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Thread: Eternal Weekend Trial for a Tabernacle: 2nd with UWr Landstill

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    Eternal Weekend Trial for a Tabernacle: 2nd with UWr Landstill

    Bryce, the owner of Sports Cards Etc, held an insanely value packed EW trial last Sunday. First place gets an English Tabernacle, second a mint Underground sea etc. Having fallen ass backwards into a free entry to the tournament the day before I decided to inform my mother that I had to skip her birthday dinner to sling cardboard (I made up for it, Iím not that bad of a son).

    Up until the tournament I was going to play this very bland Grixis Pyromancer list, but I wasnít too happy about it. Having played Miracles since the printing of Terminus I am very sad that Tundra is almost unplayable, and no other control deck offers the unbiased removal of Swords to Plowshares. So, like all the best deck decisions I last second audibled to UWr Landstill list my friend found on Magic Online, because I had been playing various Standstill piles since Top got banned also APT.

    UWr Landstill:
    4x Brainstorm
    4x Force of Will
    4x Standstill
    4x Swords to Plowshares
    3x Snapcaster Mage
    3x Ponder
    2x Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    2x Counterspell
    2x Spell Pierce
    2x Spell Snare
    2x Supreme Verdiction
    2x Engineered Explosives
    1x Councilís Judgment
    1x Enlightened Tutor
    1x Humility
    1x Emrakul, the Promised End
    1x Search for Azcanta//Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin
    4x Flooded Strand
    3x Scalding Tarn
    1x Arid Mesa
    3x Tundra
    2x Volcanic Island
    2x Island
    2x Plains
    4x Mishraís Factory
    1x Karakas

    1x Circle of Protection: Red
    1x Elspeth, Knight-Errant
    1x Abrade
    1x Disenchant
    1x Celestial Purge
    2x Flusterstorm
    2x Surgical Extraction
    1x Vendilion Clique
    1x Pithing Needle
    2x Pyroblast
    1x Red Elemental Blast
    1x Blood Moon

    The deck is super sweet. I have been playing Emrakul in all my Landstill lists because the deck has all the card types and wants a card that ends the game as soon as itís cast on turn 20. The Search for Azcanta was a last second 61st card addition because a guy I know who has been playing 2 in his BUG piles was only playing 1 that day so I decided the correct move was to jam it in with no testing (Spoiler: it was).

    Round 1: BG Pox with Depths combo
    Donít have the best notes for this match
    Game 1 He has an awkward draw and doesnít do too much. I kill him with Factories and Snapcasters while he tries to assemble his combo.

    +2 Surgical Extraction +1 Blood Moon +1 Pithing Needle +1 Celestial Purge
    -2 Supreme Verdict -2 Engineered Explosives -1 Counterspell

    Game 2 His draw is a lot better and is able to get his combo out on the field. End of my 3rd turn he jams and makes a 20/20, I swords him and tell him these Factories are going to have to pull overtime now, he goes to Loam on his turn but I Force of Will it because I am going to slam Jace next turn and try and find a Surgical asap. My turn naturally and very skillfully draw Surgical for the turn, get rid of his Life from the Loams, play Jace tick up, he does nothing, I Snapcaster on Surigical to get rid of Depths and Jace him out from there.

    Round 2: Bryan on Blood Moon Stompy
    Bryan top 8íd last monthís EW trial so I knew he was on Blood Moon Stompy.
    Game 1 I have natural basics, some removal spells for his Magi and Engineered Explosives for his Chalice of the Void. He does a lot of nothing while I eventually find Emrakul and put away the game.

    +1 Abrade +1 Disenchant +1 Elspeth +1 Pithing Needle +1 Celestial Purge
    -2 Counterspell -3 Standstill

    Game 2 Is this insanely long grindy game where I needle his Chandraís, have basics, have Humility out (Which was a fun exercise in layer knowledge and the new rule change) and an active Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin. The game is all but over while Iím sitting at a comfortable 4 life with infinite mana and 2 Force of Wills in hand. Problem is he draws and casts Cursed Scroll which I debate countering, but decide that I can just take care of it with Snapcaster. So I let it resolve and go to my turn to Snapcaster Councilís Judgment it when a bystander informs me my 1/1 does not do that. Sick combos. So now Iím digging for a removal spell for his scroll. I miss on my Azcanta this turn and have to pass it. He goes to his turn and nugs me for 2 and plays his land. I search again on my next turn taking a Ponder to keep digging. There I find Abrade and Jace, perfect easy game as always. I decide for whatever reason to take Abrade and destroy his Cursed Scroll and to wait till next turn to get Jace and lock up the game, figuring Iím fine with my Force of Wills in hand. Obviously he rips Sudden Shock off the top and I canít believe what Iím seeing.
    Game 3 Obviously he runs all over me and my deck gives up on me this one. Whatever, guess I deserved it. Fucking Sudden Shock man, come on.

