drop at all and may even go up due to increased demand in the newer formats.

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    Re: The Team Pro Tour will feature LEGACY!

    Looks like all four Legacy Grand Prix's in 2018 (Seattle, Birmingham, Richmond, Shizuoka) will have Legacy PTQ's on Sunday's. I'm glad WOTC decided to go this route. The more high end competitive events, the better!

    Day 1 is going to 8 rounds with 6-2 making the cut. Day two will be 7 rounds now.

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    Re: The Team Pro Tour will feature LEGACY!

    Quote Originally Posted by Finn View Post
    The type line of the card might make that sample hard to implement anyway.

    Legendary Snow Land - Island Forest

    Edit: I advocate something more elegant though.

    Land - Mountain Swamp Forest

    When {this} enters the battlefield, discard a card unless you have Threshold.

    Land - Plains Island

    This card is white and blue. When {this} enters the battlefield, reveal your hand.

    Or whatever. Make the cards situationally better or worse than a straight up dual land. That way we will want to play with maybe one or two of these new cards per deck, taking some of the weight off of duals. There is plenty of room to explore for this type of thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hanni View Post
    I agree on the discard land being OP. Turn 1 fetch, discard land, Reanimate is way too easy to assemble. Although, I could certainly see them printing a land like that anyway.
    Land - Island Mountain
    Enters tapped unless you exile a blue or red card from your hand.

    Or gone another way-

    Land - Plains Forest
    Enters tapped unless an opponent controls more land than you.

    I also like the colored lands. Plays along the same vein as Devoid with colored Mana costs.

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