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Thread: [DTB] UWx Stoneblade

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    Re: [DTB] UWx Stoneblade

    Quote Originally Posted by H View Post
    In the old days (of running things like Lingering Souls), it was not uncommon to drop Batterskull to get more "realistically equipable" pieces in there. But Batterskull might be too needed now for stabilizing in some of the worst match-ups. Although, considering how many decks are in Red now, 4 mana Blues spells might indeed be a liability.
    Its also important to note that Jace loses a lot of value when there are so many Narset about. I am aware of the negative effects it has on Sword (no extra draw) but Sword is also an answer to Narset, whereas Jace is a veritable brick.

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    Re: [DTB] UWx Stoneblade

    Told you the other Ally sword was better. Narset is just too annoying to leave on the board for any deck.

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    Re: [DTB] UWx Stoneblade

    I don't recall agreeing with you. Further, I see no one playing it, and I am at the black gathering point of GP: Denver right now. This deck has several answers to Narset, I can't imagine that makes SoSaS good, only slightly useful, and CJ is better in that slot. Besides, until you include SoFI, I can't see including SoSaS over it.

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    Re: [DTB] UWx Stoneblade

    So don't play it then.
    Reread my comment, not sure why you're so hostile. I don't want to be a Bee.I am fine not being associated with you.

    What answers are those? I don't see them outside of spending a turn attacking into a resolved Narset. Countering, sure. Seems like a waste of a counter.
    Council's Judgement? I don't care for the card. You'll never see it in any of my lists. Efficiency wins games.

    Abrupt Decay. Lightning Bolt. Two reasons. SoFaI just gives a Shock unless you attack into the Narset. I prefer to think and reason through why to play a card, rather than copying what others do.

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    Re: [DTB] UWx Stoneblade

    So did you win?

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    Re: [DTB] UWx Stoneblade

    Quote Originally Posted by NidStyles View Post
    So did you win?
    I played a Dreadhorde Arcanist version of this deck in one 3 round side event. No, I did not win, but never was there a time that SoSaS would have been even marginally good.

    Hostility is often elicited by statements that smack of "I told you so," especially when there isn't even anecdotal evidence to support said statement, let alone any actual evidence.

    20 lands was too much all day. Flooded out hard and often.


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    Re: [DTB] UWx Stoneblade

    Anyone having any luck or have any insight on the current variation of delverblade with Nivmagus Elemental?

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    Re: [DTB] UWx Stoneblade

    Played in a local tournament with esper stoneblade, finishing second after losing to miracles in the finals. Didn’t get to fulfill my goals of eot lingering souls or thoughtseizing in the draw step, but teferi overperformed regardless by bouncing stuff like delver and gurmag angler (providing carddraw and tempo) and forcing my opponents to spend their turn answering him or be unable to interact.

    Played against
    R1 ANT-win 2-0
    R2 Hogaak mill – draw 1-1-1
    R3 Death and taxes – win 2-1 (went into time, but my opponent was a friend who scooped after turn 5 because I was most likely to win due to the boardstate)
    R4 UB shadow – win 2-0
    R5 ID (against 4C control)

    Qf Blood sun eldrazi (with punishing fire) – win 2-0
    SF UR delver – win 2-0
    F UW miracles – loss 0-2 (close game 1 where he drew a jace the one turn where he had a window to play it, finding counters for both my teferi and jace the following turns. Game 2 I lost to mentor getting out of hand after erroneously siding out verdict)

    4 flooded strand
    3 polluted delta
    3 prismatic vista
    2 tundra
    2 underground sea
    1 scrubland
    3 island
    2 plains
    1 swamp

    3 stoneforge mystic
    3 snapcaster mage
    2 true-name nemesis

    4 brainstorm
    4 swords to plowshares
    3 force of will
    2 spell pierce
    1 dovin’s veto
    3 thoughtseize
    3 ponder
    1 council’s judgment
    1 lingering souls
    1 supreme verdict

    1 batterskull
    1 umezawa’s jitte

    2 narset, parter of veils
    2 teferi, time raveler
    2 jace, the mind sculptor

    2 vendilion clique
    2 surgical extraction
    2 flusterstorm
    2 zealous persecution
    1 palace jailer
    1 disenchant
    1 ethersworn canonist
    1 gideon, ally of zendikar
    1 council’s judgment
    1 force of will
    1 sword of fire and ice

    I think the manabase could potentially support a back to basics in the sideboard for greedy matchups like 4C control. Also never drew palace jailer so can’t assess how good the card would have been. I missed additional gravehate against the Hogaak matchup, but considering this is a fringe deck I don’t think it warrants extra hate.

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