    Round 3: Jacob Redfern on TES
    Jakeís a good friend who always plays TES so that gives me a pretty good advantage going into game 1.
    Game 1 I keep a hand with maybe one piece of counter magic and Engineered Explosives. Play the Explosives turn 1 on zero to preemptively stop gobos. He strips my counter magic and I top deck Spell Snare for his Burning Wish the next. Storm 2ez

    +2 Flusterstorm +2 Surgical Extraction +1 Vendilion Clique +1 Abrade +2 Pyroblast +1 Red Elemental Blast
    -4 Swords to Plowshares -1 Humility -1 Emrakul, the Promised End -1 Councilís Judgment -2 Supreme Verdict

    Game 2 I keep a hand with some blue cards and no interaction because I donít feel like itís worth mulling to Force of Will or something similar. My thought is my sideboard cards arenít really impactful enough to mulligan to, so just keep a decent hand if it has any Ponders/Brainstorms/Standstills. He looks at my hand, sees there is nothing and passes. I play a land and pass. He then goes for it on his turn to make a bunch of goblins. I Brainstorm and Ponder on my turn and get Engineered Explosives and wipe his goblins. Eventually kill him some point down the line after Vendilion Cliquing him and then Surgicaling Burning Wish out of his deck after he Brainstormed and didnít shuffle.

    Round 4: Cassie on Death and Taxes
    Cassie is a local who usually plays at Mr Nice Guys on Fridays and is almost always on DnT.
    Game 1 I joke about never being able to beat an AEther Vial and for once in my life she doesnít have it turn 1. She plays Mom and 2 Stoneforges getting Sword of Fire and Ice while I play lands and durdle looking for a wrath and getting Search for Azcanta out. She hits me 2 or 3 times with the Sword and doesnít add much else to the board while she ports my white sources. Luckily for me I flip Azcanta into an Island drawing Arid Mesa for the turn for me to get my 2nd white source and having exactly 4 mana thanks to Search and cast Supreme Verdict. Game goes on a little longer after that but itís all a wash because Azcanta, the Sunken Ruins is drawing me so much action and I eventually draw Emrakul and she makes a questionable attack into her and then Wastes her own Cavern.

    +1 Abrade +1 Disenchant +1 Elspeth +1 Vendilion Clique +1 Pithing Needle
    -1 Standstill -2 Spell Pierce -2 Counterspell

    Game 2 Her draw seems even worse and I draw a nonzero amount of Swords to Plowshares and have Engineered Explosives for her AEther Vial down the line. She draws approximately one million lands while I play a Humility and an Elspeth to eventually beat her down.

    Round 5: Undomain on Dack and Black (Tezzerator)
    Very exciting round where we decide to draw even though 4-1-1 is needed to make top 8. We decided to car split since we drove to the tournament together, so we figured it was best to draw this round and just both try to win round 6 so there is no feel bads from one of us knocking the other out.

    Round 6: Franklin on ANT
    I played Franklin a few weeks before in Wheeling where he beat me do to some incredible suspect play by me (Have you ever Snapcasteríd a Ponder looking for a wrath effect only to count your graveyard to see how many are left in your deck and see the very wrath effect that you might have wanted to flashback instead? Not recommended)
    Game 1 is typical storm versus a deck with 10 counterspells main deck. He does some stuff and I counter the only relevant thing and hit him with some factories for a while.

    +2 Flusterstorm +1 Vendilion Clique +2 Surgical Extraction +2 Pyroblast +1 Abrade +1 Red Elemental Blast
    -1 Humility -1 Emrakul, the Promised End -4 Swords to Plowshares -2 Supreme Verdict -1 Councilís Judgment

    Game 2 I keep one blue land Flusterstorm and other irrelevant things. Play land pass, he plays land petal and passes. On my main phase I cast Brainstorm, in response he guns off rituals and an Ad Nauseum soul reading my lack of Force of Will. Sweet play by him, he draws a million cards and kills me next turn.

    Game 3 is a little more exciting as I durdle around and stop some early interaction. He confirms the inability to alt cast flashback Force of Will and proceeds to attempt going off while I have 6 lands untapped. I watch him do a bunch of stuff until he finally casts an Ad Nauseum with mana floating and no cards in hand. I cast Brainstorm, see nothing, shuffle, flashback Brainstorm with Snap and hit Force of Will on the third card down. #ezgamezlife
    I was informed after Undomain won his 5th round that no 12 points could make the top 8 and I should have asked my opponent to concede because he had 9 points currently. However, I never pay attention to that kind of stuff and luckily donít lose and donít go on life tilt if the opposite happened.

    Good for 8th seed, now I get the sick card advantage of going second all top 8 long !~!~

    Top 8: Brian Coval on Grixis Delver
    Not the person I want to face in the first round of eliminations, but if I gotta beat him might as well do it now.
    Game 1 I mulligan and keep a medium hand if things play out right. Kill his first 2 threats and try to land a Standstill, however he has got the Snapcaster to go under it, I attempt a Spell Snare but heís got the Force. Snap hits me for like 12 damage before I embarrassingly break my own Standstill and concede a turn or two later.

    +2 Flusterstorm +2 Pyroblast +1 Red Elemental Blast +1 Abrade +1 Celestial Purge
    -4 Force of Will -2 Counterspell -1 Humility

    Game 2 A pretty standard game. I killed literally everything he put on the board and eventually stuck a Jace and Brainstormed until he conceded.

