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Legacy! With next year's GP schedule featuring a lot more of (most) everyone's eternal format, make sure you're making the right adjustments to your decks and sideboard strategies to stay on top of the competition!

As always, we will be live streaming the event starting with round two at: www.twitch.tv/fadgames

Fire & Dice
19801 Vanowen Street, Unit D
Winnetka, CA 91306

Date: 9/3/17 (September 3, 2017)
Format: Legacy COMP REL (deck list required)
Signups end @ 12:55PM
Starts @ 1:00PM (sharp!)
Entry: $25

Underground Sea [rev]
Tundra [rev]
Force of Will x2 [all]
Lion's Eye Diamond
Liliana of the Veil [inn]
Scrubland [inn]
Cavern of Souls x2 [avr]
Tarmogoyf [mm17]
Wasteland x2 [tem]
Arid Mesa [zen]
Vendilion Clique [mor]
Random: Sneak Attack [usg]

Pick orders will be determined by standing at the end of the tournament, with 1st getting first pick, 2nd getting the second pick, and so on and so forth.

Prizes will be awarded based on attendance:
8-24 attendees prizes to top 4
25-32 attendees prizes to top 8
33+ attendees prizes to top 10 and 1 random prize! (must be present for at least 5 rounds to qualify for the random)