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Thread: What's wrong with Ravager Shops in Legacy?

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    Re: What's wrong with Ravager Shops in Legacy?

    @DiceBox what sequence of plays, particularly early in a game make a 3/2 discounter profitable in legacy? If turn 1, you're down to 4 cards or fewer potentially cast off a City. Doesn't work well after an actual Sphere is deployed (Thorn is fine). Optimal is x=1 Chalice off not-City into turn 2 Inspector? I don't see the payoff from this creature being worth the risk of mid-late game topdecking; the window where it's genuinely helping seems like it'd be pretty narrow and all-in.

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    Re: What's wrong with Ravager Shops in Legacy?

    It's main use I feel would be in unbalancing effects such as Sphere of Resistance. A Tempo style of deck such as one Ravager is normally employed in would benefit from not hamstringing itself.

    That said, my original post holds my most current views, this is not a Legacy viable deck.
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    Re: What's wrong with Ravager Shops in Legacy?

    The discount effect is better in an Affinity style deck with lots of one and two mana creatures/artifacts, such as Vault Skirge, Cranial Plating, most of the cast found in the Vintage Shops deck, etc. Although, I think Etherium Sculptor is likely better.

    The point here is that I believe the Ravager Aggro plan makes more sense in an Affinity shell than in a Stompy shell. I'd still run Ancient Tomb and Chalice, but I'd build the deck more towards an Affinity approach with artifact lands, Mox Opal, etc.

    Legacy cannot make a stompy-esque Ravager Aggro deck work because it lacks the mana that makes it work in Vintage. Eldrazi is the better stompy deck in Legacy.
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