    Game 3 Insanely grindy and long game. I end the game with 7 cards left in my deck off the back of Azcanta drawing me at least 7 cards and killing absolutely everything he played. He was priced into keeping his Wastelands for my Factories which were making quick work of his life total, so it let my Search go absolutely wild. At a certain point I basically knew the order of my deck and had to stop digging so I could hit the Emrakul on my draw step and cast it for a cheap 7 mana. Emrakul plus Councilís Judgment on 1 of his 2 Deathrite Shamans sealed the deal while I was at 5ish life. Search for Azcanta easily won me that game, card is so sick.

    Top 4: Blood Moon Stompy rematch
    Round 2 against Bryan (Mono Bryan elimination rounds) and I pray that ďwin in the swiss, lose in the top 8Ē holds true.
    Game 1 I keep a hand with blue fetch, white fetch, Tundra, Volcanic. He plays turn 1 Blood Moon and I lose. Undomain inquires how I am so bad to keep that hand.

    Same sideboarding

    Game 2 I have Island in my opening hand and Spell Pierce in my opener. He exiles a Simian Spirit Guide and I start chanting for Blood Moon, he does and I counter and have no mana problems and can close the game out fairly quickly with Factories and Snapcaster.

    Game 3 He has a very slow start and I am able to setup a comfortable position with multiple basics in play. We get into a topdeck war and I have Jace. After he draws several Ensnaring Bridges, Jace puts the game away.
    Whew dodged the Sudden Shock this time.

    Top 2: Infect
    Another local player from Mr Nice Guys, who is in fact, a nice guy. He mentions his 4th Force of Will is in the sideboard, but as I look at the decklist I donít see it listed. After some investigation he wrote 1 Hydroblast twice and was not allowed to play with his Force of Will anymore.
    Game 1 He kills me with some random dork because my deck does not offer much to me in terms of interaction.

    +1 Abrade +1 Disenchant +1 Pithing Needle +1 Blood Moon
    -4 Standstill

    Game 2 My deck will not give me a red source after multiple Ponders/Brainstorms. He has the absolute slowest draw Iíve ever seen, involving attacking me about 7 times with Noble Hierarch. Unfortunately he has Krosan Grip for my Needle on Inkmoth and eventually hits me a few times to win.

    Probably the most anticlimactic finals ever, but opponent is a good guy who then was happy to say he could finish his RG lands deck. Which is certainly much cooler than me trying to sell a Tabernacle, so no bad feelings other than I wish we had a more exciting finals. More little kid luck on my side when he tells me might not make it to Eternal Weekend so he passes the invite to me.

    So, free entry to a tournament for an Eternal Weekend bye and a near mint Underground Sea. Not a bad Sunday. Decklist felt super great and I am excited to bring it to EW, I am definitely considering cutting a Standstill for the second Search of Azcanta. The sideboard needs work, but I was insanely surprised with how good Abrade was. I wish Blood Moon was almost anything else, pretty sure I would have been happier with a singleton Wasteland.

    Undomain for driving me to the tournament because Iím a lazy shit
    Bryce for helping to revitalize the Pittsburgh Legacy scene. Seriously if you are in the eastern PA tri-state area and arenít coming out to these tournaments you are massively punting
    Only play against Deathrite Shaman/Probe decks once

    Sudden Shock
    Mad Mex closing to earlier and disallowing a celebratory Gobblerito
    Deathrite Shaman and Gitaxian Probe not being banned yet

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    Re: Eternal Weekend Trial for a Tabernacle: 2nd with UWr Landstill

    A singleton Wasteland? Time to break out the Dust Bowl,boys!
    UBr Tezzeret
    Quote Originally Posted by sdematt View Post
    I mean, if you're going to play as 61st card, the card should cost over $100 I think.

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    Re: Eternal Weekend Trial for a Tabernacle: 2nd with UWr Landstill

    What else top 8'd?

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    Re: Eternal Weekend Trial for a Tabernacle: 2nd with UWr Landstill

    Quote Originally Posted by NeckBird View Post
    What else top 8'd?
    Infect, UWr Landstill, Lands, Red Stompy, Grixis Delver, Grixis Delver, Dack in Black, mystery deck
    UBr Tezzeret
    Quote Originally Posted by sdematt View Post
    I mean, if you're going to play as 61st card, the card should cost over $100 I think.

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    Re: Eternal Weekend Trial for a Tabernacle: 2nd with UWr Landstill

    Quote Originally Posted by Undomian View Post
    Infect, UWr Landstill, Lands, Red Stompy, Grixis Delver, Grixis Delver, Dack in Black, mystery deck
    What's Dack in Black? Grixis Control? Punishing Grixis?

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    Re: Eternal Weekend Trial for a Tabernacle: 2nd with UWr Landstill

    Quote Originally Posted by NeckBird View Post
    What's Dack in Black? Grixis Control? Punishing Grixis?
    UBr Tezzeret
    Quote Originally Posted by sdematt View Post
    I mean, if you're going to play as 61st card, the card should cost over $100 I think.

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