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Thread: [Deck] Jolly Green Giant

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    [Deck] Jolly Green Giant

    So, this is a bad deck based on the idea of combining a Green Stompy Shell with some giant duder beats, and using the newly spoiled RIX dinosaur Ghalta plus the giant metal dude from KLD. This is the first pass at a playable sketch.

    4x Metalwork Colossus
    3x Ghalta, Primal Hunger
    4x Obstinate Baloth
    4x Thought-Knot Seer

    4x Chalice of the Void
    3x Trinisphere
    4x Thorn of Amethyst
    4x Sorcerous Spyglass
    2x Crucible of Worlds
    4x Relic of Progenitus

    2x Sylvan Library

    8x Forest
    4x Ancient Tomb
    4x City of Traitors
    2x Wooded Foothills
    4x Wasteland

    The idea is to play a bunch of lock pieces, drop a free/cheap Colossus, then drop a 2-3 mana Ghalta, then win the game. I'm sure this is a bad version, but there's probably something there, since unlike a traditional Stompy deck, this doesn't whittle down a life total, it ends it in 1-2 turns. But hey, maybe Stage/Depths is a better way to do that, just spitballing here. Mosswort Bridge also seems like it might be useable here.

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    Re: [Deck] Jolly Green Giant

    Needs more threats, and more ways to reliably cast these threats. Honestly how fast can you cast Phyrexian Dinought?

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    Re: [Deck] Jolly Green Giant

    Relic + Chalice seems suspect. Also you probably want a really, really good plan vs DnT since you're committing 2 crimes: being colored and legendary. The more pressing issue is that you have to have 2-3 guys already in play to even cast your 12/12 - why so desperate to play into a wrath?

    There are four better things you can be doing in legacy than Ghalta: Berserk a Death's Shadow, play Dreadnought, play infect, or Entomb/Reanimate. Reality Smasher is big enough to effectively accomplish the same job Ghalta would in the stompy shell.

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    Re: [Deck] Jolly Green Giant

    If you're playing bad lands than Sanctum of Ugin might be better than Mosswort, that one is at least a guaranteed giant dude with a Colossus.
    UBr Tezzeret
    Quote Originally Posted by sdematt View Post
    I mean, if you're going to play as 61st card, the card should cost over $100 I think.

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