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Thread: Mono U Tempo Delver

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    Re: Mono U Tempo Delver

    Am I missing something? Why all the one ofs? I can't imagine not running 4 true name.

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    Re: Mono U Tempo Delver

    Quote Originally Posted by joaquin View Post
    Am I missing something? Why all the one ofs? I can't imagine not running 4 true name.
    He's testing which cards are good and which ones aren't. It's an experiment. Once he knows which cards overperform/underperform he will streamline the list.
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    Re: Mono U Tempo Delver

    Looking at the deckslists and the comments in this thread I feel like people are aiming more to a mid-range deck instead of a tempo deck.

    Being a tempo-deck means you drop efficient (cheap to drop and hold their weight) creatures and annoy the opponent enough to slow them down and win on those critters.
    Being mono-blue doesn't mean that you can just forget about this concept but rather see what cards work in the already existing tempo-decks and then have a look what you miss or can add.
    Being mono-blue gives you basics, meaning you won't get wasted and therefore have a bit better build-up of mana. This also gives you acces to stuff like Back to Basics.
    It also means you will miss on the highly efficient removal like Bolt/Push/Plow.

    Basic tempo-shell:
    10-12 creatures
    10-12 counters
    8-10 draw spells
    4-6 removal spells
    4-8 other disrupt spells like Stifle or Discard
    around 18 land including 4 waste and 8 fetch

    So, the best of most tempo decks this mean you have a 'standard' of:
    Creatures: 6
    4 Delver
    2 TNN (no tempo deck should play more then 2 since they are slow as hell)

    Counters: 12
    4 FoW
    4 Daze
    2 Pierce
    2 Snare
    Since you lack the best removal spells available, a few Snare should help out countering 2-drops.
    For the same reason Pierce and Snare instead of something like Flusterstorm.

    Draw: 8
    4 Brainstorm
    4 Ponder

    Removal: 6
    4 Vapor Snag (probely best viable option for blue)
    2 Psionic Blast (cluncky but it has some use) or Reality Shift (actually removes creatures for blue)

    Other disruption: 6
    4 Stifle (best way to stay/get ahead together with Wasteland)
    2 Back to Basics (maxing out land hate and topping your own curve)

    Lands: 18
    4 Waste
    8 Fetch (dropping Brainstorm could make this another 8 islands, but this probably will be a mistake)
    6 Island

    This gives 56 out of 60 cards, and the deck is still low on creatures.
    Adding another 4 creatures minimum like the new salamander could work, but it will need you to fill that grave quick.
    Cryptic Serpent could land somewhat fast if you play aggressive with your spells.

    Serpent and Pteramander have some nice synergy since they both care about instants/sorceries in the grave so there could be something worth designing to here.
    Having them both in the deck it might be worth trying to turbo-trash it and for this drop some cards like TNN and B2B and add some spells that would always fill the grave, like Thought Scour (not a fan since it does nothing else except filling the grave) or Preordain.

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