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Thread: The Witch House (Nearly Mono-green Enchantress)

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    Re: The Witch House (Nearly Mono-green Enchantress)

    Played in a 1K with the following list. Finished 2-3-1

    4 Argothian Enchantress
    3 Green Sun's Zenith

    4 Abundant Growth
    4 Utopia Sprawl
    4 Elephant Grass
    3 Wild Growth
    2 Rest in Peace
    4 Enchantress's Presence
    2 Solitary Confinement
    1 Cast Out
    1 Eidolon of Blossoms
    1 Doomwake Giant

    3 Veil of Summer
    3 Living Wish
    1 Helm of Obedience

    1 Bayou
    1 Savannah
    1 Wooded Foothills
    2 Windswept Heath
    2 Verdant Catacombs
    3 Serra's Sanctum
    10 Forest

    Sideboard with explanations:
    2 Suppression Field Relevant against almost any deck where Veil is dead.
    2 Abrupt Decay Threat-light delver decks, 3cmc planeswalkers, occasionally useful against lands, goblins, and D&T.
    1 Veil of Summer
    1 Leafcrown Dryad Enchantress trigger, reach blocker. GSZ option.
    1 Collector Ouphe Karn, Storm (kinda), lots of equipments and Ęther Vials. Can be a GSZ option, vs. Storm it stays in the board as a wish as Teeg is the GSZ target.
    1 Gaddock Teeg Big spells. Post-board GSZ option.
    1 Qasali Pridemage Naturalize, Exalted trigger, GSZ option against decks with planeswalkers not named Oko.
    1 Faerie Macabre Grave hate, flying blocker
    1 Murderous Rider Creature/planeswalker removal, Lifelink blocker.
    1 Knight of Autumn Lifegain chump, 4/3 blocker, naturalize chump. GSZ option.
    1 Doomwake Giant Enchantress trigger, repeated wrath, 5 turn clock, 6 toughness blocker.
    1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn 16G: kill you, reset library, scare off Show and Tell.
    1 Karakas mana, legend removal.

    1-1-1 vs. lands
    G1 kept a shaky hand, triple port did work. He made a 20/20
    G2 an early Cindervines does about 16 damage to me. It eventually pops and I recover with Knight. RIP and Suppression Field did work from there.
    G3 draw. At the end of turn 5 he had 2 ports, DD and stage. I had 2 Suppression Field, RIP in play and Helm in hand. Think we could have got there.
    Brought in 2 Suppression Field, 1 Knight of Autumn, 2 Abrupt Decay. Cut 3 Veil of Summer, 1 Wild Growth, 1 Doomwake Giant

    2-1-0 vs. lands
    G1 he makes a quick 20/20, Crop Rotations in Blast Zone and rips the untapped land to blow up Elephant Grass.
    G2 Cast Out gets Marit Lage off the table, from there I'm able to keep Grass and Confinement up and dodge Force of Vigor.
    G3 T2 Sylvan Library immediatly puts my opponent to 4 life and I strongly consider wishing for Pridemage. I grab Leafcrown for draw+protection instead and swing into an Elvish Reclaimer with an empty graveyard. Punishing Fire comes out, made the right choice. I survive long enough to stick RIP, next turn chain 10 draw triggers and exile his library.
    Brought in 2 Suppression Field, 1 Leafcrown Dryad (didn't think about this last round), 1 Knight of Autumn, 2 Abrupt Decay. Cut 3 Veil of Summer, 2 Wild Growth, 1 Doomwake Giant.

    0-2-0 vs. UB Reanimator
    G1 T1 he goes Careful Study discarding Grizelbrand and [/cards]Tidespout Tyrant/cards] and I already know this is going to suck.
    G2 I lay down a Suppression Field and Wish for Fearie Macabre only to realize I need to hold up 2 mana to exile stuff. He shifts into Plan B anyway and attacks three times with Rotting Regisaur while countering and discarding important stuff.
    Brought in 2 Suppression Field, 1 Veil of Summer. Cut 1 Eidolon of Blossoms, 1 Doomwake Giant, 1 Wild Growth.

    2-0-0 vs. UR Delver
    G1 Elephant Grass is a hell of a card. I get ahead and resolve Doomwake, killing a Young Pyromancer, about 7 tokens, an Insectile Abberation, and Dreadhorde Arcanist.
    G2 Veil fights through FoW, I play enchantments and do enchantment things.
    Brought in 1 Veil of Summer, 2 Abrupt Decay. not sure what I cut, possibly 1 Cast Out, 1 Living Wish and 1 Wild Growth.

    1-2-0 vs BUG delver
    G1 I don't play an Argothian on turn 2 to play around Daze, next turn he has Force of Will anyway and a 5/6 Tarmogoyf on like turn 4. Then he plays another one. I wish for Murderous Rider and cast Swift End, going to 8. He plays a Gurmag Angler and counters Murderous Rider.
    G2 I buy a LOT of time with Elephant Grass and do my thing. At one point I look at GSZ and say "oh that was stupid" because I cut Eidolon and could get completely blown out by Plague Engineer.
    G3 He reveals Abrupt Decay to flip a delver, then plays another one. I play Grass to make him use it. Second delver is late to flip but he has enough disruption that it doesn't matter.
    Brought in 2 Suppression Field on the play, 1 Veil of Summer, 2 Abrupt Decay. Don't remember what I cut, I spent a long time thinking about it.

    1-2-0 vs UR Delver
    G1 Grass, Doomwake. Nothing spectacular happens here.
    G2 I stick grass and get attacked one point at a time by Dreadhorde Arcanist. I go off but don't have quite enough resources to win outright, stick a second Grass. I have Decay but for some reason don't cast it immediately, was waiting for him to tap 4 of his 5 lands to attack with Arcanist or Delver. Anyway he casts a bunch ofLightning Bolts so I lose. I might have just been dead either way.
    G3 I stabalize, then Brazen Borrower goes to bounce Grass. I veil, he forces, and has a second Force when I try to replay it.
    Brought in 1 Veil of Summer, 2 Abrupt Decay. Once again unsure what I cut.

    There were a few games where I would have wanted an extra piece of removal or two. Will be re-sleeving On Thin Ice and snow lands. On that note I'm gonna throw in some number of Arcum's Astrolabe and see what happens, digging on turn 1 is just good and it lets you filter Sanctum mana to green in the middle of a chain. But that means I'm gonna have to track which mana comes from snow lands and what comes from auras. Weird.
    There should probably be at least 1 Choke in the sideboard somewhere.
    Murderous Rider isn't super great. It's not bad but there aren't a lot of times I wanted it, and when I did want it it didn't feel like it did enough. Then again I wished for it more than Collector Ouphe and Gaddock Teeg so maybe I'm being too quick to judge.

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    Re: The Witch House (Nearly Mono-green Enchantress)

    Hello, have you tried or considered 1x Crop Rotation MD ?

    In combination with 2x Serra's Sanctum and 1x Hall of Heliod's Generosity MD ( and maybe 1x Karakas ) this could have the Hall in play much more reliably and likely get Emrakul out much sooner as you can tap one Sanctum, get the other with Crop and tap again.

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