Goyf Vintage in Austin: November 11th
Come drink beer and sling broken old cards!

Date: Saturday November 11, 2017
Location: Austin Beer Works: 3001 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758
Registration Time: 12:30 PM
Event Begins: 1:00 PM
Entry Fee: $20 - EXACT CHANGE ONLY
Payout: 100% of Entry Fees
Proxy limit: Unlimited proxy
Proxy rules: Donít make us need to make a proxy rule!

As per usual, we will be hosted by a local brewery. This time, itís Austin Beer Works.

This event will be 100% cash payout to the Top 4. In addition, we have a number of cool door prizes to spice things up!

Decklists are required. We do not perform deck checks but we want lists so we can post them. Have bad handwriting? Use a decklist generator! Or even just print out a Word doc! Blank deck registration sheets will also be available on site. Please donít put anything on your decklist that you donít want to be seen publicly as your decklist may be scanned and uploaded in full.
It would be greatly appreciated if your decklist was filled out and ready before our scheduled start time of 1PM.