Join us on this quest, through the shattered realm of Tolaria, through the mystifying mists of Pendrell Vale, one skilled (or lucky) explorer will lay claim to the legendary Tabernacle!
Could it be you? I hope it's you :)

Entry Fee: $35
Pre-register anytime before November 5th using the link below
Format: Legacy
Registration: 10am - 10:50am
Tournament Start Time: 11am
Structure: Swiss with a cut to top 8
This event is competitive REL (decklist are required)
You can print decklist using the link below

1st place: The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale (Italian) or $1000 Store Credit!
2nd place: Library of Alexandria
3rd-4th place: 1x Volcanic Island
5th-8th place: 1x Tundra
9th-16th place: $50 store credit!
17th-X: Free Bayou to one lucky participant!

We've got the 9th and final Quest tournament coming up for a Black Lotus! Check it out!
--December 10th: Black Lotus

If you've got any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us
MTGFirst Game Center
7602 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Glen Burnie, MD 21060